What is your favoriete tiva quote

 ncisgirl4ever posted een jaar geleden
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Tiva Antwoorden

TivaFAN92 said:
ok ... my top, boven 3...

Z:You are my friend ...
T: ... Really!?

Z:This is not a vacation Tony.
T:(Looking at Ziva) But it is a beautiful day!

Z:You jeopardized your entire career and for what?
T:For you. <3

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posted een jaar geleden 
Good ones!!:D
ncisgirl4ever posted een jaar geleden
NCISLuverjk93 said:
This is one of my favorites... from 7x01 Truth of Consequences. Kinda sad :/

Ziva: Tony, WHY are u here?
Tony: ...I couldn't live without you, I guess.
Ziva: So u will die with me.

And my other fav, when Ziva forgives Tony& apologizes

Ziva: Just like it does not matter how it worked out for Michael
Tony: So what Does?
Ziva: That u had my back... that u have Always had my back.

One about soulmates:

Ziva: Do u ever think about Soulmates?
Tony: They were on Decca right? Big hit, mid 70's, sort of a disco thing? Sing a few bars& I'll get it.
Ziva: You'll never get it. *walks away*

Oh lastly is this one, Mcgee asks who got the divan, bank in paris, then Tony shows his fav pic to Ziva <3

Tony: Me, we flipped a coin.
McGee: Tough Break *walks away*
Ziva: Why did u just lie to Mcgee?
Tony: Why'd u lie to Nora?..Nora was right, found my favoriete picture, and its the only one with someone in it *hands it to her, its a pictue of Ziva*

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posted een jaar geleden 
Aww I love them all too, they are so adorable together <3 <3 <3
NcisRox7 posted een jaar geleden
Lie_to_Me_123 said:
I have so many! There are the obvious ones like "I couldn't live without you, I guess." and "I was just gonna tussle your hair. Sometimes it makes u smile."
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posted een jaar geleden 
Totally btw nice picture I am unable to find out how to do that
ncisgirl4ever posted een jaar geleden
Thank you. I download the screencaps from LiveJournal and then I do the effects and things on Picnik.com :) Hope that helps :)
Lie_to_Me_123 posted een jaar geleden
tashayar333 said:
i love a lot of quotes too, but rite now i'm stuck on "you jeopardized your entire career and for what?"
"for you."
i have this entire scene from aliyah memorized
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posted een jaar geleden 
ncisgirl4ever posted een jaar geleden
iheartwheaterly said:
These are my fave 3.

#1. Z:Why are u in such a pleasant mood?
T:I slept well last night,why didn't you?
u looked comfy enough.

#2. A bullet richashays in the epy boxed in, and Ziva lands on Tony.
T:Can u get off of me?
Z:I'm protecting you, and u did not mind when we were undercover.
T:That might have to do with the fact that u were naked!

3.# T: u don't have any vrienden do you?
And what is this sitting here watching a movie at work on a friday night?
Z:You are my friend.
T: Really?!
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posted een jaar geleden 
tonyziva1234 said:
It changes all the time, but at the moment it's...

"No, I'm not going without you!"
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posted een jaar geleden 
Carolinekruse said:
From the finale.
Ziva: "Im not going without you"

It tells everything!
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posted een jaar geleden 
jasmine492 said:
1 of my fav Tiva quotes... I LOVE other ones, but since they have already been listed... I'll settle... here goes; Season 3 Episode 8:Under Covers (LOVE it!) Tony is listing all the channels in the hotel room but Ziva pulls him over door the bed and Tony says, "I guess u aren't interested in TV." Ziva says, "There is only one thing I'm interested in." After what seems like a stare that lasts a million years... they start kissing. The camera is now filming at their feet, and it shows Ziva's dress drop. It fades to gray. LOVE that scene! commentaar if u LOVE it, too!
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posted een jaar geleden 
momodavid said:
Well I have several but in order to not repeat others here's a different one.
Pyramid: "everyone wants to find her Tony"-EJ about Ziva
"yeah but for some of us, it's different"-Tony
I know Ziva isn't there but it's so cute:)
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posted een jaar geleden 
Sienabiena said:
My Fave From Season 9 I think its Housekeeping
"You cannot expect a person to keep things bottled up inside forever.."- Ziva to Tony
In Till Death Do Us Part
"The Vows"-tony looking at ziva with those big eyes
"The Ring" ziva looking down at her hand then looking up to gauge his reaction.
"The Kiss" tony staring at ziva
"Thats everybody u go Ziva!"-Tony
"NO I AM NOT GOING WITHOUT YOU"-ziva pulling tony door his arm
of from one of the later episodes in 9
"Do u believe?"-ziva
"believe in what?"-tony
"Unexplained things...occurences..secrets we are not supposed to talk about?"-ziva giving tony those big eyes intently waiting for his answer.
"I believe that their are things that even Mcgee with his trusty computer cannot justify"tony staring right at her
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posted een jaar geleden 
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