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Part 1
Campers: *Doing something waterkering, weir with their food in the craft services tent*
Courtney: *typing on PDA* ._.
Chris: *comes in in a carriage thingy*
Beth: Fairy tale challenge!?
Chris: Totes!
Duncan: ._.
Courtney: *type type type*
Chris: *holds up glass boot* Lindsay, Courtney, try to fit yer feet in this here boot.
Lindsay: I need privacy!
Duncan: Your not gonna have sex with the boot, just put it on...
Chris: :>
Lindsay: *takes of shoe*
Duncan: HAHA *something insulting*
Lindsay: D:
Courtney: verplaats OVER BITCHEZ >:D *tries to put in on her foot*
Duncan: Omigosh Courtney don't hurt yourself D8
Courtney: *finally gets it on* Haha showed yew!
Chris: ¬¬ Courtney. Princess.
Chef: *hits Courtney on the head with a wand*
Courtney: *cough cough* :D
Everyone: *walks outside*

End of Part 1
*In the Green room*

Sgt. Calhoun: Welcome back!

Chris: Last time, the contestants went threw the challenges of being Batman...

Sgt. Calhoun: Team Noob lost, no surpise

Chris: So that sent Jasper home, but Jasper had delivered a warning that we would return...

Chris: yeah right *laughs*

Sgt. Calhoun: see what we have in store for the victims volgende on...

Chris: total drama Video game highschool!!!

*Theme muziek plays*
*In Team Leet's room*

Isaac: *sleeping on the couch*

Sayu and Daisy: *playing Halo on the Xbox*

Daisy: so how do u shoot?

Sayu: just press the trigger...

Daisy: this...
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posted by poptrop300
On a calm. No on a fun normal night, twenty-four students at Wawanakwa high were having the time of their lives at prom. Luckily for them none of the parents thought it would matter if there were people watching them because they all lived right volgende door to the school. That may have been the biggest mistake of their lives.

"Hey Duncan wanna spike the stempel, punch now" Gwen asked mischieviously. "Sure, nows a better time than any other" Duncan replied. As they sneaked off there was a fight going on. "Why are u always trying to break people up Alejandro" Geoff yelled. "First me and my shmoopi-shmoo,...
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posted by colecutegirl
okiez so im gunna try to make this longer and better than usual cause ...i am a crappy writer and hav been a lazy ezel not bothering to post camp artikels im sorries. plus iv been additcted to deathnote latley.i love mattxmello....yeah ppl probs dnt know wtf im talking -writing about if u do than ill give u 4 complimenten XD

*elimination ceremony*

riley: okie i have NOOOO f***ing idea who to vote off

mirra: no need to swear

riley: aw okies so im gunna kick off like a bunch of peeplz. *smilez innocentley and poinst at erica ,katie, tyler and trent* SCREW...
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It's................the volgende episode! XD So, yeah, I've recently figured out I've been stealing things from Starburst-Rock! D: NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO! I hate people who steal, and......and I'm now a total hypocrite! :'( But, we worked it out, and everything's totally gelei man! B) Anyway, lets get this episode rolling! X3


*At elimination ceremony*

Chris: Hello everyone! It is now time for u all to send someone...........home. So, if anyone has the hidden immunity idol, present it at this time.

Alejandro: ….Chris.....that's the guy from Survivor...
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(Ok so I'm sorry if this episode might b toned down from my usual randomness.  I'm just going threw some BS in school right now (not grade wise! No matter how retarded I act I assure u I have strait A's!) So Jes! Enjoy :D)

Rayla: Yo, Yo, Yo skittles! What's crack-a-lackin homes! Everything good in the kap Dog?!

TS -Destrey: -.-

Destrey: It's all good Bra! How's bout you? How's Shantey Gurl?!

Rayla: Oh she is FINE! Yo, I got to get this done, but we can talk later 'right?

Destrey: Fo SURE! u do your thing!
*Both burst out laughing*

TS: -___-

Rayla: *wipes tear from her eye* FINALLY! Someone who...
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Heather walked backstage. It was the end of Total Drama World Tour, after the finale in Hawaii, and after their last concert. She looked down at her million dollar case and smiled happily. Nothing could be better for her, though she still felt something was missing.
She was about to go inside, when she saw a blur of red speed out of the door.
"Who the heck-? That was probably Tyler-whoa!" Something bumped into Heather, causing her to fall.
"H-huh..? O-oh, I--I'm sorry, Heather.." Alejandro replied, covering his eyes.
"What's up with you? And..why are u covering your eyes?"...
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posted by SlimShady34
From the dag she was born.She had these eyes.As blue as summer.With no disguize.She wanted more!Than we could give.So then what she did,was run away!

*music starts playing*


What a guy!

Makes u cry!

And I did!


What a guy!

Makes u cry!

And I did!

Everybody loved her,with a big,hurtful shoved her.And I say Laurie listen,I want u to come back with a...
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posted by CUTEDXC
courtney-i cant see you
duncan-what do u mean i am rite in front of u ?
courtney-i have gone blinde
chris-ok that is a rap lets go eat the we will get back to total drama the play!
duncan-but we were geting to the good part
courtney-*reading the skriped* i see why u wanted to go on it says we kiss
courtney-well u better put a mint in your mouth cuz chief is giving us somthing nasty
duncan-lets practis are skriped were it says we kiss ok i am ready *closes eyes and puckers up*
OKAY, OKAY, I'LL DO IT!!! Sheesh...
Okay, so we know that "Sundae Muddy Sundae" is probably the most infamous episode in TD. And do u know what? I agree with them! This episode is SO bad, they FIRED Ed Macdonald for writing it! This episode does everything wrong, door ruining TWO of THREE plots in TDAS, destroying some awesome character development, being a "torture porn" throughout the ENTIRE episode.
Some people think that this is a good "karma" episode, but guess what? If the episode didn't exist, there wouldn't be a REASON for Courtney to get the "karma". If u think she...
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Hello, this is my first time making a review series. In this series I'll be reviewing my thoughts on certain characters. I'll consider requests any time.Today I will cover one of the most entertaining character I've came across. I have some strong opinions about her. door the way spoilers alert. For people who don't know where the character is from u can decide if u are interested in hearing others thoughts before getting interested of u can go back and watch the movie/series before reading.I am going to tell u my grading on personality,development, and globaal, algemene what I thought of the character....
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Hope u like my last one. Cause I'm making another. Here's the volgende top, boven 5.

