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Chris: Okay u guys had a tiering day! But ir's time to vote off! u have a pice of paper and a pen. Vote!
D.J: Chris Why is Jane here?
Chris: Oh, Becuase she is working here til she get's fired!
Jane: What?!?! Dad!
Chris: Sorry, Your mouther told me to. Vote!

Bidgette: Jane!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dawn: I now I'm soppose to be nice, But I'll vote off Noah!
D.J: Mike Because he scared me man!
Cody: I Know I like girls, But Jane is scarry!

Chris: I know u might be thinking that I zei I will pick who is fired. But I can't! So here we go! Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, Dawn, Issy, Owen, Duncan, Bidgette, D.J, Courtney, Geoff, Cody, Lindsay, Mike, and..............Noah! There is only 2 people left, Only 1 can be fired and that is ................................................................................................................................................... Heather!
Heather: Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jane: What? Dad?
Chris sorry!
*Jane lives*
posted by Mp4girl
Sixteen ***
Chapter 1; December

~No Specific POV~

“Yu-rie! Yu-rie! Yu-rie!” Everyone cheered as 16-year-old Kiyurie Satomi stepped onto the stage. She had to perform a song, “Last Christmas”, and she was in a sexy white and silver outfit. The audience was focused on her, and Yurie gulped.
“C’mon, Kiyurie, u can do it!”
“Crush those losers!”
“Go Yurie!”
“Come on! u can do it! You’re not a wussie like all these suckers!”
They’re not all suckers, Yurie thought, but she kept quiet.
“People, people, be quiet!” A teacher yelled. “Kiyurie, go ahead.”
Yurie sighed....
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***Part 2 – Read Part 1 First o_O***


Yuri was out on a walk when it started raining. “Just my luck,” the Japanese girl snapped.
She ran to the girls’ cabin, but it was locked. “Gwen!” Yuri called for her best friend. “Leshawna? Beth? Lindz?”

No answer. Yuri couldn’t think of any other sheltered place, and as much as she usually loved rain, she had to find shelter.
“No way am I going to the washrooms, and the guys’ cabin? Pshh.” She rolled her eyes. “But then... I have to go to the Awards Ceremony tent.”...
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***Part 1***


“Yeah, well, I won’t be here forever,” Yuri hissed as she pinned Duncan down door his neck. He gasped and strained.

Around them, everyone of Total Drama Action stood around the Awards Ceremony tent, watching, desperate to see who would win this fight.
Duncan broke free of Yuri’s grasp and shook her off. “Not so useless now, huh?”
Yuri gritted her teeth. She and Duncan had been rivals ever since Yuri arrived on Total Drama Action... and well, they both didn’t like it that way.

Yuri flung herself at him; strong and wildly,...
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posted by Mp4girl
I'm not saying who's POV this is from. I'll sure you'll guess :D

I found it in my heart, finally, to look deep inside me, and find the little part that was missing.

I knew. I didn't need anyone to tell me what I needed. Of course I knew.

As I looked back into my past, my bad past, I saw things. Some things I can't even mention. I had never really thought as I had acted, I just did what I pleased. And I wondered... was that right?

I didn't think so. I knew it. I knew everyone would never appreciate me, the real me, not my insecure side. I'm different from everyone else, and I hated that. I hated...
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"I love you. I love u meer than words can describe" duncan blushed, "Duncan!" courtney rushed upto him & hugged him. 'This is meer like it' he thought. "Duncan?" Courtney asked, "yes?" he said, "i love u 2" and she pulled his face closer ever so gently and looked dreamily into his taling, groenblauw eye's. 'His eye's are so beautiful' she thought blissfully as their lips moved in sync. 'Perfect' they both thought.
Harold walked door and Duncan thought 'THATS WHAT u GET FOR MESSIN WITH ME AND MY GIRL!'
Courtney couldn't stand to be there any longer. She walked to the Killer bas, bass house, wondering if she'd get any respect from the others after this. 'Maybe not' she thought as a tear rolled down her cheek. Duncan noticed her walking away. He ran after her, he wasn't gonna let her go b4 he told her the thing he'd been meaning to tell her since he'd started liking her. Courtney sensed someone was behind her. "Yes?" she asked as she turned around. "i need 2 tell u something. I...i...i" Duncan began, stuttering
posted by Fangirl99
this is part 2 of the story me and courtney370 made

trent goes outside to look for gwen

trent:gwen?where are you?Maybe i should call her.

