Total Drama Island Fancharacters Mentally Insane RP

princess2109 posted on Sep 07, 2012 at 12:34AM
Yeeeppppp xD

No goddmodding period!
Violence is allowed but no killing.
Blazette: *rage fit and humms lighter at Jo*
Jo: AH! *jumps in water*)
Please do not leave people out, I hate it and you would too
Have fun please :)

this takes place in a hospitel for the mentally insane
OH and yes you can vist OR work there :)
Charries :D
Blazette (Burned in a house fire badly on her left hip right ear and left eye blinding her halfly and making her half deef)
Yabei (Has an awkward blood lust)
Snowy ((abused every time she showed love which witch she did alot with her big heart for being the runt of her family which was a -10 on her honrer in the family)

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