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"Hey. It's Chris Mclain here. Again. With my new reality series: Total Drama Bermuda Triangle! For 9 weeks it'll be total drama for our new cast members! How exciting! And now we're on this killer island to make it even more-" "HI CHRIS!!!"-Unknown... "Who..?"-Chris. "Your first new cast member!! Mayla Moreen!"-Mayla. "Ohhhhh...yeah. Of course!! You're gonna have so much fun here!"-Chris. "REALLY?? YAY!!"-Mayla. "Yo, Chris. It's Phil."-Phil. "oh look, duncan's twin..."-Chris. "Oh look, there's everyone else!"-Mayla. "Hey, hi, what's up!!"-Everyone else. Phil and Mayla leave their boats to meet...
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posted by dxarmy423
Chris: welcome to the most watched and recorded season of any total drama series ever! TOTAL DRAMA EXTREME RULES!!

Chris: here is how the teams stand so far-

Team Uno:


Team Dos:


Chris: last episode Alejandro was eliminated and today we will put our contestants in meer danger and extreme stunts.

Chris: today they will be taking on the WIPE OUT OBSTACLE COURSE because our guest host is John Anderson.

John: yeah and its great to be on this show

Chris: yeah what kind of obstacle course is there for today

John: well its gonna be tough

*down at the starting...
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Sadie: HI and welcome to the aftermath! Chris wanted new hosts for it so me and
Eva: EVA! will be the host whoooo
Sadie: Lets meet our first person voted off AYDAN!!!
Aydan: Hi everyone!
Sadie: So how did it feel being the first voted off?
Aydan: It stinked but im happy i just got to be on the show
Sadie: Find any crushes on ur short journey?
Aydan:I did have a crush on Geoff
Bridgette: WHAT!!?!?!
Sadie Eva?
Eva: *takles Bridgette* BE QUIET!!
Sadie:Okay now lets hear it for NATALIE!!1
Natalie: *Walks out* HII EVERY-AHHHH *trips*
Sadie:So how did it feel getting booted off?
Nat: *gets up* It Sucked. i guess...
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Chris: The screaming users u have casted ur stemmen and one of u is going home. The marshmellows goes to Rayven,Natalie,Jade,Ava,Dawn,Gabby,Noah,DJ,Harold, and Izzy
Chris:Heather, Alejrando. This is the last marshmelle it goes to............

Chris:Heather!!1 Alejrando ur time is up
Alejrando: *whispers* i will have my revenge!!!
*walks on the boot of losers*
Heather: *putting on lipstick* That was so easy >:)
Gabby: Heather asked me and Dawn to be in a alliance we both zei yes. But im not stupid i knoow she will backstabb me but i just need her to get me to the merge >:)
Zoey: I'm so glad Sam is gone!
Jake: yeah
*a knock on door*
Zoey: who is it? *opens door*
Jax: Hi do u wanna go on a date?
Zoey: Jax come in.
Jax: what is it?
Zoey: it was just a kiss. Just for acting. just so that we would win. It was not real.
Jax: I know how it felt. and no one can fake a kiss like that
Zoey: trust me!

Zoey's POV: I didn't want to hirt Jax! But he was makeing me mad.

Jax: well i have to go!
Zoey: bye!
Jax: bye!
Rayven: what was that?
Jordan: I thinK it was chris!

Ray: did u guys hear that?
Bridgette: yeah!
Zoey: what was i........................*trips...
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*The busses stop at a recording studio*
Rochelle: *gets out of her limo and straightens her dress* Okay Guys u can come out!
*They all come out*
Rochelle: Ready for today's Challenge?
Penny: Uh that depends.
Faith: Seariously?
Marci: We're ready Rochelle.
Avan:You sure on that one
Sam: Who zei we wanted a challenge?
Rochelle: Me and the producers.
Jordan: Well that sucks.
Sam: Tell me about it.
Terra: Yeah.
Rochelle: Okay all of u shut up. Today's challenge has three major parts. First u guys are going to record a sad song. volgende u will make a sad muziek video for it. Then You'll show...
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Ugh ! This school is full of ghetto people ! I wanna go back to Gonzalez but they can't "put up with me " ! Everybody is talkin about this chick named Noemi ! Aperantly she is a legend here and they where saying that she moved to Gonzalez but anyway im not alone here u know i have my cuzin ! When the klok, bell rang i had to enter the classroom the teacher was a dude named Mr.Martinez ! My cuzin is in a diffrent classroom Mrs.Manchas ! So i had to find some vrienden of alone..WHATEVER ! Ughh i always got in trouble with all the teachers for the volgende maand !Then one of my vrienden in Gonzalez invited me to this of the hook party ! ....

