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Courtney turned around and the smile fell from her face. It wasn’t Duncan, like she hoped. It was Damien. But he was still a Log cabine gangster, which was hope that maybe, just maybe, there would be hopes of her returning to Log cabine too.

“What are u doing here? And how’d u find out where I live?” Courtney demands. The meer she could learn about what Damien was up to, the meer she could know about what his best friend, Duncan, was doing also.

“It wasn’t hard to find your address. Duncan keeps all his important papers under his mattress,” Damien answers. This made Courtney think...
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posted by Seastar4374
hallo Gwen. Yeah? Where is Selena? With Courtney. Oh ok. WHOA! Trent I told u we were going somewhere special. I know but why didn't u tell the others? Well this is our private get away. Cool. Trent what. kanon BALL! Hey. Come and get me then. Ok I will. With the others. Where is Trent and Gwen? We don't know. They'll be back soon let them go. Fine. With Trent and Gwen. Gwen. What is it? When did u find this? After I had Selena. Oh cool. hallo Trent. What? Do u remember how to get back? No you? No. We should try to find our way. Ok fine. Trent where are you? TRENT WHERE ARE YOU?
posted by Duncan-superfan
First DuncanxLisa FanFic EVER!! Yayz! x3

After Courtney broke up with Duncan,Duncan has been sorta lonely. On a Saturday night at like 1:00, Duncan was in his room calling vrienden but they were all sleeping. He got to Lisa and dialed the number...

Duncan:Hey Lisa, its Duncan.
Lisa:*smiles* Duncan Hi! Whats up?
Duncan:I was wondering if u would come over?
Lisa:Its like 1:26..
Duncan:I know..
Lisa:Oh what the hell,sure I'll come over!
Duncan:*smiles* Thanks Liss..
Lisa:No problem! See ya! *hangs up*
Duncan:*hangs up*

Lisa arrives at Duncan's house and looks up. Duncan is putting a rope out...
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posted by TdiFan4Everz
 Beth & Duncan
Beth & Duncan
*This artikel May Contain Spoilers*

Okay, Since I've Watched The Preview, I'm Guessing It's A Pirate Challenge Included With Some Of The Other Challenges. Remember Last Season When Owen Won? Duncan's Also A Fan-Favorite And Beth Is A Underdog. Plus, Beth Isn't In Tdm And Duncan Probably Is.


There's A Rumor That No One Will Win And There Will Be Total Drama Drama Drama Action. Then That's How They Make Tdm. But Even So, I Hope That Duncan Doesn't Win. But I Have A Theory That He Does Win, But Not The Money:

So Duncan And Beth Are About To Finish. Duncan Finishes First But Then His Parol Officer Will Tell Chris That Duncan Was Never Supposed To Be There. So Beth Is The Winner Of The Money door Default.

Please No Bad Comments! Pleeeeeeeease!
posted by 7thGradeGenius
 Gabby laughed so hard she died. *nods*
Gabby laughed so hard she died. *nods*
Brittani: *laying on a hotel bed reading a magazine in her pj's*
*knock at the door*
Gabriela: Wtf? arent u gonna answer it?
Britt: *sighs* fine *answers door* WHAT?
Duncan: u ate my sandwich.
Britt: wtf?
Duncan: u ate my mom's sandwich. u will pay.
Britt: get out.
Duncan: u ate my sister's sandwich. u will pay.
Britt: will u get the fuck out?!
Gabby: *rofl*
Duncan: *leaves*
Britt: ooooook.
*knock at door*
Britt: GAH WHO NOW?! *answers door* WHAT?!
Eric Cartman: *singing gayly* Shut your fucking face uncle fucker, you're a cock-sucking ass-licking uncle fucker; you're an uncle fucker, yes it's...
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posted by Seastar4374
I'll name her Selena. Thats a good name. Trent are u ok? I don't know. His sthomah growls. Are u hun gry of sick? Hungry. Ok then why don't u go find food? Ok. Courtney. Yeah? Help me up. Ok. hallo guys come here. Ok we're comin. OMG Gwen shes adoreable. Selena coos. Aw she even makes cute sounds. Guys I have food. Oh food. Thanks Trent. Yup. So Trent. What? What would u do if we were home pagina right now? Either take a shoer of eat real food. Gwen what would u do. Probably the same thing. Courtney? I would do my school work and take a nice long nap for once. DFuncan. Trapped in juvy. Bridgette? Go surfing and take a shower. Geoff? Have a party and take a shower. Nice. Whats up with everyone and showers? Duncan we're in the wild smart alic we can come out really dirty. What ever. Selena cries. I'll be back. Ok Gwen. Wait Gwen. What is it Trent. I'm coming. Ok. Gwen huh? Where are we going? You'll see.
14. Faults and Bi Polar

Why am I so freaking stupid?

