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Cole: Something's up with Joss, Liza and Layla....I think they're in an alliance and this fighting is all an act...

Chilly: So I saw something interesting....I went to get something for the pizza and saw Joss cheating on Liza with Layla.... so its time to put my plan into place.....


(First class)
(Liza is sitting on a divan, bank crying)
Amber: (enters) Are u okay Liza?
Liza: Just get out okay!
Amber: Is it about Joss?
Liza: don't ever say that name again!
Amber: (sits door Liza) Listen, Joss-
Amber: Sorry. HE didn't mean to kiss Layla.
Liza: Oh yes he did. I saw it all happen.
Amber: No. He didn't. Layla grabbed him then she kissed him.
Liza: Yeah right.
Amber: here. (hands Liza a tape) I got this from an intern. I want u to watch it. Then, I want u to get back it Joss. Okay?
Liza: (wipes tears) okay.
Amber: Bye. Liza.
Liza: Bye. (Puts the tape into the TV.)
(Non-first class)
Rochelle: Thank u again Fawn. We never would have lost if it wasn't for you.
Fawn: Thanks.
Annie: So we're all voting off Draven?
Lia: yep.
Rochelle: So, Unless Draven changes the votes, he is 100% leaving.
Lia, Fawn, and Annie: Yep.


Fawn: (stamps Draven's passport) Bye bye hot stuff!

Annie: (stamps Draven's passport) No meer playing anybody now!

Lia: (stamps Draven's passport) See ya in hell!

Rochelle: (stamps Draven's passport) u had this coming ever since u called me a sucker.

Draven: Okay, I would vote of Rochelle, because I can't stand her. But I know everyone is going to vote off reekalf, fawn because she made us lose the challenge. If it wasn't for her we would have never lost. So (stamps Fawn's passport) Bye bye Fawn.


(Elimination room)
Chris: u all have voted. Now today will be the quickest elimination yet because there is only 5 of you. Now the first one goes to Annie.
Annie: YAY!
Chris: Lia!
Lia: No duh.
Chris: Rochelle.
Rochelle: YES!
Chris: Fawn. Draven. One of u will be leaving tonight and the final one goes to......................... Fawn!
Fawn: I knew it!
Draven: WHAT?!?!
Chris: Everyone but u voted for you.
Draven: But-
Chris: No buts of Chef will kick yours.
Draven: Fine. But u will all pay for this. I will be coming in season 2 and I will make u all regret what u have just done! u hear me??!?!??! (jumps out of the plane)

(Mess hall)
(Joss is eating some type of soup)
Liza: (enters) hallo Joss- what are u eating?
Joss: (points to soup)
Liza: u don't trust me anymore do you?
Joss: (shakes head no)
Liza: Come on Joss. Listen, an intern gave me this tape of what happened in there. I'm sorry I went all off on u and didn't listen to what u were saying. I was a jerk. I admit it. I hope u can give me another chance.
Joss: (Sigh) Liza.
Liza: Yeah?
Joss: I love you.
Liza: I do too! (hugs Joss) So u forgive me?
Joss: Only if u forgive me.
Liza: DEAL!
(They lean to kiss but just then Cole enters)
Cole: Oh. sorry. I was going to get something. I didn't mean to intrude.
Joss: (sigh)
Cole: sorry....
Liza: It's okay.
Cole: okay...
Joss: well I got to get to bed. see ya.
Liza: see ya.
(Pilot's room)
Chris: 13 down 11 to go! We're coming to the end! Who will win? who will lose? find out volgende time on Total... Drama... Around the World!

There was a lot of romance in the episode. But who is your favoriete couple? Is it Jordan and Annie? Jordan and Lia? Bridgette and Geoff? Heather and Alejandro? Izzy and Owen? Liza and Joss? Vote here: link to keep them going on the toon (if they were eliminated, then in the final)
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