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So I'm in the middle of drawing my 5 new OCs & 2 for guys for 'sale' and I took a break to draw a new guys ..head in a different style :P but yeah.. New: straal, ray (him), Kurt,Fletcher,Bubble and Amanda .. SO NOW I HAVE 43 TOTAL DRAMA OCS! DXD
total drama island
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My first ever ocs were deedee and carma. Then I changed accounts XD
But the truth is jinx and maddie actually originate from them, I used the same anime foto's I got from google X3
Jinx, maddie and zara were my first ocs on this account, I was originally,only using jinx, but decided after to have her own devil and angel side, thus creating maddie,and zara.
Maddie was suppost to be a very hyper and nerdy oc, while zara was suppost to be a very bad druggie o.o maddies mostly the same while zaras a prankster now.
Megan was originally a dark skinned( black if u will) oc.
I only have...
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 Her everyday wear
Her everyday wear
Name: daniella cassandra amy mikayla milton
Nickname: dani(dakota), mouth(chef),cutie pie (lindsay)
Age: 14
D.O.B: december 25,1998
Family: mom(divorced),dad(divorced),dakota(sister)
Pets: a kitty called huggles,a puppy called poopykins
Personality: spoiled,bratty,mean,hopless romantic,flirty,spoiled,daddys girl,rich,sensitive around cody,sweet around cody,kind around cody
Crush: cody boyfriend
Height: 4"5
Weight: 56 pounds
Fav color: pink
Fav genre of music: pop,rap,country,r&b
Fav singer: nicki minaj,taylor swift
Fav band: linkin park,falloutboy,jack of jill
Fav actor: zac efron
Fav actress:...
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ok so its really quiet. So u might want to turn up the sound. And sorry it keeps freezing. Blam le crappy webcam. X3 So yeah thats me.Riley. Don't judge *cries* XD
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