Before I begin, not only does my version fix all the issues the canon TDAS season had, but I've also fixed the 14 contestant format and increased the amount to 41. That's right. Not only are the TDI-TDWT and TDRI people in this, but so are the TDPI and TDRR contestants. So with that being said, let's begin.
Episode 1: Introductions
"Cut to the inside of a submarine: Chef is seen piloting the giant watercraft and the cast has some time to mingle amongst one another. In one corner of the submarine, DJ manages to get Ella, Miles, and Dawn into a conversation. As everyone was mingling, Chef suddenly hit a rock which chipped part of the glass on the submarine. "Attention everyone. Do not panic. But we seemed to have hit a rock. We'll need to resurface so I can make a repair." Owen panicked at hearing the submarine hit a rock and frantically ran around which got everyone else in a panicking mood as the submarine resurfaced. As soon the submarine resurfaced, Chef tossed everyone out onto the sandy strand where they were greeted door Chris who explained what the team names he had decided on were. "Ahem. It's nice to see u all. Anyways, you're here and that's all that matters. But let me explain the real reason I brought u here: to divide u guys up into teams. And the first team name is the Heroic Hawks. And the seconde one is the Villainous Vultures." Jasmine, who had a vraag asked the vraag "What happened to the name Heroic Hamsters?" to which Chris replied "I thought Heroic Hawks sounded cooler" before getting around to dividing the contestants up onto teams. Brick, Bridgette, Carrie, Cody, Courtney, Dawn, Devin, DJ, Ella, Ellody, Emma, Harold, Jasmine, Jay, Jen, Junior, Kitty, Mickey, Mike, Miles, Owen, Samey, Sanders, Shawn, Sierra, Sky, Tom, and Zoey, u guys are on the Heroic Hawks and Alejandro, Amy, Duncan, Heather, Jacques, Jo, Josee, Justin, Leshawna, Noah, Scarlett, Stephanie, and Taylor, u guys are on the Villainous Vultures.