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Note: If u have no idea what's going on, read my first article. That will help. XD
(Gwen's POV)
~Set at Aftermath 4
I just sat there, sighing as Bridgette and Geoff talked about the voted-off contestants. I wasn't listening.
I was thinking about Duncan. Of course I loved him. I knew I did, not that I was telling anyone.
His beautiful blue eyes, his cute laugh... I like everything. We had been simply friends... enemies at one point, on the island, but now was different. I considered myself silly for ever falling for Trent. How could I ever...?
But Duncan was my one true love. I knew that, no one else did.
If only...
I crossed my legs on my zitplaats, stoel and sighed. Trent leaned across to me and whispered:
"Hey, cutie. What's new? u look upset. Mind telling me?"
"Uh... for your info, Trent, I do mind." I said, annoyed. Except, I just zei that in my head, so no one really heard it but me.
I looked down, and blushed as soon as Duncan flitted to my mind.
Trent must have seen this. "Gwen-ie!" He tickled my chin. Um, hello? We broke up already? He smiled the kind of smile I had once found charming. "Everything all right, sweetie?"
I sighed. I was a good person, I knew I was; I felt it inside me, yet I was thinking...
Shut it already, Trent! Nobody cares about you. I don't like u anymore, got that?!
He regarded me hopefully.
I knew he was still crushing on me. But...
"We need to talk."
(Trent's POV)
Uh... Um.
Did she just say that? I was just trying to be sweet and friendly!
And okay, maybe just a BIT flirty.
"Sure," I found myself saying.
Why did she want to "talk"?
"Thanks," Gwen said, smiling.
She pulled me into the back room.
"Trent. I'm sorry, but I have to say this."
Oh, no. No, no, no. Don't say that u don't love me... never.
"Um... what is it?" I forced myself to sound normal.
"I just want to get this over with," she sighed. "Trent... I know we broke up, and u were upset about that. I'm sorry."
What? This wasn't what I was expecting.
I was expecting a nice, little talk with no awkward moments.
Not... not THIS!
This was like a replay of our breakup at the Cowboy Studio! And I didn't like that.
"Okay... go on," I urged.
"But I've moved on now. I know we were a perfect couple back then, but that was back then. I have a new crush. Please tell me u understand...!"
Okie. That was awkward. But suddenly, I griped what she had said. She didn't love me. She had 'moved on'. She had a... new crush?!
"Um... sure, of course I understand..." I stammered.
"Why do u still act as if I'm your..."
She couldn't say it. I jumped in.
"Girlfriend?" I mused. "Well... I've always loved you. When we broke up... that was the worst moment ever. I've never been able to find anyone else... so please."
"Yeah," Gwen giggled. There. See? That was the Gwen I knew.
"Who's u new crush?" I asked.
I surprised myself. It just popped out. But I really wish I hadn't zei that... from the look on Gwen's face.
(Gwen's POV)
Anger rushed through me. It happened quite a lot these days.
I was acting all patient with Trent, and he asks me who my crush is?!
Now that is just wrong.
But... fine! A new feeling took me over.
If he wanted to know, let him.
I sighed. "Do u really want to know? Cause, the answer might surprise you...!" I teased him.
"Yeah, I do. I want to know," He said, and I knew that he knew who it was. My crush.
"You know, don't you?" I asked.
"No..." His voice was stiff. But something in me, maybe some of my nice-ness, caught me.
"It's Duncan. I love Duncan." I took a deep breath. "I don't know why of how it happened. I know u hate him, Trent, but-"
"NO," He said, his face red with anger. "I do NOT hate him."
His teeth were clenched. He did hate him.
Oh... no.
"I'm sorry," I zei to him. "But it's true."
Trent didn't say anything, but I could tell he was upset.
"I won't say anything else about it." I drew in a breath. "But I just want u to know... it's true."
And it was.
I walked out. Trent followed me.
"And that..." I heard Bridgette say, "was shocking! Gwen and Trent, was it true what u were talking about?"
What? No. No, wait. We weren't...
"You were in the camera room," Geoff mused. "You didn't notice?"
Uh, no. Duh. If we did, we wouldn't have gone in there. I hated Geoff at the second.
I glanced back at Trent. He looked frozen.
"Woah... woah!" Bridgette laughed. "That was a great inside look at Gwen and Trent, qouldn't u agree?"
I hated her at the second, too.
Suddenly, Chris walked in.
Yes! Saved! I loved Chris at the second.
At. The. Second. Mark my words.
"Chris?" Geoff asked. "What..."
"Shush." Chris said. "I want you, Gwen, to come back to TDA."
"What?" I was too shocked to speak.
"I said-"
"Okay. Seriously? TDA? Me? Back?"
"Uh... yeah," He said. "We want things to be a little meer dramatic, y'know?"
He grinned. I did, too. I couldn't help it.
"So... when?"
"Tommorow. And come out when I tell u to. Only when I tell u to."
"Then it's settled. We've already got Owen there, but he can't make anything dramatic. You've got to tighten up Duncan and Courtney.
"Um, okay..." I said. Anything to be with Duncan.
That night, I lay on the Aftermath toon couch. I couldn't sleep, so I'd figured I'd hang out here.
That's when it came to me
Duncan. TDA. Courtney. Everyone.
That's when I realized how REAL this was.
So that's Part Two of my new dramatic series! (I like DxC and GxT too, course, but I decided to do a fanfic about DxG. Sorry to those who aren't DxG fans! But still... hope u enjoy it!
Mwah! ~Kiyurie
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