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posted by Flora_Luna
 Flora in her beautiful dress
Flora in her beautiful dress
Heyy this is my seconde fanfic I hope u all like it!
Its a one-shot how Helia proposed to Flora.

"Helia, where are u taking me?" Flora asked Helia as she walked with him with a blind fold on

"We are almost there, just a few meer steps."

"Ok Helia I trust you." Flora giggled

Helia stopped they was at their destination. "Ok sweetie, take the blind fold off."

Flora took the blind fold off and nearly fainted. Helia had made a romantic picnic with candles and rose petals everywhere. In the sky there were floating lanterns. "O Helia this is amazing. u did all this for me?"

"Of course I did. I just...
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posted by WinxClubFan223
I walked into the room, laughing a bit. The audience was going to find my volgende bit hilarious. "Hello, and welcome back to Dandelion's Comedy Show! I am Dandelion, Fairy of Flowers, your host! Today I am going to be daring some of u guys in the audience!" I announced, sticking my hand in the bowl volgende to me. "Now lets see who I am going to dare first..." I pulled out a slip of paper, and looked at it.

"Oh wow, Stormy! Come up!" I called, laughing a bit. I examined the crowd, and my eyes landed on The Trix. Darcy had to pretty much push Stormy up onto the stage, while Icy was laughing her head...
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