The Winx Club Which Fairy utilizes her Magic Powers The Most??

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 FanNoOne111 posted een jaar geleden
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LowBattery picked Stella:
My Stella.
posted een jaar geleden.
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FanNoOne111 picked Stella:
I think its Stella, who uses her magic most effectively and basically on right time... She is mostly the first to use magic against any Enemy and the last one to give up.
2. Tecna - She is also often seen using magic. Mostly Magical Gadgets.
3. Flora, Musa, Aisha - All of these do not use magic very often.
4. Bloom - Honestly In my opinion she is the last on This Ranking... As Sometimes it seems like she does not even want to transform. (its like she is avoiding magic. lol)
posted een jaar geleden.
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Avater13 picked Stella:
She is actually skilled at magic, for she had attended Alfea longer than the other Winx.

Sometimes too late... Sometimes just right... that is just the Winx (all of them).
posted een jaar geleden.
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BigAnimeLover picked Stella:
shining fairy.
posted een jaar geleden.
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Salfas1 picked Stella:
Definitely Stella. then its Musa. then Aisha or Tecna.
posted een jaar geleden.
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Shining_Sun picked Stella:
My Stella uses the best magic.
posted een jaar geleden.