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posted by s09tdi
I couldn't think of a name, ok? So, ahem, pick one answer out of however many there are and when u have completed write them down in a comment/message to me and I'll tally up the votes. Voting ends January 3rd.

Question 1: Who is the prettiest Total Drama girl?




Question 2: Who is the most handsome Total Drama guy?



Harold (I couldn't not put him in!!)


Question 3: Who should have won each season? (When sending just say TDI:-insertnamehere- TDA: -insertnamehere-)





Question 4: What is the best alliance?
Guys Alliance (TDI: Hide and Be Sneaky)

Heather Alliance (TDI)

Girls Alliance (TDA: Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen&2008: A Space Owen)

LeShawna Alliance (TDA: Dial M for Merger)

Question 5: What is the best TDI episode?
Not So Happy Campers (Parts 1&2)


Basic Straining

Off the Chain!

I Triple Dog Dare You

Question 6: What is the best TDA episode?
Monster Cash

Riot on Set

The Aftermath, II

Ocean's Eight of Nine

top, boven Dog

The Aftermath, IV (Finale)

Happy voting!!
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