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So sorry I'm late!! I've been a little busy lately.

"Someone needs to talk to Flora," says Layla/Aisha. "She's gone mad with nature!" says Stella. "Stella!" says Musa. "We've gotta find away to stop her from doing this." says Bloom. "I wonder what made her mad," says Bloom. Stella grinned. "Oh I don't know!" says Stella. Musa and Tecna smiled. "What did u do?" Bloom asked. "Well.." says Stella.

"Flora, your plants are annoying!!"
"Flora, put your plants away!"

"That happened?" Bloom asked. "Yes!!...
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The last planet chosen door the Dragon

Sparks was the last planet the Dragon chose to rest in, and thanks to this, it enjoyed a long period of prosperity, happiness and peace. Bloom’s natural parents lived here. It was a beautiful place, with enchanting, verdant hills, and a splendid kasteel in the centre of the valley.

The kasteel was really harmonious and magic, the stairs wound up around the gently sloping domes, emphasizing the enchanting atmosphere and fields of multi-coloured flowers surrounded it. But one day, the three evil ancestor witches came and spoilt everything. Today, only a few ruins are left.
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