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chris looked at his wristwatch:they should be here ANY time now...ah here they are!
first to arrive:andre!
volgende to arrive:dawn
volgende to arrive:noah.
noah stepped off his nose in a book.
chris:talk much?
noah rolled his eyes.
dawn:hey noah wanna go out sometime?
volgende to arrive:
everyone looked at his body but andrea.
andrea:eh I have seen better.
volgende to arrive:courtney!
courtney:if I lose I am calling my lawyers!
volgende to arrive leshawna!
lehshawna:whats up yall leshawna is in the house!
posted by TdiFan4Everz
Chris: “Last Time On Total Drama Fanpop The Awake-A-Thon Took Out Most Of The Challengers Easily! The Whales One And Courtney Got Eliminated. What Will Happen volgende Time? Find Out Now On Total Drama Fanpop!”
*Theme Song*
Chris: “Welcome Campers!”
Duncan: “How Could Courtney Get Eliminated That Fast?” *Looks At Dylan*
Dylan: “What?”
Theresa: *Chuckles* “Don’t Look At Him…..”
Dylan: “Theresa Standing Up For Me? Yayz!”
Duncan: “I Have No Idea.”
Theresa: “Don’t Mess With Me of Dylan!”
*End Of Confessional*
Samantha: “What’s Out Challenge?”
Chris: “Meet...
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posted by bubblegum05
 Duncan and Courtney in the bar
Duncan and Courtney in the bar
Chapter 1- Crazy Crooked Car

I was in my car when it all started. It was freezing outside, and the sun was down. Something wasn't right. The romp, kofferbak started shaking door its self. Something had jumped onto the back of my car and was going through the window. In a flash he jumped up at me. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed. "Duncan! u nearly gave me a hart-, hart attack!" He was laughing so hard his nose piercing looked like it was about to come apart. That would of been funny. "Oh!" He laughed," Did i scare u princess?" I gave him the look i always did when i was mad at him. "No." I sighed, "If u need...
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posted by Fangirl99
 brooke me
brooke me
[i] "im not able to do this,"i thought in my head. he was staring right at me. "well,say something!"i thought. then,i spoke,spoke those dreaded words ive been dreading since TDI. "duncan,do u want to go out?"an awkward silence,whats he gonna say?will i ever know?

So restless,i couldnt sleep,no,no i couldnt. if i sleep now,i could never sleep again.itll be too late if i dont go will be.i just knew.someone could go at any moment.Courtney might want him back.Gwen might have the guts. of the worst, [i] HEATHER WOULD ASK HIM!

i knew i had to now.i got up,put on my clothes,and made my way...
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new charaters:
brooke,samatha,kari,rayennete,phil,alex,and dylan.
old charatcers:trent,lindsay,duncan,gwen,sadie,and gordon.
episode one:intro nitro!
chris looked at his wristwatch:they should be here any time now..
ah there they are!
first to arrive:
next to arrive:trent!
trent:hey guys.
(he stood volgende to kari:
hey whats your name?
kari:its kari.
trent:cool,hey I know we just met,but wanna go out sometime?
next to arrive:
brooke yawns.
next to arrive:
duncan:hey babe.
(he was talking to brooke)
duncan:Wanna go out?
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posted by TdiFan4Everz
Recap: The Cast Went To Hollywood And Mostly Everybody Went To The Mall of A Barbeque. Geoff Met Bridgette’s Cousin……….What Will Happen Next? Find Out Now!

At The Snack Parlor…….

LeShawna: “That’s Good! How Did I Get Stuck With u 2?”
Katie: “You zei u Wanted To Go To The Snack Parlor…..”
Sadie: “Then I Wanted To Come With You!”
LeShawna: *Sarcastic Voice* “Really?”
Katie And Sadie: “Yeah!”
LeShawna: “Gotta Go! Bye!”
Katie: “Kay!”

With Noah……….

