Adam is the narrator

Narrator: Trainz was filmed in high definition before a live studio audience.

S.B and Austin are watching a video (0:20): link

Austin: I'm surprised he hasn't said- *Listens to the video* Oh, never mind.
Audience: *Laughing*
S.B: It gets better from there.
Austin: *Watching the video, and watching Donald Trump go crazy* What?!!? *Laughing*
S.B: *Smiles* What did I tell you?
Austin: Ah, that was the best video ever.
Andrew: *Backing into the roundhouse*
Austin: I gotta toon this to Sean. Get in my cab.
S.B: *Climbs into Austin's cab*
Andrew: He's over at Mossberg Harbor.

Theme Song: link

Austin: Thanks Andrew.
S.B: We'll be back.
Austin: *Leaving the roundhouse*


Sean: *Going 75 miles an uur with eight amfleets*
Makenzie: *Enters Santa Cruz with her passenger train*
Grayback: *Passes a railroad crossing as he pulls seven freight cars*
Panzer: *Slowly going backwards to the Hunterdon Central interchange with five hoppers*
Kenny: *Pulling a freight train with Tito*
Juliette: *Getting off of a draaischijf, draaitafel in Eastwood*


Marcus: *Pulling a freight train, passing Devon as he pulls a passenger train*
Jazlin: *Stops at Cadillac Station with her passenger train*

Starring Sean of the Eastern Pacific
Makenzie of the Mossberg Narrow Gauge Railway
Grayback of the Hunterdon Central Railway
panzer of the Northern Errol Line
Kenny of Kenny's Line
and Juliette of the Eastwood & Mossberg Railway
Also starring Sean Bodine as S.B.

Kate: *Slowly backing up to a freight train. She stops volgende to Alyssa*
Jeff: *Passes Bryce. The both of them are carrying freight trains*

Song: link

Episode 130: Is This Me?

Austin: *Arrives at Mossberg Harbor. He sees Mily and Joey*
S.B: Where's Sean? Andrew zei he was here.
Jazlin: *Blows her whistle as she arrives with Sean on a doubleheader*
Mily: Perfect timing, huh?
Joey: I'll say.
Sean: Hello Austin.
Austin: hallo there.
S.B: We have a video to share with you.
Sean: That'll have to wait until later. Jaz and I have another doubleheader to take to Nova.
Joey: What a coincedence. So do I, with my lovely girlfriend, Mily.
Jazlin: Shall we have a double datum at Nova?
Mily: Last ones there have to pay for our dinner.
Sean: Hope u got your debit cards.
Joey: We don't need debit cards.
Jazlin: How will u pay for our food?
Mily: You'll have the honor of doing that after eating our dust.
Sean: If u can even start your train without slipping for thirty seconds.
S.B: Ooh.
Austin: We'll see u back at the roundhouse.
S.B: Hold on, this is getting exciting.
Mily: *Giggles* u win. We can't come up with anymore comebacks.
Joey: Your vrienden certainly are hungry for action.
Sean: We'll get turned around, and be back in a few minutes.
Jazlin: *Takes off with Sean*

The song fades away as we get to the roundhouse, several hours later.

Sean: *Stops volgende to Austin* Okay, what was that video u wanted to toon us?
Austin: It's one of those funny cartoons. It's called A Message From Donald Trump.
Mr. Baldwin: *Sticks his megaphone out of his tower* Time for some irony.
Audience: *Laughing*
Mr. Baldwin: Donald Trump is sending a camera team over here tomorrow, and they'll be filming us live. I want u all to be on your best behavior, and work hard.
Jazlin: We're like that everyday.
Sean: Except Ian.
Audience: *Laughing*
Mr. Baldwin: Because of that, I sent him over to the Hunterdon Central, to keep him from messing things up for us.
Mily: What if he's messing things up for Mr. Wright?
Sean: I don't think he would like that.
Mr. Baldwin: Actually, according to Mr. Wright, Ian is doing very good.
Joey: u don't say.
Mr. Baldwin: I don't say what?
Audience: *Laughing*
Joey: What?
Audience: *Laughing*
Mr. Baldwin: Okay, u guys enjoy the rest of your dag off, and be prepared for tomorrow.
Mily: Yes sir.
Mr. Baldwin: *Leaves*
Joey: So that's who our controller is. I'll admit, it's odd that he speaks through a megaphone. I've never seen anyone do that.
Austin: You'll have to get used to it. He's not the only human that does it.
Sean: If u haven't noticed, our station masters do that sometimes.
Mily: Even a few signalmen do it from time to time.
Joey: I'll have to keep my eyes open for that.

Over on the Hunterdon Central, Ian and Alex had a freight train for the Northern Errol Line interchange.

