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This The Winx Club kunst van een fan might contain baardeloos iris, hippeastrum, and hippeastrum puniceum.

“No Darko, u will not win the costume contest wearing that.” Icy frowned.

“Sure I will, it’s brilliant it’s fun, it’s witty…”

“It’s overdone…” Icy added for him. “Do u know how many ‘sexy’ nurses I’ve seen today?”

“It’s not over done when I do it…” Darko insisted.

“Why don’t u just enter the pompoen carving contest instead?” Icy suggested.

“Because Mirta always wins and it’s not fair.” Darko pouted.

“Oh for the love of God…” Icy scowled. “Buy a better costume of I swear I’ll take Valtor to the party instead.”

“I’d like...
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“No way am I wearing this.” Valtor frowned as Icy presented her with a pastel dress. “Absolutely not.”

Icy rolled his eyes. “Sure u are.” He shoved the dress into her arms. “If I have to wear this ridiculous tux, u have to wear a dress equally as appalling.”

“Whose idea was it to do this anyways.” Valtor muttered.

“You zei u needed new clothing.”

“No…I mean whose idea was it to swap the genders of everyone in all of Magix!?” Valtor threw her hands in the air.

“I thought that was your idea too.” Icy declared.

“Why would I…? What would that even accomplish?”...
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I can't feel my senses I just feel the cold. All colors seem to fade away I can't reach my soul.

She never quite liked it at all. The feeling of her powers. She wasn't born with them, not like the others. It was door chance.

By tragedy.

That she had come into them.

The cold was stinging, paining. She had struggled to get away from it, logged to get away from it. She was dying. It was killing her all too slowly.

Killing her until all she could feel was the cold.

Just when she thought she was lost to the frost; her blood frozen through and through, hart-, hart slowed to practically dead.

Just when she couldn't...
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Sorry if this one's a little choppy. I'm multi-tasking; talking to a friend and typing the fic. Based on The Birthday Massacre's Blue.

Plastic blue invitations in my room. I've been waiting here for you.

It was a twisted game she that she so longed to play. Like bringing Alice down the rabbit hole. A twisted game indeed.

She didn't even know why she wanted to play it. But she'd been waiting for so long.

The cards already shuffled and stacked.

Reservations made for two.
Sunlight fading.

It would be just the two of them...

Icy and Bloom.

A sick twisted game. One that Bloom couldn't win. Couldn't even...
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Another fic that follows the Numb story line. This one is happier.

Icy was never all that big on beaches, especially not crowded ones. She also wasn’t keen on festivals. However, Lucille had begged and begged. And Duman…well he knew a thing of two about bribery. Icy would be pleased to get a break from his ‘bro hour’; a time in which he would sit in his ‘Du-man Cave’ and play stupid virtual reality games, drink, and watch ‘manly’ shows—sometimes with friends.

And so Icy found herself attending Magix’s annual Sunset Summer Fest. Icy couldn’t possibly be any less amused than...
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Icy wasn't one for dwelling on the past nor clinging to memories of one person.

To be frank, she thought she was above such.

And yet she refused to cry, at least on the outside, as the pain tore her apart on the inside. Betrayal and loss hand a firm hand squeezing at her heart.

Not that anyone would know.

To them she’d still be as cold and unfeeling as ever.
As it should be.

How she longed for her mask to be real. Between the homicidal merman with anger issues and Valtor—maybe Darkar too—Icy decided she was done wearing her hart-, hart on her sleeve. She’d close off the already small crack...
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Icy’s POV

I only stayed in this cell to come up with a plan. And now that I’ve got it I’m ready to go. People on this planet are so dumb. I’m a ice witch. I have a heart of ice. I’ll always have the power over ice. And that’s all I need to blow this popsicle stand. I clench my hands around the bars and freeze them so I can simply kick them and walk out. Before I break out my sisters the first part of my plan requires me to to my home pagina planet Whisperia. Me and my mother were close. We both had the same desires to take over. When she died she gave me her Crystal halsketting, ketting that contained...
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posted by Princess-Flora
He looked at me for a moment in disbelief. Then all of the sudden he pulled me close and kissed me. I blushed once we pulled away. He took my hands and zei I will do everything I possibly can to make those 84 days go back to unknown, because I’m not letting death take away the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and if we can’t we’ll make them the best days possible. His remark made me blush even more, so as the two of us stood up and went inside I could only think maybe I could just start over with him. We walked inside to the dining room where everyone was. We took our seats just...
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posted by zanhar1
There were times when Icy would just lie on the ground and stare.

Times she’d lie there with her lips slightly parted staring at the sky.

Times when she’d just watch the moon fall back behind the clouds and then regain its light once more.

Times when she’d just lay there and let the snow fall upon her and cling to her lashes. She wouldn’t brush it off. What need was there to do so? The layer of frost was soothing. The rays of the moon hueing her skin a sparkling silver.