Trent calls gwen

gwens cellphone rings.

trent:please pick up, please pick up!


trent:gwen!gwen,its trent.Where are you?


trent:Gwen,answer me.Where are you?

gwen MMMMmmmmmm!

trent:Gwen,this is not funny!tell me where u are!


trent:gwen,this isnt funny anymore.If u dont tell me where u are,m hangining up!


trent:kiddna?Gwen,tell me where u are.NOW!


trent:gwen?gwen?um! *closes phone*

gwen:*crynig* mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

voice:gwen,im going to tell u why u are here.


voice:Becasue,im not who u think i am.

gwen:who are u then!

voice:i am...

Duncan picked harold up and walked over to the "Dock Of Shame", where all the other campers were occupying themselves on the non-challenge day. He chucked harold in the water. "GRRRR!" duncan growled at him, feeling a mixture of jealousy, hatred, agitation and anger. "Why'd u throw him in the water, dude?" geoff asked him, "He kissed courtney" duncan seethed through gritted teeth. Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at courtney, her cheeks stained a deep red, "You did WHAT?" ppl asked harold.
Harold walked over to courtney. He was staring intensly into her smouldering onyx eyes. She was creeped out. "What d'ya want?" she asked, agitated and unnerved door the geek. "This" and with that he placed his lips on hers and kissed her. "UGH, YUCK!" courtney yelled as she pushed him onto the floor. Someone was watching, he was coming to her rescue...duncan..."WHAT THE HELL DO YA THINK YOUR DOING?!?" he yelled as he rushed over to his "princess", "nothing" the nerd mumbled. Duncan grabbed onto harold and...
 Duncan's Reaction If Someone Touches His Princess...
Duncan's Reaction If Someone Touches His Princess...
*the bells rings and everyone one in to there classes jared,dannie,lyric,chrissy,raven,robin,starfire and beastboy was in math chrissy,sumer,addrey and kiara was in social studies and the rest was in spaisnh*
jared:this is soo boring
bb:i know hallo watch this*bb turn into a lil bird and flew over to the teacher and sat on his head*
bb:ok *he flew off while carrying the teachers hair*
jared:*throws a pencil and the teacher falls on his desk*
raven:*makes the bureau go flying around the room*
teacher:THATS IT u ALL GET DETIO....AHH*falls out the window*
everyone:O.O *runs...
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posted by Fangirl99
this is some random story me and courtney370 made

trent:me *fangirl99*

theres a rumor going around that gwen is an alien.

trent:gwen,i got to ask u something


trent:well,people say your an alien,are you?


trent:then,why is there a flying saucer?or,am i going crazy?

gwen:your going can talk to me when your not on drugs.


gwen:go away!


gwen casue im gonig in the shower!

trent:ive go to stick around for that.

gwen:trent is such a perevert

gwen takes a douche and trent watches.

then trent falls off a ladder


gwen gets dressed and sits...
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Chris: Bridgtte your late!
Bridgtte: Well I feel down the stairs! Then got bured buy a stove. Then I had to cool it down. I got out and had to go but 13 peaple wre already in line! Okay!
Chris: Fine Here's my doter.
Bridgette: Hi!
Chris: u will be teching here intil 2 mouths are gone, of your fired!
Bridgette: Fine! Let's start!
Jane: (PUCHES Bidgette in lake)
Bidgtte: What! What was that for!
Jane: Nouthing.Buy!
Bidgette: What! Where are u going!
Jane: To get a manicre.
Bridgette: But what about are leson?
Jane: Oh yeah. We aren't doing it.
Bridgette: What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jane: Buy!
Bidgette: I hate that girl! She is going to die! And that's not a thret!!!!!!!!!
elmo:hello im the host of total drama HIGHSCHOOL
chris:*throws elmo far away* hello im chris meclain the host of total drama HIGHSCHOOL these kids think there here for a normal school jaar but there on a tv toon soo ill be quiet and u watch
*jared,dannie,lyric and chrissy walks into the school year*
lyric:i miss sumer already
jared:come on lyric this jaar will be fun
chrissy:I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR!!!*walks into the parking lot and car crashses into each other* WOW DRUNK DRIVERS THESE DAYS
ava:*pushes dannie,jared,chrissy and lyric* WATCH WHERE u GOING FREAKS
dannie:idk letes just...
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kari just moved to canada to see her dad,which she called robert,his REAL name instead of dad,she had to go to a new high school,and the town was dry and rainy she hated it there.but had a crush on trent.he had no problem picking up chicks,but had gwen,she was a vampire,he didnt know that but later would.
at first he didnt notice her,she thought but he really liked her making gwen mad.she thirsted for blood so would not hiesate to kill kari. but when trent found out gwen WAS a vampire he broke up with her:
trent waited afterschool until he saw gwen 'gwen we are through,I cant datum a vampire...
posted by TOTALFan
 Katie and Sadie moment.
Katie and Sadie moment.
Christy got up from the boom and walked over to Trevor, Ronnie, Sumer and Raiynie and Paige.

