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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Ezikiel - Robert Pattinson
Eva - Lyn-z (Josephine Benito-Way)
Noah - Gerard Way
Katie - Rhianna
Justin - Taylor Lautner
Tyler - Christofer Ingle
Cody - Brandon Flowers
Izzy - Rachelle Lefevre
Beth - Velma Dinkley
Sadie - Nikki Blonsky
Courtney - Kristen Stewart
Harold - Brian Stepanek (as Arwin)
Trent - Joe Jonas
Bridgette - Farah Fawcett
Lindsay - Paris Hilton
DJ - 50 Cent
Geoff - Jason Mraz
Leshawna - Amber Riley
Duncan - Johnny Napalm
Heather - Lily Allen
Gwen - Amy Lee
Owen - Jack Black
trent was tuning his guitar,and he got a letter in the mail from kari:
be safe.
(he usually got hurt)
trent started bleeding,and gwen the vampire spiering, spieringen it and attacked uncontrolably.
trent woke up after gwen nearly ate him,thinking he was dead,he was in the hospital.
trent was a pain magnet,so kari said:
kari:if your parents ask,you fell down a fleet of stairs,this will get out of hand if they find out vampires are real they will flip.
trent:so HOW am I alive?
kari:I delt with gwen,and took u to the hostpital.
trent's mom came in:WHAT HAPPPENED?!
trent:I fell down a fleet of stairs.
trent's mom:oh.
(she walked out)
kari winked at trent.
trent:gwen,I'm sorry but this isnt working out...
trent:no.I just....
his voice trailed off...
gwen bit trent.
kari saw and she tackled gwen.
trent was bleeding,and gwen smelled it and couldnt resist the smell of his blood.
she tried to attack kari,but kari countered it,and threw her.
kari growled at gwen:BACK OFF!
gwen ran.
a werewolf was a vampire's worst enemy.
trent:kari,I love you..
(in the story she was as pretty as edward is hot)
(he gently removed a strand,of hair from her face and they kissed)
her kiss made trent dizzy,she was like a goddess,her unhuman beauty..
(like I zei I am going along with twilightish)
gwen was walking at night,and she was hungry..FOR BLOOD!she saw trent.trent knew she was a vampire,but she couldnt hurt him,although he smelled so delicatable....
gwen:trent I PROMISE I will never hurt you.
kari:trent,I know what she did to you.but trent,I would NEVER hurt you.
trent:your really beautiful..
gwen bit trent. gwen tackled kari:GAH!
it's cool. dont worry about me.
trent:I'm NOT running.
kari pushed gwen off of her,then trent was in the way of a car.
kari pushed trent out of the was so fast u couldnt see it,then she took off.
trent:she saved me...
at first I REALLY screwed up and this topic is still goin' on,but were cool now,were actually friends:owo.
the trent deal.
duncanxgwen4evr, a AWESOME girl,like my best friend on here.
gummygirl05/freetofeel/bubblegum05,she is INCREDIBLY nice.I'd have to rank her as ONE of the nicest people on here.
bio on me:
at home pagina I'd rather be ANYWHERE but home,because my hometown sucks so much....and people are so teacher(S) put me to sleep in school,plus the fact that they are undescriably dad is always on my case. my sister is a spoiled mom is ALMOST always on pogo,(she's addicted to it like some people are addicted to candy)and I'm 16.
well, if I HAD to relate to a charater it would be gwen. and I prefer to be independant,and cool just leaning against a wall,or if someone REALLY pisses me off like gwen I get my I'm not goth,or emo I dress in faded jeans,and usually a black,maroon,or grey my house:
hannah(my sister):MOM!kari is skateboarding in the house!
kari:gulp.well u can't skateboard of surf in illinois!there is NO vleet, skate park in chatham.
(mom takes away skateboard)
kari:aw crap....
kari goes up to her room and blasts the muziek loud,then gets a call on her jet black,flame skinned cell phone from...
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posted by huugh
TDI is a populair cartoon toon from the makers of 6teen. TDI is a reality show, with twenty-two campers on a deserted summer camp.
There is two teams, The Killer Bass, and the The Screaming Gophers.
The campers in The Killer bas, bass are Duncan, the criminal, DJ, the lovable giant, Eva, the one who needs anger managment, Geoff, the party dude, Harold, the geek, Tyler, the jock, Katie and Sadie, the BFFFFL's, Bridgette, the surfer girl, and Courtney, the prep.
The campers in the Screaming Gophers are Lindsay, the dumb blonde, Lashawna, the gangster chick, Justin, the man candy, Owen, the fat guy, Noah, the sarcastic annoying guy, Trent, the musican, Gwen, the goth, Heather, the queen bee, Izzy, the physco, Cody, the dork, Ezekiel, the homeschooled prarie-boy, and Beth the wannabe.
The host is Chris Maclean, and his assistant Chef Hatchet.
(It is the Shay apartment in Seattle, the phone rings)
Person:Is this Carly Shay of iCarly?
Carly:This is Carly, why?
Person:You, Sam Puckett, Freddie Benson, and Spencer Shay have all been accepted to be on the wildly populair Canadian reality toon Total Drama Island's 3rd sequel, 4th season, Total Drama Fame!
(as soon as person says Fame, the world transforms into TDI cartoon form)
Carly: No way!
Person: u will be sent an informational email. Goodbye.
Carly: Wow. Wait, since when did the world go all cartoony?
(phone rings again, it's Sam)
Sam: Carly!
Carly: Sam! Did u hear?...
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posted by dollyllama247
Hi! If u don’t know me, my name is Nikole! My mom died when I was three. My sister, Sammy, just went off to boarding school and my brother just went off to Military school. So now I’m living with my dad. But I got a big surprise when I came home pagina one dag from school.

