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It was 7am, time to get up. All the campers got up, and hiked up the mountain again. "I'm getting sick of doing this" zei Heather. "I'm gonna have to get used to seeing u like this" zei Gwen, "Blonde hair, up in picktails! with an oranje and green outfit!". "Oh, of corse u don't like it!" zei Heather. "No, I do like it, it's a good look" zei Gwen. "Yeah" zei Chris, Izzy, and Owen. Heather got a smile on her face and continued to hike up the mountain. "This does get tiring" zei Trent.

Soon the campres were up the mountian. "I will pair u up in groups of two, then u have to go far out into the rain forest for 3 days" zei JG. "There will be one person from each group that will stay on top, boven of the mountain, and give u directions with a walky talky". "Trent, Chris, you'll be tyhe ones giving your team directions". "Now for the teams". Gwen put her hands together and prayed "Please not Heather, please not Heather". "Ok, Duncan and Courtney, your a team". "Noah and Owen, your a team". "Izzy and Eva, your a team". "And Gwen and Heather, your a team". "What!" both Gwen and Heather yelled. "If u refuse, you'll be automaticly iliminated" zei Vanita. "Ughhhhh" zei the girls as everyone started to hike back down the mountain.

3 hours later.....
Gwen set up the tent, while Heather made the fire, Gwen stopped to rest for a second, she just couldn't get the tent up. She watched as in less than a minute, Heather had made a roaring fire. "Need some help?" asked Heather. "I don't need any help from you" zei Gwen. Gwen tried to set the tent up until about 30 minuten later, she gave up. She moved so Heather could try, just as the fire, in a minuut she had it up.

"How'd u get so good at this?" asked Gwen. "My cousins looooooove to go camping" zei Heather.
"Why do u hate your cousins"
"I don't hate my cousins, I hate my life!"
"Tell me what happened to make your life so screwed up"
"ok, My parents would spoil me rotten, they ave me everything I could posibly want, but I still wanted more. They put me with many nannys, until they went bankrupted and had had to go back to taking care of me myself. "When I was 11, they commited suicide, They were already taking care of my cousins, so I had to take full responsibility". I was glad that I had some family left after both my aunt and my parents were dead, but that was when Seiamica and Alex moved to chicago, and left me alone. "At school, I covered up my pain door being a mean ass". "I wanted to win the money for TDI because I'm in dept, and I wanted to have some money for college, not college for me, but for my cousins...".
"wow" zei Gwen, looking a bit quilty. "well don't u worry, u need a friend to get through this, and a friend is what u got".
 Heather and gwen
Heather and gwen
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