Noah: *Sighs* “I’m Bored.” *Bumps Into Someone*
?: “Noah?”
Noah: “Eva! What Are u Doing Here?”...
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posted by potterandtdi

"Are u almost done packing your bags Nat?" asked my uncle Hagrid. "Just one meer thing uncle Hagrid!" I call. I pack a picture of my mom and dad getting married. I place it in the suitcase gently and walk to my uncle. "Hurry, you're going to have to be dropped off at professor Dumbledore's office. Miranda won't be there because she stayed at the leaky cauldron when she went to get her supplies. Now she's on the way back." Hagrid told me. I pet Fang goodbye," Bye Fang, I promise I'll visit with all my vrienden during the year." I walk out the door with uncle Hagrid and we start our walk to Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
posted by potterandtdi
I walked down the straat with my black converse clopping on the pavement. I hear a faint bang but ignore it. I hear it again, but a little louder. Someone pushes me off the sidewalk and into a nearby alleyway. I open my eyes and see a handsom man on top, boven of me. He has a green mohawk topping his jet black hair. His skin was a nice
in-the-middle color, not too pale, not too tan. And his eyes, oh, those taling, groenblauw blue eyes got me. They were rich and smooth. They had a touch of green, only a faint one. Those eyes were what got me. "I'm sorry I tackled you. I hope it didn't hurt." he said. He reached...
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posted by Lolly4me2
I turned from song to song on my iPod, searching for my row of Ranma 1/2 themes. When I found my mind-requested tune, I began to sing the Japanese to English translation.

"No way! No way! Even if it's all up to me.
No way! No way! Will I ever give up.
In this whole wide world.
Your the only "you".
Walking along the beach.
In the sunshine.
(Beneath) the extended,
Para, para, parasol!
It's like there's a cleansing wind in my heart.
Blowing those gloomy thoughts right out.
Whoa-ho! My fingers tremble.
Whoa-ho! My face grows warm.
It's the first step, no doubt; it's love--"

I hooked the earphone away and...
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posted by Seastar4374
B: I can't believe we're beginning college
D: I can't believe I made it to college
G: trust us its a shocker to us to
g: totally
T: its true
D: Great now my boys are turning on me
T and g: we are not you're property
D: what ever
D: ok well its time to go girls
G: and B: but this is our dorm
D: you're no fun
C: its their job
T: Guys we better get going if we want to go see that new movie
g: the one with leshawna in it right
T: thats the one
D: bye girls
T: bye girls
g: bye girls
G: now what
B: who wants to go shopping
C: me
G: ditto
with the guys
T: that was a great movie who knew Leshawna could...
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posted by potterandtdi

I twisted and turned.
Not them! PLEASE!
This is my last warning.
Have mercy and kill me instead!
If u insist.
I woke up. I was breathing hard. A knock on my door made me jump. "Who is it?" I ask. "It's Alice!" She opens the door and makes me eat her scrambled eggs. "Eat up!" she tells me. I look at my balcony and see Nutmeg perching on the balcony. I thrust open the door and she flies in. "Mail's here." I say. I call Fawkes and take the mail. I put Alice and Janet's mail in his right foot. I put Dumbledore's in the left foot. Fawkes flys to the other rooms. I sigh and start packing.
posted by TdiFan4Everz
Okay, The Crew Goes To Hollywood And Here’s Where Everybody’s Goes:

Ezekiel, Justin, DJ, Geoff & Owen Go To A Barbecue.

Eva Goes To The Gym.

Noah Goes To The Half-Priced Book Store.

Katie, Izzy, Beth, Sadie, Lindsay, LeShawna & Heather Go To The Mall.

Tyler & Harold Go To The Sports Authority.

Cody, Courtney & Trent Go To The muziek Store.

Bridgette Goes Swimming.

Duncan & Gwen Go To “Hot Topic.”

At The Mall………………..

Lindsay: “I Wanna Go Ice Skate!”
Katie: “Me 2!”
Beth And Sadie: “But………..”
LeShawna: “Well Imma Go To The Snack Parlor. See Ya!”...
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Yeah, I deserve to win the million. I also desrve Courtney and her princess ways but NOOOOOO SHE BROKE UP WITH ME! I was in a pool with Courtney, and she zei she wanted to make out. It was the best moment ever in my life. Untill BETH woke me up with all her chattering! "WEAR A BLIND-FOLD LOSER!" I screamed. Then, I waited for laughs. "Uh guys?" I said. "Oh ya, nobody else in the cabin."I shoved my pocket mes into the side of my bunk. "Now i'll never get to sleep." In a flash something that looked like pruple hairspray came in through the top, boven of my...
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Episode 25: “Mutiny on the Soundstage” AKA “The Finale”