Courtney was walking—or limping—to God-knows-where. She didn’t care if something happened to her, because she was full of immense remorse. She wouldn’t be surprised if that regret inside of her swallowed her up.

She sighed heavily.

She only zei that for Duncan. She knew how her parents would react if they saw Duncan. If they were to datum and her parents would find out he was a criminal, she would be confined in her room—her old room. Her parents could very well win the “World’s Strictest Parents” award. She just didn’t want...
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posted by Courtney370
For The First Thing I Want To Say Is Before I Do This Fanfiction Is I'am Sorry For Not Updating The Story.. And Now We Began. When Owen Woke Up. He Looked Beside Him And Saw Izzy Hugging Him Like A Teddy beer In Her Green Underwear Which Was Funny Because Her Bra Is Green Too With His overhemd, shirt On. *Owen's Pov* Izzy Is So Cute When She's Like This. But The Funny Thing Is Now That Is Her rok Is The Same Color Her Underwear Is And Her Tank Top. *End Of Owen's Pov* Awww!!!! Owen Thank u I Think You're Sweet Too. zei Izzy With A Chicken Drum Leg In Her Between Her Lips. Oh Where Did u Get That...
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“What do u mean?” Courtney asks, breathless. It felt as if she was just punched in the gut. “You’re taking me… home?”

“It’s too dangerous to keep u living with me at Log Cabin. u could have gotten killed, and I’m not going to risk your life any more,” Duncan explains. He refused to make eye contact with her, even though they were parked in the alley volgende to the hideout. Duncan twists the key and the faint motor shuts off.

Duncan crosses his arms over the steering wheel and sets his forehead on his wrists with a huge sigh. “But I wasn’t hardly veilig without you, either,...
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Sumer, Andrea, Jared, Kalia, Paige, Phil, Brooke, Issabella, Alex, Rainie, Miranda, Ashley, Emlee, Rikki, ME Christy, Coolthingsfan14 (LOL I DNT KNOW HIS NAME =P,)Brooke, DramaLyric, Brittany,



And if u know somebody tht has a character name and lol personality, ask em if they wanna be in it.
Seriously, this is gonna be really awesome.
oh and if u r one of those people tht i put here and u dnt want to be in the new series jst tell me.
posted by jippenjippen
I have a forum on this,

I need characters for this i have five but i need more.

do u want to be pair up on the show?
do like pie?
tdi fav charetar
least fav charter

the do u like pie if is not answered u will not be on it ps i need a host.

-Movies are so rarely great art that if we cannot appreciate great trash we have very little reason to be interested in them.-Pauline Kael

-There's a word for people like you, but in polite society u should only hear it in a kennel- Forgot who

-I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals. I'm a vegetarian because I hate plants.-A. Whitney Brown

-When in doubt, look intelligent.-Garrison Keller

-Experience is something u get after u need it.-Forgot who

-Be happy with your body...It's the only one you've got, so u might as well like it.-Keira Knightley
i put this because the site zei it had to be longer.
posted by megaDUNCANfan
Haley:Well, Duncan.How's Terrian?
Duncan:He's great.
Trent:Who is Terrian?
Haley:Duncan's new born son.
Trent: REALLY?
Haley: yep, and my new name is Michie.
Duncan and Trent: k.
Chris: Wow, first Trent has a son then Duncan and now Izzy's pregnant witrh mine!
Michie: I'm pregnant too!
TrenT: WHAT??
Michie: No, not really!
Dunacn: whew!
Courtney: Hi!
Michie: OMG! Terrian is sooo cute! my I hold him?
Courtney: sure.
Michie: awsome!
Chris: Well this has been a short episode. Michie sing 3!
Michie: k,Here is Terrian court. 1,2,3 I don't need u with me....(by brittney spears)'

*fade out*
duncan:hi brooke,why am i here?
brooke:were going to candy mountian,duncan!
zoe:yes,grab on to our tounges!
brooek:were not doing that!
charlie:what are u donig here?
pink:charlie,who are they.
blue:theyre from TDI
brooek:ok..whats of adventure?
pink:lets go to heaven!
zoe:i dont wanna die,not yet.
brooke:um,lets go to the TDI set!
pink:no i got a better idea!

charlie:why are we on the set off stoked?
reef:why ar there unicorns and peeps from TDI?
charlie:thats what i wanna no.
broseph:dude,they talk.
blue:lets go to the mall!

