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posted by jadore_renard
She closed her suitcase, as she listened to the car engine sputter outside. Her knees were shaking as she opened her bedroom door.
    This may be the last time she'd ever be in this house. The one she grew up in, her home. She got ready to climb into the car. Looking back at her house, Courtney could see her mother standing on the step waiting for her to leave. The look on her face was almost unbearable. It was a look of disappointment, a look of disgust. She longed to see the face she knew. The one filled with love and warmth for her. She hadn't seen that face for a while now. Suddenly she was filled with anger. How was any of this her fault? She didn't choose this for herself. She was a CIT for god sakes! Her grades were perfect, she did community service, she was class president! The only thing she could possibly think of that she had done wrong in her life was datum a juvenile delinquent, and she had ended that months ago. There was no reason for her mother to be looking at her with that much hatred . Well, at least no valid reason. Because of this invalid reason, she was being shipped out of the country to some run down boarding school for freaks. Apparently it was supposed to "help her". Courtney didn't buy that stier at all. "Calm down Courtney" She told herself. Bad things happened when she got too emotional. She took a deep breath and buckled her seat-belt. Then with one last glance at her old life, her taxi sped away.
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"Your such a sweet little girl! Here, have another bun-- for free!"
"Oooo! Golly! Thank u so much!" Ranma took the bun and put it between her teeth.
Yup. When I'm cruising for eats, this girl-body is the way to go. She started to briskly walk through the town market, back to the Tendo Training Hall.

"Pardon me, but u are from Furinkan high school, are u not?" A strange brown haired girl in a long dress uniform asked, as three other men with faces wrapped in bandages stood around her, with serious expressions.
"Please, no need to rush on my account. If I'm not mistaken, we'll be having out...
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posted by Lolly4me2
Kieran: Jeffree ster is my BFF! Wanna see a picture of him? :D *pulls out picture of Jeffreee Star*
Girls: *SCREAM*

*outside in lawn chairs*
Sofie: Did u see what happened to Sumer?
Duncan: Yeah...
Sofie: Are u worried about her?
Duncan: *grabs me* SEX, NOW!? 8D

*inside room*
Everyone: *hears* o_o
Kieran: Aaw, ^^

Duncan: o.o
Sofie: -o-'

Kieran: I'M DATING RIKU!! *jumps up and down* HE'S GOT GRAY HAIR AND CARRIES AROUND A KEYBLADE!! :D But then again, all guys have KeyBlades ^^
Girls: *screams again*
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posted by GwenTrentDude
 Noah & Emily<3
Noah & Emily<3
am sleepy lol the titel of chapter 6 was blah bkuz i couldnt think of sh!t! lol

Chapter 6: Blahh!

Courtney got up from bed and so did Cody. They both got out of their bedrooms at the same time. And it was only 5:30 AM. "Hey Courtney! Want to come joging with me? Lauren and Jared run in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoons with Andi and Emily. " " Oh no thanks w8 umm...Jared? Uh...sure.." "Kay get your watch an change into something else. " Mmmm...k." She came back out and they headed out. Courtney didnt know where but somewhere he must of known already. They where near a liqor and...
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I sat in the Boy's Trailer just waiting for a new challenge.Things had been going so badly since Courtney came.I wasn't supposed to admit that I loved Courtney,which I now did.Stupid stupid!I thought to myself.I was supposed to keep my bad-boy reputation.I would have to redeem myself.....then I heard Chris on his megaphone."Everyone meet outside the trailers!Time for a challenge!"He all walked outside slowly."Alright everyone!Today's challenge is to get a partner,drawn door random,and u must stay with them the whole day.Here's the catch;you have to wear lie detector watches and mood rings to...
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posted by bubble_babe
Chapter 1 : Hidden Love
Heathers P.O.V
I havn't talked to anyone yet, not cause I didn't want to, but none would talk to me. Noone knew that I changed, I know what your thinking 'HA you, change, HA' but I did, I wasn't mean well, I could still be a teef every now and then, but still, I made new vrienden that are like me, they messed up once and noone forgave them. I walked up to the girl's cabbin the sun was setting and I wanted to go to sleeep, thats when *click* I quikey took the handle and tryed to open the door. I pulled and pulled but nothing
"Uhh...Leshawna, can u open the door" Then I...
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posted by Duncan-superfan
sOME PLACE-An alley on 21st street

AMY: Im sooo BORED!

Kyra:AGH! Me too!

KALIE:Ooooo! I know! Lets go rob the jewlery store!

SHAWNI:Girl u crazy! u just got out of jail and u wanna go rob a jewlery store?

AMY Yea! and besides I was thinking of going to the beach! Cuz I need to work on my tan!

KYRA:Amy! u are so tan all ready!

AMY:Well Miss.Albino! I think u need some sun!

KYRA:Well u know what u can kiss my..

ROSALIE:WOAH! Ok u two thats enough. Lets just go to the beach. Ok?


Kalie:Forget it! Im going to go with my idea.

DANIELLE:Ooo! If you'r gonna rob a jewlery store...
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