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The new opening :)
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Video by: Chinta58 / Song: Lady GaGa
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Author's Note: hallo everyone! So I'm back to writing my little mini-series thing where I go back-and-forth between writing one-shot song-fics around metal songs, and then pop songs. My last story was on a pop song (Florence + The Machine's "What the Water Gave Me") so it is now time for a metal song. I'm going to go a little out of order here (If u want to see the songs listed, link) and start up on a song-fic based on a song door Blackthorn. I've also decided that I will not be doing "Hexshadow Turned to Flesh". I will be doing a different song called "Bestial Satan of Grotesque Beauty." I'm...
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Here is chapter one of the story, enjoy :)

Hey everyone! My name is Kimberly Anne Possible and head cheerleader at Middleton High. And plus, I found out I was a fairy. It all started when me and my partner/boyfriend Ron were looking for our villain named Drakken and his companion Shego. I told Ron "we are never going to find them." We've been looking for three days and heard nothing on their whereabouts. Ron replied "we have to find them, and they could be anywhere." I had a feeling he was right but I thought -if they aren't on Earth then where would they be?- . So we went back on our search,...
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Okay, here is a fan fiction crossover I've been meaning to post for a while. This is the plot- When Drakken and Shego kom bij forces with the Trix, it's up to Kim Possible and Ron to kom bij the Winx in order to stop them from taking over both Earth and Magix. Can they save big places before they take control and Kim finds out a secret that she didn't know she was one of the Winx.

voorbeeld of chapter one-
(Kim's point of view)
hallo everyone! My name is Kimberly Anne Possible, call me Kim. I'm 16 and head cheerleader at Middleton High, and I'm also a fairy. u see this all happened when Ron and I were out looking for our villain Drakken, I told Ron "we are never going to find him." He replied "we have to Kim, he has to around here somewhere." I sighed,knowing my boyfriend for once was right Drakken had to be around the planet somewhere of if he wasn't there at all.
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