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posted by XxXFloraXxX
This story will be about the Specialists' backgrounds (probably except Sky's, 'cuz he already has one). Nobody knows, so that's why. This's the first. Hope y' enjoy :)

Riven tried.
He really did.
But it wouldn't bother. She died. And he didn't. It still hurts.
Sometimes he thinks: wouldn't things be better if I open myself to others? But that wouldn't bother either.

"We will get out of here, will we?" She asked.
"Of course." He said.
"Of course. 'Till then, wanna play a game?"
"I'm too afraid to play."
"You don't have to be. It'll be fine."
"Allright then. Let's play."

He blames himself. If she...
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Feeling sickly and tiered (the dark circles under her eyes proved such), she hoped to God there was a way for her to be redeemed. But after so many years of being the bad guy...impossible. Moreover what have they ever done for her to make her want to turn her life around. They see her as evil and nothing more, they never will. She wished she was never born, that her mom would have gotten an abortion, of that she would have been dropped on the head at birth. "Oh God it hurts so much." She did it, she pulled herself out of bed with new found determination. Working quickly she fumbled through...
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"He feeds on fear he feeds on pain he rules again with growing hate he will guide their faith again."

Valtor was a man of no morals, created for the sole purpose of spreading fear, hate, and death. He had taken much from the people of Sparks, freedom at the top, boven of the list. As the length of his rule dragged on his fury and hate grew stronger--a small flame on a candle to a roaring brand at a Celtic celebration. The meer hate he oozed the meer pain and fear he elicited from the people he ruled. And he drove on those emotions, fed on them, sucked them up like some precious nectar. He had, door all...
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"In my hands a legacy of memories I can hear u say my name."

A considerable amount of time had passed since the sisters had shed tears of any kind--much less ones of complete despair and helplessness, but it had also been a long time since any of them had lost someone so dear. Fate was a cruel bitch, the irony of the cold, rainy and dark weather demonstrated exactly such. She'd be buried in her favoriete weather. Was that fate honoring her passing of mocking it? The sisters weren't sure. Though they very much wanted to do so, neither one was able to bring themselves to vocalize any final words...
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Zanhar1 and FloraorStella both are FOTM for September and I want to say congratulations to both of them.

1. What was your reaction about being FOTM?
I was pretty excited. Honestly reading all of those comments, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so appreciated. Thanks guys. Everyone on the spot is super nice and I feel like I can voice my opinions without being judged.
2. favoriete Character?
Y’all know this one, I love Icy. Loved her since I was really little and I don’t think that’s gonna changed. To think, the only reason I liked her when I was little was because she wore blue. x3
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flora: helia come on i thought we could tell each other everything.
helia was dreading it now.

helia; ok but over avondeten, diner yeah?

flora looked at helia frustratingly. it was clear that she wanted to now and helia knew flora was like this.

flora: ok sure but promise u will tell me?

helia: yeah promise.

and kissed flora's cheek. but softly and lightly. flora got worried now as she ordered and helia ordered she kept thinking what was the bad news helia had.

and was it something to do with her/
posted by nugget14
Layla: Whoa, is that Timmy?
Flora: I think it is.
Tecna was in shock and not to mention heartbroken. She starts to get a tear in her eye.
Musa: Oh Tecna.
Musa moves over to her and gives her a small hug.
Brandon: There’s got to be a reason for this.
Musa: Well there’s only one solution.
Sky: And whats that?
Musa: The direct approach.
Musa gets up and makes her way over to Timmy. As she makes her way over there, she faintly hears Timmy say:
Timmy: I love you. See u tomorrow.
Then the girl walks off. Musa moves over to Timmy and screams in his face:
Timmy: What, what do u mean?
Musa: That girl! Who is she? Why did u just say I love u to her.
Suddenly Musa starts to get tears in her eyes.
Musa: How could u hurt Tecna like that?
Musa, than walks off, wiping away her tears.
Tecna: Come on guys, I think it’s best if we go back to Alfea.
Riven: Okay.
It was Darcy's idea, she had to drag Icy out of the house kicking and screaming, in a figurative sense that is. Alright, maybe the screaming part was meer literal. But none the less Icy found herself sitting in a small room holding her baby.

The room had an aura of calmness to it, which put Icy on edge. Nothing was ever this serene. In the corner sat a potted plant of sorts, volgende to it a small fireplace. What kind of shrink had an office with a fireplace? Before her rested an oak-wood desk. And behind the bureau sat an elderly woman.

"She's a beautiful baby u know?" The shrink remarked.

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Do we see her ever again?

Chapter 3 : Escaping

Flora sat on the balcony in a chair , watching the sunset. The time was approaching for nine , and the darkness began to cover the land. Girls were in the apartment gossipping , but Flora didn´t be in that mood right now . She was concerned about how her vrienden would react to her " disappearance " . Slowly the sun fell behind the trees , birdsong fell silent , and the air began to get dark . Flora closed her eyes , and began to listen to the conversation , which was coming from of their apartment .
" ... Carolina stumbled, so she poured fashion...
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Gonna be straight with everyone; I can't write a birth scene for the life of me, Heaven knows I tried. But it didn't work out so great so I admit to taking the easy way out. Also, sorry this one is so short, my first dag back in college has me busy already.

