It was just turning from dag to night when Zoey and Mike had pulled up to the bridge where The Goatman visits. They decided to enjoy their moment alone until Zoey stopped, sensing her and Mike were being watched. I think we should get out of here. zei Mike What are u kidding? I think we should stay and enjoy our moment alone. zei Zoey Okay. zei Mike, leaning in for a kiss until a tall goat creature showed up volgende to their car, interrupting their moment alone. Suddenly, an axe shattered through the back window and landed in the back seat, causing both Mike and Zoey to panic. The Goatman emerged from the bushes and bounded up towards the back windshield, denting the windshield with its front hooves. After the back windshield was dented, Mike and Zoey decided their volgende order of business was to head to town and tell the police about their encounter. (In town with the police) So u mean to tell me u saw the Goatman? asked the police officer Yes sir. We were trying to enjoy our alone time at the bridge where we saw it until an axe landed in the back zitplaats, stoel of our car. zei Zoey And it dented the back windshield with its hooves. zei Mike Prove it. You'll need to back me up with meer proof than that. zei the police officer Here. zei Zoey, handing the police officer the axe. I see. Now can u toon me where it smashed the windshield in? asked the police officer (Outside with Mike, Zoey, and the police officer) Here's where the Goatman smashed our windshield in, officer. zei Mike No doubt about it. u most defiently had a Goatman sighting. zei the police officer