And she never knew why she was there. When the forest beckoned her, she would go. It was always quite.
Always still.

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posted by WinxClubFan223
I let out a scream, as a mes landed in the boom volgende to me, just barely missing me. "Icy! Darcy! Where are u two!?" I called out- no reply. I gulped, and backed up against the boom behind me, as the monster that was chasing me got closer. Two meer appeared at my sides- I was trapped. My eyes widened in fear, there was nothing I could do- they had taken my powers earlier, so I couldn't fly of attack them. I'm doomed... They're going to kill me... I thought.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp stab of pain in my side, and I collapsed to the ground- I had been hit door a knife. I winced, and decided to...
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It was now around 1:00AM, I had been wandering for hours, and still hadn't come across a break in the trees. I plopped on the ground, maybe I should have just stayed with that Gennete girl- but no, I could find my way out of this forest myself. Atleast I hoped I could. Right now I was starting to have my doubts. I sighed, I was about to fall asleep, when I heard a noise from the boom behind me. "What-" I jumped out of the way, as the boom fell to the ground. "Who did that!?" I shouted, looking around. There was nobody there that I could see. Suddenly a voice spoke from behind me. "Nobody did...
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After nearly being arrested, The Trix get seperated in the woods. This story follows Stormy, as she tries to make her way out of the forest and find her sisters.

Read on to find out more!

I was lost. How humilating. It was 10:00PM, and me and my sisters had been running from some guys who were trying to arrest us, and had ended up getting seperated. Now here I was, lost in the middle of nowhere. I sighed, and kept on walking. Suddenly, I heard what sounded like footsteps. I looked around cautiously, and continued walking. "Why...
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Author’s Note: Even though I can’t win WOTM two times in a row, I still want to be a part of this theme. I’ve had several ideas for Winx fics in the genre of supernatural-horror. I am going to publiceer a series eventually, but right now, I will just post this crossover one-shot about Icy. I’ve been watching a lot of ‘Black Butler’ so...welp, enjoy.
The streets of London were quiet, except for the pitter-patter of soft heels as a woman in a long, dark blue dress made her way down the roads. She looked as if she...
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She was only a child when it all came unhinged. She slept with a nightlight, it kept out the fear. It kept out the sorrow.

It kept out her mother.

The woman would sit in the keuken-, keuken staring her daughter down. Eyes baring into the little girl's back.

Icy didn't do anything wrong really. But her mom always found something.
And when that something was found, it was followed door a slap of a kick and a barrage of drink-slurred insults.

Icy had long since learned not to beg nor cry. Neither helped much. If anything it just made her mother madder.

And so she continued to play with the beaten rag-doll...
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For those of u who don't remember this one is the genderbend one.

So this is kind of a slow chapter—more for backstory and motives, it’ll get meer exciting in the next.

It was on a September afternoon. Icy found herself on a bus headed to Red Fountain. She silently thanked herself for destroying that place. The new campus was so much better than the old one. Icy was rather fond of the water cascading from the building. At least now it lived up to its name.

And such thoughts had Icy wondering why she wanted to do this anyhow. She hated the lot of those boys. meer than hated them really....
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posted by WinxClubFan223
"Alex Guess What!" A 13 jaar old girl with long dirty blond hair, a black and red tank-top, and dark red pants ran into the room. Alex, a 12 jaar old girl with blue hair, a bright blue top, and a darker blue rok stood up and walked over to her sister. "What is it Macie?" She asked, curiously. "I got into wolk Tower!" Macie said, excitedly. Alex hesitated for a minute, and then spoke. "I guess that's good, but I'm still not sure about u hanging out with those other witches. They are different than you!" Alex said, a hint of worry in her voice. "Oh Alex, please don't worry. Besides, I'll...
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strand parties. Icy never really liked those. But suddenly they just seemed to have a certain appeal. That appeal was professor Griffin rising slowly (unnecessarily so) and dramatically out of the water with an added hair whip that would put Willow Smith to shame. And that black studded bikini…hell yes. Yup, that was defiantly sexy.

With a shrug Icy looked back in the other direction and continued licking her ice cream cone. And then she looked back at Griffin, I mean who could possibly resist!?

Admiration from afar was beneath Icy. The witch just had to go up to her former professor and vocalize...
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posted by zanhar1
“Did u not know that it’s all a lie?”

It was the seconde time Icy heard that same message. That dag anyhow. If she had to count the exact total…well she just wouldn’t be able to.

And the worst part was, she had no clue why people kept telling her this. At the start of the week it was a waitress at the restaurant she, Darcy, and Stormy ate at. And then it was one of her old classmates. And soon it was just random passerbys. And so Icy would zone them out.

She had better ways to spend her time than listening to them squawk. She had a school to destroy and a planet to conquer. And conquer...
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