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So I'm in the middle of drawing my 5 new OCs & 2 for guys for 'sale' and I took a break to draw a new guys ..head in a different style :P but yeah.. New: straal, ray (him), Kurt,Fletcher,Bubble and Amanda .. SO NOW I HAVE 43 TOTAL DRAMA OCS! DXD
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*WARNING: this episode contain's scene's of death,curseing and thing that might creep u out veiwer descrision is advised*

"Who the hell do u think u are...Let us out!" a scream from down the hall of the mansion could be was a male voice screaming in anger.
"Mommy please stop this ." as a little girl whimpered. I was shaking i was fearing for my life.i just came here for a blog post on the oldest mansion in the state. I don't want to die....hic oh god please stop this suffering please! "You're wish is my command u scum!" a voice said. i was then hit with a blunt object. i was...
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August 12th, 2006

I see the tall man everywhere. I'v started referring to him as "Kyle". I tell my grandmother about Kyle as she lies in bed and looks at me with dim eyes. I tell her how he looks. Tall, of course, with deep red hair. Shaggy, red hair... how did it get so red? She stares at me and sort of smiles, sort of frowns. "I see.." she says, and takes ahold of my pinkie finger. "You can watch him all u want, but I don't want u talking to Kyle. Understand, Eiko?

He doesn't sound safe."

August 13th, 2006

Grandmother was coughing so loud this morning I checked in on her. She had gone back...
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The couple theme for Izan(mine)XChris(Aydan's)
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