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max:last time on tds!,jacki became super-smart,some-one,wich u will find out who now!,had the false parchute,and the challenge BEGINS! phil:OH MY GOD,ALEX! alex:WHAT? phil:you landed on bigfoot! alex:so? phil:so?uh, i dunno,ITS JUST SO FU**ING HARD TO FIND HIM,AND NOW HE'S DEAD!LETS JUST GO! crocs:ok! violet:us too,guys! squirrles:ok! *LATER* bear:RRRAAAHHHHRRRR!!! izabel:AAAHHH!!!!!PHIL,YOU HAVE A KNIFE!,DO SOMETHING!!! phil:OK *climbs tree,swings from vine,and kills bear* max from studio:OOHH!NICE KILL,PHIL!HEY,I RYHME!HA,HA,HA!OH,LOOKS LIKE THE SQUIRRLES ARE ABOUT TO FACE THIER BEAR!HEY,I...
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posted by IDDfan
favoriete movie: 9

my favoriete song: nine in the afternoon

my favoriete animal: cockroach because it can live nine days without head

my favoriete group: Nine Inch Nails of maroon 9 xD

my favoriete channel: chanel 9 (in america latina canal 9)

my favoriete painter: Carlos Nine (a argentinian painter)

my favoriete musical: nine

my favoriete book: The Nine Tailors is a 1934 mystery novel door British writer Dorothy L. Sayers, her ninth featuring sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey

this have to be longer to consider an artikel so let put number nine

99999 99999
9999 9999
9999 9999
posted by Trent-lover123
 this was the surprised geuss pic
this was the surprised geuss pic
tamiki:nothing happened. roxy:alot has happened. Twins:you kissed andrea u sly dog you. tamiki:WHAT!! Christy:theres visitors?? Roxy:there here already??? ranma:sup Roxy:make your self at home. Ranmas dad:roah roah!!! Christy:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH A PANDA. ranma:thats just my pop. Roxy:christy get some hot water. christy:why? Roxy:get the hot water now!!!! Christy:fine. Ranma:how did u know??? Roxy:oh your dad told me on the phone. Shampoo:RANMA!!! (snuggles ranma) Ranma:I cant belive u followed me. (Pours hot water on panda) Ranmas dad:do u got any food like noddles!!! Ranma:POP u can...
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posted by Trent-lover123
 Tamiki:ok Im actully falling in love.
Tamiki:ok Im actully falling in love.
Starr:Andrea u got to speak to tamiki some time?Andrea:huuuuuuuuuh Im not ready yet so back off!!!Riana:wow hallo ROXY!!! Roxy:Ahhhhhhh u got to stop scaring me WHAT DO u WANT!!! Riana:nothing roxy:yeah ok. Honey:hey roxy the twins want to talk to you. Roxy:ok hallo guuuuuuuuuuuys what did u want to talk about??? Hikoaru:we need u to talk to the boss. roxy:about what?? Koaru:about andrea. Roxy:why me??? Twins:cause hes scared of you.(twins giggle) (roxy brightly) Roxy:ok! Roxy:yo tamiki!!! Tamiki:yees. ROXY:love Andrea honor her lick kiss have sex with her just say somthing to andrea...
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max:oh,before u jump,i have to tell u something.3 things,actually!first of all, im not going with you,so to tell u the challenges,here are some wlki-talkis! seconde of all,let me announce the teams.elizabeth,tiffany,lia,katherine,and jacki,your on the SREAMING SQUIRRLES! violet,phil,izabel,yuri,and alex are on the KILLER CROCS!alex:cool! max:and third of all,jacki,watch out for the top, boven of the door! *jacki bumps her head* jacki:oh my god,im SMART! alex:yeah,right!prove it,whats 345 devided door 67? jacki:5.14925373134! alex:*pulls out calculater*WOW,SHE'S RIGHT! TEENS:*GASP!!!* max:now jump!! teens as their falling:AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *CRASH* volgende TIME, FIND OUT WHO DIED!
Phil: last time on total drama the haunting, 2 campers got to be clowns while the rest sat down to watch it at the end jumanji won the zombies a trip home. what will happen who will loose and while my girlfriend visit find out meer on this episode of total drama the haunting.
*horn honking*
Phil: looks like there back
killer zombies: *getting out of limo*
Phil: wait for it
death: were already here
*another car horn
Phil: say hi to Alex and Kevin the werewolf
Aydan: why is Alex back?
Phil: i lost a bet
jumanji: what is the werewolf here
Phil: that was the bet, oh and i'm getting bored of the teams, so i'm breaking the teams, ghost bring the zombies
ghost: ok
Phil: time for a commercial break
posted by djdog
max:welcome to total drama survival!10 TEENS WILL FIGHT FOR THIER LIVES,FOOD,AND THIER MONEY,in this outdoors expirience.i'll be your host,max mclean!for this challenge, the teens have to survive a plane thats heading to the amazon,oh and did i mention the plane is 900 years old, and has low gas?oh well!heres my rusty side kick,pilot dumb*ss! pilot dumb*ss:go to hell,max! max:will do! "later",jackie:oooh!is this a 5 ster plane? max:noooo,idiot,its a wrecked plane! jackie:is it a 5 ster wrecked plane? max:shut up, of i'll put 5 stars,UP YOUR ASS!!! jackie:sorry! phil:whoa!easy there,dude!dont...
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 The Cast
The Cast
Vannessa: Hello people who are on cartoonetwork
right now!

