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posted by OMGZoey
Sips Quotes
"That's pretty gay guys ... Prettyyy gay ... It's going to be good 'n' gay."
"If a guy served poop for, like, a fancy avondeten, diner party, and he brought it out on a platter, would it be all lumpy? of would it be like creamy ... maybe steaming a little."
"You gotta love a pump."
"You son of a gun!"
"I'm just gonna make a camp guys."
"Oh, u know what, u know what ... Fuck you guys, fuck this game, fuck you!"
"Lick my rapehole Lewis!"
"I'm taking many hits, and not from the bong!"
"Look at this creeper!!! I'm gonna invite him over...
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posted by OMGZoey
Zoeya Quotes
"It's okay, he's a creeper now."
Rythian: "In-ter-dic-tion torch." Zoey: "Hehe, dick..."
"I have mushrooms!"
"Rythian, I need a wizard wand, now!"
"Rythian, I'm in space! I flew too high and now I'm in space! This is awesome! SPACE!"
"I had a paddestoel village!"
"This fridge is completely science-free... Which means it doesn't work!"
"Oh my gosh!"
"Oh my heavens!"
"Oh my good gravy!"
"Computer! What does the scouter say about his power level? ... It's 604."
Zoey: "No, YOUR-anium." Rythian: "... Brilliant."
"Has the server moved/exploded/left...
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Rythian Quotes
"Hello, I am Rythian and this is Minecraft."
"...because why not?"
"Oh, snappity snap!"
"Sips_ was slain door Rythian; <Rythian> OWNED"
"Sjin was slain door Rythian; <Rythian> OWNED"
"Noxite was slain door Rythian; <Rythian> OWNED"
"I am your worst nightmare!"
"Well, this is my land. Time to make it my bitch."
"Christ on a bike!"
"It's fine."
"Fair enough."
(To Nilesy) "Why don't u take your wood, and your dirt, and shove them up your inventory..."
"The death of Guard Guy shall not be forgotten!"
"Zoey, there's no...
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Martyn Quotes
"Hello everybody, I'm InTheLittleWood - also known as Martyn!"
"You will always be my miner..."
"Why thank you, Voice-Over man!"
"You've got to be kidding me!"
"Like a bash." (When people tweet their setup tonen them watching the stream with their snacks and drinks)
"So u know what? I'm gonna leave it there for today. Thank u very much for watching and I shall see u all in a little bit. BYEEE!!!!!"
"Synchronized bye? BYEEE!!!!!"
"Kill Toby!" / #killtoby on twitter
"Oo that's nice!" / #oothatsnice...
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posted by OMGZoey
Sjin Quotes
"You mother trucker!"
"I wouldn't like to spread that on my Ryvita"
"I- I- I will fight for u Minty . I..I'll win this for us. Win this for Team..Team... whatever we are. Team Awesome."
"I got these jokers"
"Come here u son of a gun!"
"Don't worry, I'm a professional"
"Oh crumbs!"
"You haven't heard the last of me Duncan! This means war."
"Oooh! Uranium cells! Lovely jubbly. I'll take those. Aww yeah. Just the ticket to torch his reactor."
"Let's ice these jokers."
"What happens in the hovel... Stays in the hovel"
"Here's a...
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How do I Craft This Again? - Lyrics

You get online and the world forms 'round you
It's been a while, haven't played since point 2!
You break a smile, 'cause you've almost forgot to mine
It's just been such a long time!

And every time you're denied
With all the crafting recipes you've tried!
I'm sure it's ingots with some leather hide...

And now the wiki page is aan het uploaden slow
It could be wood of mossy cobblestone!
What was the recipe, I just don't know!
I'm all alone.... Asking!
How do I craft this again?
(Oh oh oh oh)
How do I craft this again?...
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Screw the Nether Lyrics
It's deep underground, past the bedrock, but don't dig straight down, you'll regret that, but now u feel brave, equip with your spade, to roam in these caves.

Not looking for gold, this is purple, of so I've been told, door some people, I'll find a few bricks, where the two of these mix, With a couple of clicks, I'll be swinging my pick!

This is all the prep that I go through, even if my tools are just make-do, Moving to the Nether, moving to the Nether, Moving Toooooooo the Nether.

10 blocks is the magical...
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