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posted by gothemo1234
star:this is awsome (holding gazdin and gerg)
gazdin:at lest u dont have sleep volgende to her
(gerg and gazdin look at gaz)
(in the boys room and cj scearms and jumps into gergs bed)
gerg:that was my bed
(everyone sees the rouch and gets scared and gaz comes with a ax)
rouch:help me
gaz:(kills the rouch)babys
gazdin:tom u ok?
tom:yeah ummm whos carrying me
colin:i am (drops tom)
harry:besides its our first dag and our firts change
gaz:duncan told me to beat the idiot whos meer like harlod
cj:besides its our first change how hard could it be
(at the cilff)
jr:umm that hard
harrit:you guys have to jump and land in that middle hole ok bye ill be down there waiting for u
jake:so whos going first?
gaz:fine ill go first hallo look theres haai around the middle sweet im going (jumps off)
wooooooooooooooooo(lands in the middle)im ok
selena:i dont about u im going (jumps)thisss is funner than going to la(lands in the middle)
cory:im not going to jump
colin:yes u are (carrys cory)this pay back what your mom did to my mom and dad (thows him in the outside)
cory:AAAAAAAAAA(gos to the middle)YOULL PAY FOR THIS
harry:im going (jumps and do the slpits)yeahhhhhh (lands and gets hurt)AAAAAAAOW
gazdin:umm will be right back ok
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