Christy:"What's goin' on here?"

Trevor:"There just spreading rumors, that's all."

Ronnie:"We are not spreading rumors Christy!We're just talking."

Paige:"More like gossiping."
Ronnie looked at Paige like What the heck!

Sumer:"Listen Trevor and Christy, we all know u guy's like each-other.ADMIT IT."

Christy:"Well, maybe we just want to take it slow."
She zei crossing her arms.

Trevor:"Wait...did u admit to liking me?"

Christy:*sigh*"Yes Trevor, yes."She zei looking at the ground.

Ronnie:"See!. We're not...
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posted by Random9747649
"This is where you'll sleep" Duncan opened the door to Courtney's new room for a while. The room was black and purple everything! Courtney glowered at the room and back at Duncan, "Is there anything that's not black and depressing?"

Duncan smiled and looked around the room, "Sorry but my memebership to Frilly and roze was revoked three years ago. Just make this work for a while, princess". Courtney glared at Duncan, "I told u my name is Courtney! Not princess." Duncan tapped his finger on his chin thoughtfully, "Let's see you're uptight, like a princess. You're demanding, like a princess....
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posted by Random9747649
"Courtney honey come on cut your cake" Courtney's mom called to her daughter upstairs.

Courtney Marinez was fixing her hair in the mirror as she heard her mother call for her downstairs. "Be down in a seconde mom!" Courtney fixed her dress and blew herself a kiss as she exited her room.

"Here comes the birthday girl!" her mom squealed and her dad got the video camera recording her coming down the stairs. Courtney's whole family was partying around the house but they all stopped to stare as she came down. Her older sister Hillary ran over and gave her hug, "You look so sexy! Come on and mingle!"...
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posted by Random9747649

It was May, and school was almost over. Thank God I thought to myself as I was listening to my iPod while my Math teacher was talking about algebra I think. When school was done I would be going to a new school, Russel High School. That was one of the snotty rich kid schools and I would be one of the only goth people there, and probably the least populair again.

“Gwen Manson are u listening…..” My teacher said.

“Ya sure,”

“Then what is the answer…”

“O. um….” I just sat there confused and looked at the board.. okay x divided a equals e times y which is…….. I sat there tapping my pencil thinking hard

“Okay apparently u aren’t listening it equals x12”

A/N: I’m not in high school so I just did something random


A few months has passed and it was now summer and school will start up in a few weeks woohoo
Linsay: Grosse!
Heather: Great! Look at this dirt.
(Spoons fall)
D.J:What was that?
Duncan: Who goses there?!
Mike: Oh, Hi.
Duncan: Who are you?
Mike: Oh sorry,I'm Mike.
Heather: Okay, why are u here?
Mike: Oh, I'm the Janater.
Linsay: Oh hi.
Mike: Sorry I scared you. I thought u guys would be here after 2.
D.J: It is after 2.
Mike: It is?
Heather: Yeah it is.
Mike: Oh man, I'm late! Gotta go!
Duncan: Okay that was werd.
Heather: Your telling me.
D.J: Come on guys let's get to work.
Duncan: Yeah we should.
Cody: D.J! we got a chicken belegd broodje, sandwich on tafel, tabel 4.
D.J: Okay! Get to work guys!
Duncan: A chicken sanwich?
D.J: Yes!
Duncan: Okay!