Nikole: Hi dad! I’m home!
Dad: Hi hon. I have a surprise. u know your cousin Brittany?
Nikole: No, why?
Dad: She’s coming to live with us.
Nikole: You’re joking right?
Dad: nope. Just to fill u in Nikk, She’s 17 and looking for a place to stay.
Nikole: GRR!
Dad: Fine, be mad at me.
Nikole: *Sigh* I guess she can stay…...
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Momiji: One chocolate please!
Nikole: Vannila.
Tohru: Chocolate!
Nikole: *pays for the icecream* u wanna get one Kate?
Kate: I'll buy my own.
Nikole: Ok, we'll meet u two at the arcade!
Kate: Let's see.... one strawberry.
Icecream man: $3 please.
Kyo: I got it.
Kate: u sure?
Kate: No. and thank you.
Kyo: Don't worry about it...


*Everyone walks in*
Shigure: HIDE ME! *hides behind Yuki*
Yuki: Hiding from your editor agian?
Shigure: YES! Oh hi. I'm shigure! I figure that u two are vrienden of Yuki and the others?
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Courtney's POV: It's finally Summer!!! NO meer SCHOOL!!! School is an ass, I'm glad it's finally over. And I'm a senior, so I'm FREE!!! I'm finally free to go to college and live my life.

It's been clear for a while now that Duncan and I have a slight thing for each other but we're not getting serious of anything. I care for him, he cares for me, and that's it. The only thing I don't like about him?

His smoking habit.

Yes, he smokes cigarettes, and I worry a lot for him. I asked him recently if he knew what cigarettes to do him and he zei yes and who cares? I'm like WTF! I surely don't want to...
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HEATHER'S POV: Uh, another BORING dag of school. I walked to the main door with my BFF, the dumb, pretty blonde, Lindsay. "Who is that?!" she asked me, "How the hell am i meant 2 know? Go and ask HER!"
COURTNEY'S POV: I cant believe how scary this school is. I, i know im the "new" girl and everything but..."Who are u?" a blonde came running ova 2 me, shouting. "Im courtney," i introduced myself "the new girl", "ok, bye" she ran off.
HEATHER'S POV: "She's Courtney, a TOTALLY new girl" lindsay zei
kari was leaning against the uithangbord and brooke called her :'hey cool chick!we need your help with smashing the principals car!
cianna heard:oooh!I am telling.
kari pinned her to a wall:NO u ARENT!'
cianna got down,and brushed herself off.
after they were done
the hottest guy in school:isaac winked at kari:brooke elbowed kari:you two would make a cute couple.
kari raised an eyebrow:really?you think he would datum me?
brooke:oh totally your cool,hot,smart,indpendant ,coo and pretty.
kari:you zei cool twice!
brooke shrugged.
karislugged her backpack over her shoulder and went to first hour:
in first hour:...
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posted by gigi2
"what, uhh why are we in cartoonish form?" asked zach.
"This, this is.... Impossible! IM going to go see mosby!"
"I'm right with u buddy!" Zach stated as he bolted to catch up with with cody.
"Welcome to Total Drama On Deck!" stated Chris and Aneka in unison.
"Yeah, um can i get a rain check on that?" asked none other than zach.
"Yeah, dont plain on it! Anyway, time to announce the teams!" Aneka zei as she woobled around stage with her one prostect leg.
"The killer grips are the following: Patience, Noah, Zach, Trent, Nikole, Enikah, lisa and courtney! The volgende team is the bass: Cody Martin,...
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5 years have passed since all the Total Drama contestants were freed of Chris and his challenges and the monatary prizes. After the toon ended, the competitors had their minds wiped. None of them knew where the past jaar had went. They were unconcious for an uur after the mind wipe, just enough time to bring six ccastmates into a large buisness like building. The rest were sent home. One competitor slyly escaped the mindwipe. She was still knocked unconcious door the shock, though, and was dragged off to that building with 5 others. They could only vaugely remember their fellow castmates names....
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posted by rose35
Kate: Oh crap! where's my diary?! It was here in the car yesterday! Mom and dad aren't up yet so they can't possibly have it!
I LOST MY FRICKIN' DIARY! I would probley jump in a whole and kill myself if someone read it! If some one ever read that means I would be the laughing stock of TDI high!

