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aprilacne posted on Jan 09, 2012 at 04:43PM
Yes I am doing this agian....I feel like spaming...

This is where you people will get to be WWE superstars or divas and meet fans, other superstars/divas and even get a chance to wrestle!
so all you need is:

Brand:(Smackdown, Raw, ECW)
Finishing move:
signiture move:
Heel or Face:(good guy or bad guy(corect me if wrong...))

No killing, No GODMODLING, no fighting girl v.s boy unless you ask!

Heres mine-

Name: Charlie Barrett
Age: 18
Brand:(Smackdown, Raw, ECW, TNA) Smacdown
Finishing move: Reverse Wastland(insted of dropping opponant forwards, drops them backwards)
signiture move:Jaw breaker(kick to the jaw)
Theme:The last night- Skillet
Personality:Strong, nice, agressive when in the ring
Heel or Face:(bad guy or good guy)Face
Tape:*Camra turns on and we see Charlie with her dads old guitar*" 'Ello everyone! My name is Charlie Barrett and I live in Liverpool, England. I am tough like my papa, Wade Barrett but I can be a bit girlly at times. I am In love with the WWE. I absalutly adore it.Anyway, I hope you pick me!"*camra turns off, then turns back on agian*"Please pick me, I want to get away from this bloody hell..."*cara turns off completly*
 Yes I am doing this agian....I feel like spaming... This is where u people will get to be WWE s
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