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posted by soxfan89
Chris:OK Campers, We're Taking Your Clothes Off And Puting u In Diapers And Baby Bonnets On Your Heads.
Chris:I'm Glad u Asked Noah, u Will Be Dressed As Babies For A Week. Isn't This Fun?
Blaineley:Can I Do It?
Chris:Sure u Can.
(All The Campers Come Out Topless Wearing Diapers And Baby Bonnets With Bibs)
Lindsay:I Actually Look Stylish.
Trent:Duncan Looks Just As Ridiculous As I Do.
Duncan:Shut Up, Trent!
Gwen:Something's Very Wrong Here.
Courtney:I Don't Look Too bad In This, I Could Get Used To It.
Bridgette:I'm The Best Baby Of The Bunch.
Geoff:I Look Like A Moron In All This.
Bridgette:No u Don't, Geoff!
Sadie And Katie:We're Babies. Eeeeeeeeee!
Noah:I Feel A Little Uncomfortable!
Cody:Lighten Up, Noah.
Alejandro:I'm One Sexy Baby.
Heather:Oh, My Little Baby.
Leshawna:Hey Y'all, I'm Looking Fabulous Right?
Harold:You Can Say That Again.
Tyler:It's All Good!
Izzy:Wahhhhh! Wahhhhhh!
Owen:Angry Baby! Where's My Bottle?
Ezekial:Hey Homies, I Look Like A Baby In This!
Eva:Being A Baby Sucks.
DJ:I Like Being In Diapers Again!
Sierra:Wow, This Is What It's Like To Be A Baby.
Blaineley:It's A Good Time For Me To Suck My Thumb! Huh Chris?
Chris:Suck Away, My Baby.
Beth:I Forgot My Blankie.
Justin:I'm Holding It Remember?
Beth:Oh, Right.
Chris:Well Campers, Welcome To dag 1 Of Being Babies. Enjoy The Ride!
End Of Part 1
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