*Cell phone rings*
Kate: Hello?
Cat: Noah and I have a Great Idea!
Kate: What how to find my diary?
Cat: u lost your diary? u don't know what would happen if so-
Kate: Oh, trust went over that this morning.
Cat: Well, anyways This guy is really cute! Most beautiful brown eyes, most sparkling teeth ever,...
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max:wake up! yuri,phil, pack your bags, your leaving alex:whoo-hoo! phil:WHAT?!?? max:hurry up! *LATER* max:ok, alex, voilet, use the keys u got last time on the gate,its at the end of the amazon! its a race! no rules exept: watch out for the deadly traps! READY....SET.....GO! *THEY START RUNNING,ALEX TRIPS VIOLET, SHE THROWS HER SWORD AT HIM,IT MISSES BUT ACTIVATES ONE OF THE TRAPS,ALEX GETS STUCK IN A NET,VIOLET RUNS AROUND HIM STICKING HER TONGUE OUT,ALEX USES HIS ARMY SWISS mes HE BROUGHT SECRETLY AND CUTS THE NET,FALLS ON THE GROUND,SPRINTS TOWARD VIOLET,THEY CAN SEE THE GATE* max:ITS VIOLET,NO,ALEX,NO,VIOLET,NO,ALEX! ALEX WINS TDS!WWWWWWWWWOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!! ALEX:YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!YEAH,WHHHOOOOOOOHHOOO!!! MAX:JOIN US volgende TIME ON TDTV!
Haru Yuki Kyo: Black nikole?
NIkole: Listen, what if Kyo was in a girls uniform?
Kyo: Why me?!?!
Nikole: why not!
Kyo: why a oughta!
Kate: *giggles*
Nikole: now Momiji looks better in this. when he gets older he'll be able to were the boys uniform.
President: Ok i get momiji's story but i will not acsept that males uniform of that hair! *smirks*
Nikole: i can handle my own battles. thank you!
Haru: Fine!
Haru: *drags president...
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Duncan's POV: Damn, has time moved fast ! It seems like only yesterday it was October. Courtney now was perfectly fine; She saw me sitting on her bed volgende to her when she awoke, she kicked me where a girl shouldn't kick if they want that (xD A/N sorry I just HAD to put that in !), and she threatened to kick my ezel if I didn't leave, and let's just say, I wasn't in the mood to make sure I couldn't be a father in the future.

Since the drug problem, Courtney seems a lot shyer around me and a lot tougher around other people. I got back at Heather for what she did door drinking all of her blood in...
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posted by splinter505
Chris: 14 teens have signed up to stay at this hotel , do random challenges, and get totally embarrassed, here comes the first one Phil
Phil: *gets off boat* cool are we staying in the mansion
Chris: no you're staying in the old motel volgende to it
Phil: DAM!
Chris: here comes Enikah
Enikah: *gets off boat* hi *looks around* bye
Chris: the boot left already
Enikah: but i just got off
Chris: Addrey u know what i'm getting bored of saying the names, *talking into walkie talky* bring them all in, Sammie, Ashley, Alex, Jared, Natalie, Raynette, Geoff, Duncan, Lindsay, Bridgette, Cody, and Olivia
Alex: AHHH!!! why is this boot going so fast
Geoff: I don't know
Alex: SHUT UP!
Chris: welcomeyou will be staying at the motel i will be staying in the mansion yadda yadda yadda we will have avondeten, diner at 9:00 go unpack something something something