What will happen at the party ? Find out in the volgende chapter of Love , Hate storyy !!
Chris: ok we have alot to do today! Let me just say that we are brnging back someone!
All: not agin!
Chris: yes! we are! It's Rayven!
Rayven:Yeah i'm back!
Chris: she filed a lawsew on the toon cause she got unfarly voted off door someone *everyone looks at Jordan*
Ray: who's team is she going to be on?
Chris: she's going to be on team funny!
Rayven: no! I'm going on team random!
Chris: aaaaaaaaa........ why?
Rayven: because I want to vote off jordan!
Chris: ok! ummmmmmm....... Zoey! your moveing to team funny!
Zoey: ok!
Jax: No Zoey u can't go!

Zoey's POV: Jax thinks we are really going out! It was just...
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Gwen: it's time for.............
Geoff: The aftermathshow!
Gwen: staring.......
Geoff: me...........
Gwen: me.........
Geoff: Rochelle...........
Gwen: Penny...........
Geoff: and...........
Gwen: Rayven!!!!!!!
geoff: Hi i'm geoff!
Gwen: and i'm Gwen!
Geoff: and this is the total drama crazy aftermathshow!!!!
Gwen: while bridgette is on total drama crazy, i'm the co-host with geoff!
Geoff: yep!

Geoff's POV: I miss brodgette, but Gwen's ok. I still can't belive she kissed Jordan!

Gwen: Ok our first gusse is.........
Geoff: Rochelle!
Gwen: but first let's see some of her greatist moments........

Rochelle; It's...
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all campers: *watches the last eposde*
Zoey: i can't belive i talked like a baby!
Ray: i can't belive i licked chris's arm?
jax: yeah that was grose!
Bridgette: I wonder what our chalange is today.
Izzy: maby there wont be one like last week.
Sam: there was one. remamber? with the coffie?
Izzy: dosen't ring a bell

Sam's POV: sometimes i think izzy is dumber than annie and lindsay!

Chris: campers!!!!!! time for your first chalange!

Jordan: what is it???
Chris: a 0 gravity chalange!
Jax: what are the rules.
Chris: u have to try to stay the longist in here!
Sarah: are u sure this is safe?
Chris: nope!
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 Rochelle *aka me srry this is the only pic I had*
Rochelle *aka me srry this is the only pic I had*
Rochelle (aka me): Ah another season. But this time without Chris. Hello everyone I'm Chris's daughter Rochelle *gasps* I know shocking gegeven the fact Chris is my dad and also that he would want a kid. Anyway welcome to Total Drama Musicians. We have 20 contestants. *An airplane lands behind me* As u can see we have people coming off air planes. Thats because we have people coming from around the world, and YES they do speak english trust me I made sure. Lets meet our contestants shall we? First is Zoey.
Zoey: *walks off* Wow this place is so gross.
Rochelle: *Looks around the airport* Zoey...
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posted by 16falloutboy
Dani:" hallo everyone, I'm the host, my name is Dani Stump, and I'm married to PAtrick Stump, so ok, let's get this toon started, okour first camper is coming, his name is Duncan"

(boat drops off Duncan)

Duncan:" hallo hos........(looks at Dani)"

Dani:" uh hi Duncan"

Duncan:" (smiles) hallo baby"

Dani:" uh ok then..our volgende camper is Penny"

(boat drops off Penny)

Penny:" Hi!"

Dani:" hallo Penny!"

Penny:" this is gonna be fun!"

Dani:" yes it will be, volgende is.. Bridgette"

(boat drops off Bridgette)

Bridgette:" hi Dani and everyone!"

Dani:" hallo Bridgette, volgende is, Jordan"

(boat drops off Jordan)

Dani:" hi Jordan"

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Lulu: *crys*
Sarah: i know u miss cody. but u have to get over him.
Lulu: *keeps crying* but ma ad cedy ar beastes rolationshape!
Zoey: what did she say?
Sarah: but me and cody are the bestist....... rolationshape??????
Lulu: Relationship! Relationship!!!!!!!!
Sarah: Relationship! sorry!
Zoey: u have to get over cody girl!
lulu: ma and ceady lave each ather!
Sarah: me and cody love each other!
Zoey: oh!!!!
Chris: guys i have a spuprise for u guys! so come the the parking lot!