5. Chef
He can be a strong and love able character if u pay attention.He told u on tda that he was a lot like Dj when he was his age.And that was interesting to me.

4. Dawn
She is often betray as the one of the nicest ones in the game.She's very mysterious in her own way.And how care she's really make her all that likable.

3. Chris
Let's face it he's totally evil. Who knows how many interns he killed.And oh yeah we saaw hhiiim in jail once.He useally plays off most of the humor along with Courtney being played...
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 lula trying to tALK WITH TYLER
lula trying to tALK WITH TYLER
ok today is my first dag at highschool love ok here it goes ;people walking; courtney:hi am courtney who are u lula;am,am,am lula courtney:nice to meet ya lula and what a nice name lula:thx u are ok court courtney:thx lula;oh my word who is that hot dude courtney:you mean tyler oh he is a joke that is bad in sports he is a complete losers why go for a guy like that ;tyler trips and falles in a bin; she what i mean lula:well i think am inlove am going to talk to him courtney:ok but remember he a loser lula:yeah yeah ok here i go lula:hi dude am lula am new here i was wondering if u coulde...
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posted by amore222
hi am lula so am going to a new high school i like sport ok some people call me a joke girl but am not I love dogs and doing klim fun am also a member of the sports club i have like 10000 vrienden well am looking for like a joke that is bad in sports boyfriend that has a hart-, hart of goud so lets hop sparks fly oh and am am very sweet too lets hop its going to be great i had this great boyfriend vito but he cheatid on me and i was like u idiot boy and he was like yeah whatever yeah and thats the end of me for now
*At the Elimination Ceremony*

Chris: well well...looks like the Leet's are now the Noobs

Sgt. Calhoun: how funny....

Chris: so now u will vote and someone goes home....*smirks*

*Everybody goes to vote*

Sgt. Calhoun: now while they're voting, lets toon some of the confessionals...
*In the confessional booth*

Sayu: no way! i could have won DX I love mario! But i'm not blaming anyone my teams coolio ^-^

Sayu: oh well...our team may have lost for now but i'll try and win it for us next!....

Sayu: man i could kill for some chocolate right now...and some gitaar hero I'm

Sayu: just..gonna..go.....
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(Non-First class)
Alejandro: So, who are we voting off? I say Cody.
Draven: Well, me and Eva have been talking, and we think it's best if we kick u out of the alliance.
Alejandro: what?
Eva: u got too mad today. It's just best if your out.
Alejandro: I don't understand.
Draven: your out of the alliance. Sorry dude.
Alejandro: u 2 will regret this! (exits)
Eva: So who are we voting off? Rochelle right?
Draven: nah. I think we should vote off Al.
Eva: oh okay. So he won't mess with us? Like he zei he will?
Draven: yep. Save Rochelle for later. We need Alejandro gone.
Eva: okay.


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Hmm, I think I might go back to this scripting... It is faster, therefore I can get meer done. Hope u enjoy anyways.

Chris: Last time on TDL, the campers had to survive in a jungle. Cody led his team to a not-so-victory and they had to face elimination. It was Heather who got eliminated because her team thought she was at fault, but it was actually Owen who didn't tell his team the challenge. Who will be eliminated next? Find out right her on Total. Drama. Letters.

Team Inferno - Geoff, Gwen, Owen, Izzy, Cody, Tyler, Sadie, DJ.

Team Hydrogen - Bridgette, Trent, Lindsay, Noah, Katie, James,...
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"Regret something Beautiful" Epilogue & "Here we go again"  Intro

A week after the wedding, Mike and Ally have been meer close than ever before. They worked together and managed to handle their little children.

Though they were starting work in a few days, they always stayed close to their vrienden and assisted them with their careers. Thinking back, the couple compared their vrienden past life and what their doing now.

Duncan and Courtney still have the same jobs that they had before, only now with a cute little girl named Ameilia. Ameilia has pale skin, Dark brown, curly hair, and brown eyes....
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-The dance-

Ally stirred from her sleep and opened her weak eyes. She felt something warm and strong press against her body. Oh yeah, Mike. He was silently snoring and was still fast asleep. Ally looked at her digital clock. 9:45. Oh crap!
     She quickly shot up in her bed, then started shaking Mike and whispering his name.
     "Mike! Mike!" she hissed."Wake up!"
     "Chester no! Thats not a razor!" He snorted before he woke  from his crazy dream.
     Mike rubbed his eyes and looked at the clock.
      "9:45?! My parents are gonna kill me! I gotta get home!" He exclaimed....
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-Getting ready and spending time together-

After that day, Dakota and Anne Maria wanted to be Mike and Ally's friends. They all agreed and got along pretty well. Many people also acknowledged what Ally did to Tiffany. A lot of People like some with glasses, braces, of even pimples thanked her for teaching Tiffany a lesson. Tiffany went home pagina early that day, and surprisingly, Ally didn't get into any trouble! Even the principal knew Tiffany had bullied a lot of people and needed to be confronted.

   As meer days passed by, meer people were getting ready for the Winter Dance. Guy and girls...
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