Duncan: Umm hi.....

Vannessa: Not not u Duncan!Well LOOK! The
campers are coming!

*boat pulls up*

Jared: hallo everyone!

Vannessa: So jared... It says here u are a boy,
u love muziek and u dont cut

Jared: That's right.

Vannessa: It also says u have a crush on
Courtney right?

Jared: *blush,walks away*

Duncan: >:(

Vannessa: volgende up is....

Theresa: Theresa!!!!!!!!!

Vannessa: XD Well it says that u are goth am I

Theresa: Yes I am

Vannessa: Could have fooled me

Theresa: >:( *walks away* *whispers to jared: if
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*Trent&Heather kiss*
Trent:that was awesome!
Heather:he tastes like homo sexual
Courtney:how do u know what homo sexual taste like?
Duncan:Courtney its like the time u told me i tasted like marshmellows
Trent:theres nothing wronge with being a homo sexual
Gwen:ur a homo sexual?
Gwen:ok Harold ur my new bf
Lashawna:what bout me?
Trent:make that 2 girlfriends and a boyfriend
Harold:sorry Trent no thanks

well Trent died alone AGAIN, like in my last story, hope u enjoyed, and there is NOTHING wronge with homo sexuals, im NOT a homo sexual, i was just talking to my friend, and i made up this story, hope u enjoyed!
izzy POV
well, yeah, it was harsh i was voted off, i dont think they realized my made acting skiils. cause, they all thoughr i ws crazy! HAHA! and im really 200 years old coause ive been cremated a whole bunch of times! hehe. and, owen is so sweet it was great to spend time with ihm. and i got to go back again. well, i wish i didnt blow the war movie challenge. and uhhhh, oh yeah. if they tought i was crzy, they should of seen trent! dudes a wack job.
trents POV
well, i didnt want to win anyways cause i wanted gwen to win. but, they are all right, i was crazy, i was love struck, i thought i was...
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it all started on the 1st challenge,the jump. mia was too scared to jump, but she didnt want to chicken out and lose the win for her team, the screamnig gofers. "can i switch with mia?" asked courtney."fine," zei chris, so,she did. now, her team was losing already. "so much preasure,"thought mia. she didnt know if she could handle it.
cc mia:cmon! u can do this!!!
then, duncan, the guy she liked, can up to her, and said. "ill go with you."
"um, okay." she zei unsure. They held hands, and jumped, togother. "AHH!" mia screamed.
"i got you," duncan yelled. they laned in the veilig part of the water....
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ezikels POV
oh, yeah, it was harsh getting voted off like that, and all. i now realze it was wrong to say what i zei about grils. cause i realize ive fell in love.
Ill give u a hint, shes beatufiul,funny, and great. now, if u didnt figure it out, ill tell u later.
evas POV
I, hated that camp. it totally stunk. but, i was on there for a good reason, to get money. but, apperently, no one really voted for me to go back on the season, so u know what i did? i took my anger out on chris door stuffnig him in a bowling bag.
Noahs POV
whatever. I really didnt care about not being on season two. The...
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posted by splinter505
Phil: last time on total drama the haunting jumanji and Aydan disappeared, at the end the mansion didn't go boom but brook's chances of did what will happen what will happen
Phil: today it is a reward challenge, it has nothing to do with a haunting but it is for my joy, u will create a three ring circus
Tappy: where do we even perform
jumanji: i don't know maybe in the circus tent outside
Phil: correctomondo ,now go practice
jumanji: ohh can i perform i go to circuses every dag and they tought me some tricks
Jackie: who's gonna go
Aydan: lets choose tappy she already has the name
tappy: HEY!!! D-:<...
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*Chris and Chef walk out of an air plan* "Hello fans! This is season 3 of..." Chris started. "Total....Drama...." he continued. "the musical!!!!!" Chris sang. "You remeber our origal campers,contestants but now they are the performers on this totally awesome toon staring ME!" Chris said. "Another season are u serious?!" Gwen said. "Yeah but theres like new contestants this time!" Chris said. "Anyway lets meet our new contestants." The lame-o-sine pulled up. "This is Izabel!" Chris said. A pretty girl stepped out. She had red-brown long curly hair. and seemed nice."OMG! im on total drama the...
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brooke:okay, so the volgende challenge is a fight over this lava pit.
duncan:uh, what?
brooke:if u liked me, u would fight for me, now, get your sword over there/
both:*get swords*
brooke:okay, now, go!!!!!
duncan:you are so going down!
geoffe:no, u are! HAH! I zei IT! your going down , u are going down, u are going AHH!
geoffe:*hangs of cliff*
duncan:any last words?
geoffe:yes, i do. BROOKE! CATCH! *throws brooke disk*
brooke:well, what to we have here, a Celine dion cd, eh?
geoffe:thats right!
duncan:wait, we do u have that in your pocket?
geoffe:uh....PLAY IT!
brooke:okay! *plays a new day*
duncan:AHHHHH! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!
geoffe:Only if u let me push u off the cliff.
geoffe:i push u off first!
duncan:OKAY! wait, is this real?
geoffe:*pushes duncan off cliff*