The past few six months had been all over the place for Icy; she was fine one minuut and then just like that she'd find herself overcome with anger of anguish. But, much to her surprise, she held true to her words. It--the absolute mental collapse didn't happen again. Though she continued to talk with Darcy and Stormy there was still something...
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posted by florasedge31
The gas was very hard to see which made it so that no one could suspect anything. The crowd and the groom started yawning. After a few seconden everyone fell asleep. The winx and Icy got up Lily walked down. They had a group hug (Minus Icy.)
"Thank u guys." Lily said.
"Now let's get out of here." Flora said.
"Goodbye." Icy zei while transporting.
The winx and Lily started running out of the palace.
The guards on the outside of the palace saw the winx running.
"Hey that's the bride! Stop them!" One of them yelled while starting to chase the winx.
"Oh great now what?" Bloom asked.
Flora looked behind...
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posted by florasedge31
*warning big cliffhanger at the end*

The winx and specialist walked into the house, Stella made a light orb because it was dark.
"If I were the trix and I had hostages where would i put them?" Bloom asked.
"I'd probably be in the basement." Aisha said.
"OK let's go." Stella zei while walking down the stairs quietly."

Icy looked over at Flora and saw that she wasn't moving. Icy walked on top, boven of the tank and look Flora out of the water. She checked to see if Flora was breathing. When she got close Flora tried to push Icy off but she jumped up.
"Stupid pixie!" Icy yelled. Then she kicked her...
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posted by naturefairy777
The volgende day......
(with winx)
Helia: come on. ..... why is averybody so slow ???
Bloom : we all was ready.....well except.......
winx except stella : Stella.......
Stella : what are u talking about.... i was just finished....
Riven : okay, so now the cupcãkes is ready.....
Brandon : LETS GO!!!(avery body run to the red fountian ship
except Riven)
Riven : Hey!!! thats my line!!! (follow Brandon)
(with Flora)
Flora : (thinking about her past with helia)oh helia,i miss you...
Dilan : good morning beautiful (tracing her cheek with his
fingers and then forcing her to face him)
Flora : go away...... (spat...
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posted by florasedge31
 Flora flew out of the cave.
Flora flew out of the cave.

Flora had become a swan. The trix were laughing while they looked at Flora in zwaan-, zwaan form looking at her wings. Flora gasped in the process. Stormy walked over still giggling.
"Now that's pathetic." She zei while plucking one of Flora's feathers, causing Flora to scream.

~The winx were near the cave and heard the scream.~

"What was that?" Stella asked.
"That sounded like Flora." Helia said.
"I think she's in that cave right there." Timmy said.
"C'mon then, let's go!" Aisha zei starting to run in the cave. "Wait Aisha we need a strategy in case the trix are waiting for us."...
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posted by Princess-Flora
I have to say a lot of things in this episode were predictable, like I had already seen the episode when this is a brand new season. I also think I am starting to get used to the look of Sirenix with colored hair and highlights. Also when they were looking for the eye of inspiration, it was nice to see the Winx not wearing heels for once in the series. With them not wearing heels it looked like Flora was the tallest; but then again her ponytail could have gegeven her that appearance. I actually found it funny when they were calling out all the names of the boeken with the word eye, and Tecna...
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Hello everyone I know that most of u know all spells but still I want u all to remember it. After I will add all winx spells, I will add a enquête for best spell. So here are Flora's spell:-


◘Golden Pollen
◘Wrapping Ivy
◘Flora Whirlpool
◘Venus Gobbler
◘Ivy Fortress
◘Flowers of the Wind
◘Vine Tie
◘Summer Flight
◘Glitter Dust
◘Flower Twister
◘Flora Navigator
◘Vine Barrier
◘Nature's Symphony
◘Ninja Daisies
◘Bearing Branches
◘Flora Barrier
◘Power of Seasons


◘Luxurious Ivy
◘Green Luxurious Ivy
◘vy Vine Wrap
◘Winter's Edge
◘Enchanted Vine Wrap
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Chapter 2: Taking It In

Flora's Point of View

I blinked repeatedly until I was able to clearly see the scene in front of me. My vrienden were standing to the left of me. They were dirty and bloody but they were alright for the most part. I could feel a warm liquid on top, boven of my head. I reached my hand up and pulled it away to find a dark red substance covering my hand. I gasped quietly and everyone's attention turned to me. I smiled sheepishly and Musa dropped to the ground at my side, hugging me tightly. When she pulled away I smiled tightly at her then looked at the others. "Where are...
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Chapter 1: Shipwrecked

Flora's Point of View

The small, cramped ship began to shake rapidly and violently, knocking me to the ground. The once bright white light that had filled the tiny space flickered and went out, leaving us in complete darkness. A suddenly and fast drop made my stomach fill up with air. I heard multiply blood curling screams and it took me a minuut to realize that one of them was coming from my mouth.

I pulled my hand over my mouth and attempted to stand up but was unsuccessful. I glanced up to the digital monitor on the dash board on the ship. It was completely and totally...
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If u desire,
u can become
One of our bunch

If your hand is warm in mine
It will give us greater power
With a feeling we'll be sure-fire winners

With a smile u can enchant,
You'll lighten up our world
With a feeling we can take flight, watch us!

If u desire
u can become
One of our bunch

With a magic ray
the sky keeps on blazing
An adventure
is certain to start
In the stars

When I'm wolk born
I fly through time and space
I color my existence with my imagination
With my flight in heaven

If your hand is warm in mine
It will give us greater power
With a feeling we'll be sure brand winners

We're the new kids on the block
We're each other's dearest friends
With a feeling we can take flight, watch us!

Winx your magical
Winx and u roam through the stars

A powerful light straal, ray under the sign of the Winx
posted by rania1234
Hi this is my winx Story i know i've made many stories but they all sucks! so please comment! and keep a look out for chapter 2! there will be 6 chapters! So keep a look out and support me! ;)
Have u ever heard a magical world?
Well i did! it was the world of magix where people use their powers everywhere! It was great morning..But this was gonna be a bad dag for the Winx.

"Good Morning girls have enough sleep?" Ask Bloom as she yawns.She make some Hot Cofee for The Winx.
"No... I can get enough beauty sleep"Says Stella.Stella sleeps in the chair to get enough...
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