1. Dawn: While yes, she never took off as a character after TDROTI ended, it would of have been nice to see her get used again.
2. Dakota: She's another character who didn't get reused for season 5.
3. Cody: Yes, i know he only competed for two seasons, but it's a shame he never made a comeback in season 5.
4. Brick: He's another character that desperately deserved a comeback. Shame that never ended up happening.
5. Bridgette: Again, she was one of those characters that only competed on 3 seasons in total, but come on, u can't go wrong with Bridgette.
6. DJ: With so many episodes without a cameo, DJ could of have least made a speaking cameo in one of those episodes. Shame is, this never ended up happening.
7. Trent: Yes it's true. Trent is so obscure that we may not ever see him again.
8. Geoff: Yes. It's true. I actually wanted him to be in season 5. Shame is, he never did end up being in season 5.
9. Harold: He was originally supposed to be on season 5, until he was bumped in favor of Sam.
10. Noah: Not gonna lie, but, I, like everyone else wanted to see him on season 5.