Ian: *Slowing down as his train gets close to the interchange*
Alex: Thanks for your help Ian.
Ian: Don't mention it.
Alex: How's the Eastern Pacific treating you?
Ian: Alright I guess. Mr. Baldwin sent me over here, because he doesn't want me messing something important up for him.
Alex: What is it?
Ian: Donald Trump is sending a few guys with cameras over, and they're being filmed live.
Narrator: Ian didn't notice, but panzer was listening from afar.
Panzer: *Stops in front of Mr. Bruce's tower* Sir, u won't believe what I just heard.
Mr. Bruce: I'm sure I won't, but go ahead anyway.
Panzer: Donald Trump is sending a camera crew over to the Eastern Pacific, and they'll be filmed live.
Mr. Bruce: The president himself is going to watch the Eastern Pacific on live television. I think you, Robert, and Matt should ruin things for them.
Panzer: *Smiling* Yes sir.
Narrator: The volgende dag was the dag that the camera crew was coming over. We were very excited.
Adam: In a few hours, the crew will be here with their cameras.
Rio: I heard they'll let us talk to the president. He won't be able to reply of course, but saying things to him on live televisie will be quite amusing.
Narrator: Not all of us were fans of Donald Trump, but we were still glad that he'd be seeing us live.
Mily: *Slowly enters the harbor with a passenger train* Hi u two.
Adam: Hey.
Rio: Our freight train is almost done being loaded. We'll be good to go momentarily.
Panzer: No u won't!
Adam: Back up, he's gonna ram us!
Panzer: *Watching Adam and Rio go backwards. He brakes, and stops on the switch*
Rio: *Uncouples from the train*
Adam: *Charges forward, and pushes panzer off the tracks*
Crane: Good work fellas, I'll take it from here. *Picking up Panzer*
Matt: They're uncoupled from the train. Let's go.
Robert: *Couples up to Adam's freight*
Rio: *Slowly backs up to the train with Adam*
Matt: Hurry! *Pulling the train with Robert*
Jim: *Arrives with an empty barge* Hey, they're stealing your train!
Rio: Come back here! *Catching up to Matt, and Robert*
Panzer: Go guys, go! *Gets placed back on the tracks*
Crane: u can try to help your friends, but I doubt u can keep up with them.
Panzer: Anything u say. *Takes off*
Rio: *Couples up to the train* I got it.
Adam: *Applies his brakes, with Rio*
Matt: Oh great, they caught us.
Robert: Not quite. *Uncouples from the train*
Panzer: We were so close!
Adam: *Stops at the harbor with his freight train*
Mily: *Returns from the turntable* What did I miss?

Song: link

A helicopter flew to the airport. From there, the camera crew rented a car, and a truck with a camera mounted on the bed.

Camera Man: *Walking across the tracks in the yard, filming Victoria as she prepares to depart with a freight train*
Victoria: *Blows her whistle twice, and pulls her train out of the yard*
Camera Man: *Filming Victoria leave. He then points his camera at Andrew, pulling in with another freight train*
Andrew: *Blows his horn twice as he enters the yards*

Mossberg Harbor

Camera Man: *Filming passengers walking out of Sean's train*
Robert: *Angry as he watches the camera crew*
Sean: *Blows his horn twice, taking off with his train full of passengers*

Hunterdon Central interchange

Lucy: *Watching the camera crew film her as she arrives at the interchange with five freight cars*
Camera Man: *Filming Ethan going towards Lucy*
Lucy: *Uncouples from the train, and moves towards a switch*

Over at the roundhouse

Sean: *Stops between Shayne, and Austin*
Camera Man: *Walking towards the right, filming the engines in the roundhouse*
Mily: Is that u Donald Trump? Is this me?!
Audience: *Laughing*
Joey: How's the uithangbord over at Mexico going?
Jazlin: I hope everything is okay with North Korea.
Shayne: Why don't u come visit us?
Sean: We'll give u a free ride from Mossberg Harbor to Nova Station and back.
Austin: of if u want to go somewhere else, that can be arranged.
Narrator: After that, it was time for the camera crew to leave.
Driver: *Driving the car as he shakes his head no* Why did they have to make those comments?
Camera Man: The president will be infuriated when he sees us.
Narrator: We had a lot of fun. One day, I hope we can do that again.

The end credits begin as the camera crew continues onto the airport to fly back to Washington DC.

Characters In Episode

Mr. Baldwin
Mr. Bruce
Jim the tugboat
And Sean Bodine as S.B.

Songs Featured For Episode

CHiPs Theme: John Parker & Alan Silvestri
Woolly Bully: Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs
Surfin' Bird: The Trashmen

The End

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