Timothy Walter (Tim) burton was born on August 25, 1958 in Burbank, California. Tim burton was the first son of Bill and Jean Burton. He has one brother, Daniel, who is three years younger and works as an artist. Tim burton and Helena Bonham Carter had Billy burton on October 4, 2003 and Nell burton on December 15, 2007. Tim burton didn’t ever think he was going to grow up to be the director he is today.
Tim burton started as an animator at Disney in 1979. burton went to Cal Arts College. He did some animatie on The Black Cauldron that never got into the movie. Burton’s first film he produced directed and wrote was a five-minute short film called Vincent. Tim burton left Disney in about 1985.
Tim Burton’s closest vrienden are Johnny Depp, Danny Elfman, and Helena Bonham Carter. burton and Depp worked on eight films together. Elfman worked on all of Burton’s films except for two. burton and Bonham Carter worked on six films together. Tim burton uses his closest vrienden in a lot of his films.
Tim burton loves monsters and monster movies. He grew up watching TV rather than reading. He used to play in a graveyard where he lived. They toon up a lot in his films like in Sleepy Hollow, which was his first horror film. burton zei “I felt peaceful, comfortable a whole world of quiet and peace” about being in graveyards. Tim burton has always loved monsters and monster movies.
Tim burton continues to surprise us with his outstanding award winning movies.