Chris: tsk tsk tsk....Smart Cookies! u guys are total LOSERS!
Lisa:*puts her head down is shame* Yep losers!
Chris: Ok so all the ppl who weren't animals are safe! Soooo Kyoya,Brittani,Gena,Carly,Lauren,Bridgette,Geoff,Gwen,Beth,Harold,Heather,Ezekial,Honey,Kaoru,and Haruhi!
*all get a apple*
Chris:Ok now for the rest...Lisa,Izzy,Karen, and...............Mori!
Mori:*gets an apple*
*Girls gasp*
Chris:Sorry Owen, u have been eleminated!
Owen:Awwww..well Bye guys!!
Geoff:See ya dude!
Carly:*hugs owen* Bye big guy!!
Owen:*squezes carly*Bye Carly!
Carly:O-Owen....your crushing...
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posted by Fangirl99
k, since no one left a commentaar on who they want voted off, i picked again.

*at the campfire*
chris:you all have casted your votes. if i call your name, stand over there. trent,sumer,jared,and gwen, youre all safe. cameron,cody,and sam, your veilig too. tiff,trent sis, and leshawna, u guys are also safe. well, its between juno and tiff. the person who gets to stay is *dramatic music*............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................JUNO!!!!
juno:goo,d cause whoever voted me off would be my lunch.
tiff:but,but,what i do?
chruis:well.i heard it was your idea for the weiht loss posion, so bye bye. in case u havnt noticed,im not fat. now, go to the bus.
tiff:*goes to bus*
chris:oaky, rune in volgende tmie for behind drama drama on TOTAL,DRAMA,HIGHSCHOOL!
posted by bubblegum05
It all started as soon as Miranda stepped off the bus.She was wearing her sparkely pants,flashy overhemd, shirt and cool shades.Everybody looked at her,laughing.She was thniking she looked hot,her short oranje hair pushed back.

Then,somebody came chasing after her.HE stubmled of coarse.He had brown hair,wore a green hodie and a toque, and he looked like the best guy ever to Miranda.'uh,hi?!' she said,as he stood back up."HI!I'm Ezekiel ,Eh?Have u gone here for long?"He said."Um,hot.I just started today.I've been homeschooled my whole life."Miranda Explained."Oh ya,i'm Miranda."

*bell rings*

"I gotta go,eh?See u later."Ezekiel said,staring at her.
"Bye..." she whispered to herself.
hallo smexy-Duncan
supp bad boy-Brittani
hey idiots!-Jacki
nothin, nothin, nothin...-Duncan
im outa here-Jacki
no im sorry-Duncan
whatever leave me alone u pissed me off, hang with brit 2day-Jacki
please dont leave-Duncan
fine, c'mon Brit-Duncan
now its just u and me...hehe-Duncan
ok im in-Brittani
(they umm do stuff)
well that was fun-Duncan
wow ur really smexy-Duncan
thanks, omg dont tell Jacki we did it!-Brittani
y, will she be jelous?-Duncan
no she will kill us-Brittani
oh, lets not mention this k-Duncan...
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Chris: Welcome to the seconde episode of the totally dramatic race.

Chef: In the last episode we saw goth girl and gitaar boy get eliminated because of courtney and duncan.

Chris: Now the teams must race from France to germany for a pit stop elimination then they must race to Italy for a secret Prize.

Chris: Ready set GOOOOO!!!


Owen: Yes germany that is going to be awesome.

Izzy: I know right

Eva: verplaats it fatty

Owen: sorry eva

Eva: common cry baby

Ezekiel: Im hurrying

*camera goes to bridgette and geoff*

Geoff: Common bridgette

Bridgette: No geoff

Geoff: common

Bridgette: no

Bridgette: Im not...
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