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posted by zikkiforever
Did u think u could get away with leaving me out of the lists?Well WRONG!About a million of these have been done ,so here is another one ,which u probably will only look for your name and read what I zei about you. Sorry if I forgot some of you.


Best Quality:Understanding

Iti needs to be first on my lijst ,because of how sweet she is. We never talked much ,but I got to know her on the disney spot better ,because we was on the same team and what can I say?Iti helped me out,had my back and constantly understood me. All the time,she is positive and can make sure anybody has a smile...
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Back in the realm of Iris...

The girl came charging down through the tall shelves, skidding around the corners, before sliding to a stop in front of a shivering Layla.
"What?" the girl gasped. "What do u need?"
Layla flipped through the book frantically, shoved it into the girl's hands, and pressed her finger onto one paragraph. "Read it," she gasped. "Out loud. Read it to me. This paragraph to the end. Quick!"
"Um...okay," she murmured. She scanned the page and cleared her throat.
"The siren Alena is one of the many magical deities of the island, worshipped as a goddess of the sea. Legend...
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posted by Rainflowers
hallo people! I really hope u like this!!

*Bloom's cell phone rings*

Bloom: Hello?

Sky: hallo Bloom!

Bloom: Hi Sky, what's going on?

Sky: Well we were thinking that u could all go on a picnic, there is someone we want u girls to meet.

Bloom: That sounds wonderful! And we actully have someone we want u to meet too! See ya in an hour!

Sky: Okay, we'll pick u up then.

*Bloom hangs up the phone*

Bloom: Guess what girls, we have been invited to a picnic with the guys!

Stella: Oh yay! I have to go get ready!

Bloom: charlotte you're invited too.

Charlotte: Thanks, but I won't be able to enjoy myself knowing...
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posted by silverfairy

I was sure I couldn’t run faster than this, especially through a place filled with thrones and boom branches. I made it a point to look straight so that I don’t lose sight of that silver thing…whatever it was. I kept running, the thrones tore my japon, jurk (I didn’t know why I was wearing one)and the branches slapped me on the face, but I didn’t care to look, I might lose sight of the silver thing.
Finally I reached a lake. It was the most beautiful sight I ever saw. There were mushrooms and trees surrounding it and the lake glimmered, like it was filled with diamonds, under the...
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posted by laylafly
A Natural Way To Exfoliate
Sea salt removes dry and flaky skin.
Wet face (or anywhere on the body), apply a couple of tablespoons of sea salt, then GENTLY massagewith a wet washcloth of fingers. Focus on the T-zone and cheeks, but avoid the eye area.
After one of two minutes, rinse with cold water to tighten the pores. It is important to do this regularly, of face-creams will not penetrate.
You can do this maximum once per week.
Dark Circles Under Eyes...
To lighten dark circles under your eyes, inpakken, wrap a grated raw potato in cheesecloth and apply to eyelids for 15-20 minutes.
Wipe off the residue and...
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posted by CyD12
Agnes: ok Raven is sleeping
Lisa: I will call the others
Agnes: and I will look for the mirror


Artemis: everyone is ready?
Terra: yep!
Gwen: lets go!
Agnes: here is the mirror
Sara: be careful!
Alexandra: and remember, to get out of her mind u most find a portal
Angelina: a portal, got it!
Katara: well its time for u to leave!
Lisa: good luck! and be careful!
Gwen: we will!
Artemis: see u soon! *a hand gets out of the mirror and makes Terra,Gwen, Angelina and Artemis get inside of the mirror*


Terra: wow it is colder than the last time
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posted by CyD12
Faragonda: the got the key?!?
Kasumi: we are really sorry...
Faragonda: ok girls! its time for another mission! u need to get to the door before the witches get there!
Rosena: and how are we going to gte there?
Faragonda: the pixies will tell u the way
Ember: ok... so when we get there what are we going to do?
Faragonda: u have to stop the witches and get the key back!
Rani: and if we get there after them?
Faragonda: then u will ahve to stop them too!
Izzy: but wha about Austeja and me?
Austeja: yeah! we can get under the spell again!
Fragonda: dont worry! we already scan u and u are free...
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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
"Y-you?!?" Julien asked in astonishment.

"Yeah it's me" Dean zei with a smirk.

"You just don't give up, do you?"

"Just keep in mind I could kill u with a flick of my fingers." Dean said, an angry glint in his eyes. Julien sighed in frustration.

Autumn POV

The doctor walked into the room with Ms. Faragonda right behind him.

"Miss F? Why are u here?" I asked, worry engulfing me.

"Autumn, we can try to heal your leg, but I'm afraid that your condition is too critical for u to be leaving Alfea. I'm sorry to say that u are to stay here while the others zoek for Julien."

"What?!? With all do respect...
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posted by dragonwinxbloom
I dont own anything.

" u are really going " I zei to Noah  who was standing in front of me .
" sorry , Rex but I have to go I will soon return ". 
" what I will do without u ? Please Noah don't go " 
" I have to go  , it's okay there are enough people to keep u company"
" Who do u mean ? Six , Bobo?
I asked him " They are so boring to hangout with ".
A grin appeared on his face " I ment busje, van kliess "
"What? I screamed " Are u kidding me ? He would be the worst partner in entire planet ".
" He he I was just joking , Rex I think u should go now before six come here looking for u "
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