brooke:why are we at the 6teen mall?
jude:dude,there 3 unicrons,2 pepole from stoked,and 3 from TDI
nikki:what the hell?
wyatt:i think i drink to much coffe.
posted by Seastar4374
Well since everyone is here we can start building a shelter. Ok. Trent, Geoff, and Duncan please go get firewood. Ok fine. With the guys. Well we can head back now I think we have enough. Ok. With the girls. hallo boys. Not funny. Ok fine. hallo cool we all have our own shelter I thought we would have one for the guys and one for the girls. Trent I thought ahead. Cool. Trent you're number 1. Geoff you're number 2. Duncan you're number 3. Bridgette you're 4. Courtney you're 5. And I'm number 6. Lets get settled in. Trent come here. Ok Gwen I'm coming. Trent why are u bare footed? My shoes were...
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posted by Fangirl99
duncan:uhhhim very uncomfteralble right now.
sofie:i dont care.
lisa:HES MINE back off!
sofie:i love duncan meer than u do!
btoh:*start fighting*

jared:this party rocks!
alex:you can say that again.
jared:this party rocks!
alex:not really!
sumer:i know,right?look at the fight for duncan!
sofie:im his palyboybunny!
brookie:palyboybunny?wow,shes determined.
sumer:i can say that agin.
brooke:shes determined.
alex:see,we dont fight over girls casue we can keep it cool.
girls:*starts laughing*
brooke:yeah rite!
sumer:you wish!
alex:and were inteligent and we know that acting pycho will freak them out.
brooke:your flys open.
sumer:and jared,you have toliet paper on the back of your pants.
posted by Fangirl99
okay then,i think we should all have a party befor season 3,some huge TDI/A fans will be joining. duncan,watch theres a lot of duncan lovers.
chris:here they are! (i picked randomly.)
brooke (fangirl99)
sumer (sumerjoy11)
lisa (duncan-super fan)
jared (jjj113)
alex (coolthingsfan14)
jackie (gwentrentever)
lyric (dramalyric)
rose (rose35)
karen (codyismine)
chrissy (TOTALfan)
almosat forgot!
ronnie (tylersgf123)
sofie (lolluy4me2)
dawn (xxXSK8TERXxx)
hollow (duncanlovR)

chris*whispers to duncan* watch for sofie,i hear shes a stalker.
brooke:keep cool, keep cool, HUUU!...
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posted by Seastar4374
Trent, Gwen, Duncan, Bridgette, Geoff, and Courtney are lost on an island after a shipreck unconchis. Trent wakes up. Ugh where are we? Yopu guys alright? Guys? Thats great they're unchonchis. Is there anyone here? I'm bored. Gwen wakes up. Trent is the you? Yeah. Where are we? Thats what I want to know. Wanna walk around the island and see what we can find to make a shelter. Sure. Lets go Trent. Courtney wakes up. Ow man I am sooo sore. Thats whyb I was laying on a crab. Where are we. Trent? Gwen? TRENT! GWEN! who was that? I don't know Gwen lets keep going. Duncan wakes up. Courtney. Huh?...
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"Seeing as how my karma (which had been biting me in the ezel repeatedly since I was 16) apparently still owed me a lot, and the quality of my luck was just poor overall, the chances of things going wrong for me very soon were probably quite high. I just hope I hadn't jinxed it door thinking that."


I jinxed it.

My life was now, officially, unnecessarily complicated.

Why? Because there, on the screen of that PDA, tied to a chair, was Noah.

My old life just had to find a way to interfere with my new life, didn't it?


I took the elevator down to floor A1, that nervous feeling in my stomach becoming...
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I got to hear my eulogy today.

I still don't know why I didn't shut the stupid TV off. I knew full well that I would rather not have watched those idiots on the screen pretend to mourn me. There was no use lying to myself in an attempt to chase away any regret of remorse I felt for my decision. It was obvious to everyone that I would not be missed.

It was sad really. Everything about that funeral was a lie. The bowed heads and solemn faces; the tears; the casket of polished oak and the wax figurine inside. Even the flowers, fresh roses and gorgeous lavenders, were being used to remember someone...
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posted by bubblegum05
12:22 am:
From:Andrea To:Jake

Jake have fun on ur tournament. I'll see ya at the airport on sunday.

From :Jake To:Andrea

Topic: RE:Bye

See ya,i'll miss ya.

8:59 am:

*Andrea on link*

Andrea: Eh... i'm getting bored i'm gonna go on link

*playing game*

Andrea: Oh yay i'm at the campsite! what the?!

*gets sucked into computer*

*TDI style*

Katie: OMG who's that?
Sadie: Like, oh my gosh, i don't know either!
Cody: Ya but she's hot!
Trent: Dude, i thought your thing was hitting on Gwen.
Andrea: Um, my name is Andrea. And since it's...
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