Sam: what is it?
Chris: we are bring back a new cast mambers!
Jar3d: more?????
chris: yep! 3 more! oh look here they come!!!...
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Chris:Vine swinging!!! Heather:No way I'm swinging from some dirty Vine!!! Emily:You have to if u want to win it for us!Everyone else from the killer snakes:Yeah!!! Chris:Well...She doesn't have to because only 3 people from each team need to! Izzy:Oh,Oh,I want to swing!!! Rochelle:Sure...go ahead!!! Mack:Who will schommel, swing from are team? Duncan:I will! D.j:So will I! Rikky:I will too! Mack&Duncan:That was easy!!! Bridgette: I will do it!I done it before!!! Emily:Ok,so will I! Chris:Ok,Duncan & Izzy try to schommel, swing to that little X,and try not to land in the lake of Snapping Fish!!! *Duncan...
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posted by RavenRox2
(sorry i took such a long time)
Marcuse: ugh...i can't tell u right now, im to tired ill tel u tomorrow...

*him and rayven walk back to the cabins and go to sleep*

*next morning*

Chris: *sets an alarm*

CONTESTANTS: *sleeping peacfully*

*alarm goes off*

Lulu: WWWHHHHAAAA *falls out of bed* What the heck, Chris!!

Chris: *laughs*


Chris: shhh! todays challange will be a scavenger hunt around the house!

Rayven: But the house is so fucking huge!
Chris: thats the point!

Lulu: do we know what to find?
Chris: u dont.
lulu: *looking confused* huh?
Chris: u will be guessing what...
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Geoff: it's time for..........
Bridgette: the aftermath show!!!!!!!
Geoff: staring........
bridgette: me........
Geoff: me..........
Bridgette: Izzy!!!!!!!
Geoff: cody!!!!!!!!
Bridgette: heather!!!!!
Geoff: and Annie!!!!!!
Bridgette: in a speshle adishen of........
Geoff: Total drama crazy aftermath show!!!!!!!
Bridgette: Hi it's me bridgette!
Geoff: and me geoff!
Bridgette: agin we are the host of total drama crazy aftermath show!!!!!!!!!
Geoff: today we are going to have spelshle gusset!!!
Bridgette: let's starts with the first persin off total drama crazy........ heather!!!!!!
Geoff: But irst lets see some...
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(In the tune of Beautiful door Christina Aguilera; enjoy!)

(whisper) I don't wanna lose . . .

Every dag is so difficult
It's all the fault of Chris McLean
Now and then our dignity is smashed
From all the pain, it's so overrated

I am a winner, no matter what Chris says,
Even though I didn't win last season!
I am a winner, in all the wrong ways (according to him),
Yes, even if I didn't win last season!
So don't drop me from the plane today!

To all the others, you're utterly hopeless!
So consumed in all your victories.
Trying hard to avoid elimination
The drama's on, left your morals in San Juan
And now Chris...
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Jake: we better go to the other team mates now!
Penny: yeah they might vote us off if we don't go.
Jar3d: where's Ray?
penny:oh she went to the restroom when we left.
*a can drops down on the ground*
Jake: what's that?
* a gas comes out of the can*
Jar3d: what th..........

Rochelle: where are they??
Sam: I don't know.
Gabriella: lets go find them.
* can drops down on the ground*
Sam:what's that?
* a gas comes out of the can*
Gabrielle: what th.........

Ray: that felt good. well i better get back now.
*a can drops down on the ground*
Ray: what's that?
* a gas comes out of the can*
Ray: what th..........

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posted by TDItwin
penny pov

"ohh thank u lord"lulu zei holding her hands in a praying position which earned a disaproving look from the teacher standing at the front
"hey penny whats up?" jake asked me
"nothing just finished drama" i zei casually
"because she's such a dramaqueen" lulu joked joining us we all started to laugh then lulu went to go flirt with cody which just left me and jake alone
"soo u excited for prom its only 2 days away" i asked him hope he would give me a positive answer about a dance
"penny i just like hanging out with u and i dont need a dance to...
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Geoff: Your kidding me right???????
Noah: No! This could really be the end of the world.
Bridgette: We have to worn the world.
Duncan: Frist Courtney!
Katie: But we don't know where she is.
geoff: Izzy????
Izzy: I know where courtney is.
Duncan: where?
Izzy: Hop on my vine.
Duncan: Your crazy!
Izzy: I know i am.
Duncan: how about u walk me there.
Izzy: ok.
Geoff: I'll go on main straat with bridgette.
noah: I'll go to all the state house.
Sadie: I'll go to all the houses with katie!
Duncan: I'll go tell courtney with izzy.
Izzy: yep
Noah: ok lets go!