(Yurie’s POV)

I tossed and turned in my sleep as one thing drifted back and forth in my mind...
Duncan. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep for the one-millionth time, and I told myself in my head:
“Don’t think about him. It’s his fault. He voted u off,” my mean voice sneered.
“But, why?” My caring voice replied. “Yurie... u still love him. u know that. Though...”
“No,” my mean voice snapped. “If he acts like this, let him... he deserves it.”
That’s when I finally fell into a restless sleep, tears streaming...
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Episode 24; “Top Dog”

(Duncan’s POV)
I walked into the guy’s cabin, sighing. Owen greeted me. He asked where I was, and I replied; “Chill, dude. I spent the night in Yurie’s trailer.”
“Ohhh...” he said. “What’d ya do there?” He nudged me.
“Not what you’re thinking,” I replied quickly. “We just spent time together, because... well...” I sighed and flopped down on my bunk.
A horn sounded in my ears.
“Wake up!” Chris called. “Time for this week’s challenge!”
I groaned.
In the tent, I saw Yurie there, looking into her scrambled eggs with regret in her eyes.
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posted by bubblegum05
 haha i just like this pic it has nothing to do with it
haha i just like this pic it has nothing to do with it
Nicole: hallo guys! It's Total Drama Idol time!I'm your host, Chris' cousin, Andrea's sister, Nicole! Now, give it up for our amazing contestants!Pease wlecome to the stage,Trixie,Phil,Addrey,Lisa,Alex,Araiana,Jared, Ava,Raynie,Andrea and Aydan!

*everybody walks on stage*

Nicole:Alright,to start things off, everybody will be sining thier favoriete songs.Trixie, your up first!

*gets on stage*

Of the rich and famous
Fame, doin' it for the fame
'cause we gotta taste for champagne
And endless fortune

Fame, fame baby
The fame, fame
We live for the fame, fame baby
The fame, fame
Isn't it a shame,...
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Poem Request for, TdiFan4Everz “What Fighting Really Is” (If u want a poem just ask me!)

Fighting is something people do
When they’re annoyed of mad,
In despair of feeling blue.
Or maybe they’re feeling angry of sad.

It’s only something people play
That’s immature and childish.
It happens often; every day;
No meer fighting; like I would wish.

Though there’s something to it;
Something like an argument,
When someone’s having a fit
Or feeling anger of resent.

Fighting isn’t needed,
At least not now of here.
We somehow have to stop this...
Before it comes too near...

Ask yourself and think tonight;...
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“The hart-, hart of Everything” A Poem Request for GWENxTRENT

I am me, Ever-bloom;
And what I say is true
It’s all sadness, lies and gloom;
Regret and feeling blue.

The world will always
Stay this way;
With it’s horrible ways.
As it is today.

It will never be different,
That’s all there is to life.
Anger, death, lies and resent
Why am I even alive...?

This is what I used to see
Before I changed my mind.
Now I see that everything’s free
This place is really quite fine.

Ever-bloom, Ever-bloom,
Standing strong and free
Without a pang of anger of gloom
I’m seeing the world differently.

I see the world in...
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To 7thGradeGenius...

Once someone meets you
You're hard to forget
You're pretty, graceful and true
With not a trace of regret.

With your brown hair
Flowing behind;
Shiny, smooth and fair;
You're one of a kind.

Your dark shining eyes
Twinkling in the night
You have a alot of pride.
Beautiful and bright.

Totally unforgetable,
That how you're described.
Caring, kind and generous;
You're one of a kind.

What I would say for you
Is really quite easy to say
You're special; it's really true
Cheerful every day.

You're one of a kind...

By Yurie Chan
(ask if you want a poem) ;D
Life After Lies

By Fadingsilverstar16

Chapter 4


"A feeling in the pit of my stomach told me it would only get worse from here."

I violently jabbed the punching bag once more, my bruised and bleeding knuckles throbbing in protest. Beads of sweat streamed down my face as I unleashed my anger on the thing. My hart-, hart slammed into my chest and my mind screamed at me to stop, but I ignored it. Pure adrenaline was the only thing keeping me from passing out. I channeled all of my negative feelings into the workout dummy, and soon it seemed as if it was the manifestation of everything that went...
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