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posted by 0loneleepixie0
One, two, three, four, five, everybody in the car so come on let's ride.....

To the liquor store around the corner.

The boys say they want some gin and sap but I really don't wanna.

Beerbust like I had last week.

I must stay deep 'cause talk is cheap.

I like Gwen, Courtney, Gwen and Courtney.

And as I continue, u know they're getting bor-ey-ng.

So what can I do? I really beg u my Lord.

To me flirting is just like a sport.

Anything fly, it's all good let me dump it.

Please set it in the trumpet.

A little bit of Courtney in my life,

A little bit of Gweny door my side.

A little bit of Courtney's all I...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
Trent: Gwen Gwen Gwen wake up
Gwen: what Trent
Trent: come on the guys are haveing a meeting in my room i'll carry u if u want
gwen :ok
Duncan: ok i sware i hared screaming in the actic
gwen: when i got out of the douche and i was drying my hair i saw a note on the mirro that zei help me from cody
Trent: that is freaky
courtney: what should we do
lindsay: i know 4 of us can go in the actick and see whats up their
owen: ARE u CRAZY
courtney no no she might have a point 4 of us can go in the actick and the other 4 can keep whach we need waky talkys...
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Total Drama Reloaded

Total Drama Reloaded is the fourth season of the series. The series' extension was commissioned door Teletoon from the producers, Fresh TV, Inc. The toon will return to Camp Wawanakwa, the original setting of the first season, with a new cast of characters.This season will be half the length of a regular season, with only 13 episodes. This season will be the first to not have any of the contestants from the vorige seasons nor Aftermath segments. The island is now somehow radioactive.Total Drama Reloaded will air in the US in 2011.

i got it from total drama wiki
posted by dxarmy423
(this story has both oc and td characters)

*Early morning in the town of Wawanakwa*

*Camera goes to noahs house*

Noah: *sleeping*

*alarm clock goes off*

Noah: ahh *fall out of bed* ouch

*Camera goes to Blaines house*

Blaine: *sleeping*

*alarm clock goes off*

Blaine: *breaks clock* *goes back to sleep*

*7:30am at the high school*

Noah: *gets off the bus* *yawns* to early for school

Duncan: *pushes noah* verplaats it nerd

Noah: *falls* dumbass

Duncan: hallo thats not nice *punches noah in the shoulder* later nerd *goes inside*

Noah: *stands up* ahh that hurt

Chilly: *walks by* *to noah* normaly I would just ignore...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
owen: hallo guys have u seen izzy i looked in the offec and she wasn't their
gwen: shes probaly at the house
owen: right
seirra: hes not here
owe: i can't find iz anywere
seirra: lets ask chris
owen: ok
Chris: oh cody and izzy they left cuz this afternoon their parents pick them up cuz they didn't want them at a bording school
owen: izzy's mom is afred of that izzy is really crazy i think she can handle a bording school in England
chris: well izzy's mom didn't feel comfertable
seirra: ok what about cody i saw his epey oen he would never leav that behind of hiss...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
chris: i need this people to come with me now Gwen,Trent,Courtney,Lindsay,Duncan,Izzy,Owen,Tyler Sierra, and Cody
Duncan: man why do we need to go with him
chris: i have chose u 10 campers to come to a bording school in England
Lindsay: why
Chris: i just did now your plan takes off at 7pm lands in 6am u will be at the houes at 63oam u have a uur and a half to unpack and u will meet me in the dinning room for more
THE volgende dag AT THE HOUSE
chris: ok i have your room arangments the girls sleep on my left and the boys sleep on myy right Seirra and Lindsay u share a room gwen and courtney...
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To read this story in Heather's POV: link
I have no idea whether to call 2010 a great jaar of not. There are so many things that happened to me, TDWT, the volcano, Heather…
I looked up from the almost-midnight garden of wet gras and melted snow, and saw Owen staring up at me. Holy crap , he had actually called me Alejandro. Usually he called me Al, and I hated it, but after Josè died (I have had many deaths in my family, even meer so than Duncan. I have missed school for funerals meer than anybody else.), I let...
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posted by twilightrox43
"But, why?!?!" the Asian girl cried out, barely comprehending the situation.
"Heather, I thought... we were closer than that. But, apparently to you, money is meer important than what we had. u truly scarred me, in meer than one way..." the Latin teen replied, scowling as he remembered the searing pain the vulkaan had brought onto him.
"I was stupid then! But now... things have changed... I want u back!" she begged, tears beginning to well up. She quickly rubbed her eyes to hide the tears, but realized she was failing, and let them flow.
"It's too late for that!" he snapped, making Heather...
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posted by Skittyme
Duncan's Pov
I was hanging out with my girlfriend,Gwen.I was going to propose to her,Until she had made a excuse to go some where.I felt annoyed she had tended to excuse from our Time out together.I kept thing of my ex-Girlfriend,Courtney.She ALWAYS wanted to hang out but i never had the chance until i got fired,then i cheated on her.Gwen slapped me for no reason every time i asked where does she always go.I went on my computer and after i was done at 11:00.I went to go at Gwen and her family's Chicken hol, den where her Grandparents farm is.i helped them out a lot.I went and was getting the Chicken...
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posted by Markiey_Dear_10
Hi, Im Markiey (Weird Name I Know Blame My Mother, HaHa) And Im New! I Think TD Is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I Dont Care How Many Times My vrienden Tell Me To Grow Up And That TD Is A Kids Show, I Still Love It =) Imma Kid At Heart. Thats Why Im So Bubbly! So Yeah. I Know Alittle About Fanpop Thats To My Little Sis: whoo_sharp_e And My Friend/Sisters Friend: NoahxCourtney77 So Bassicly...What Do u Do??????????? Thnxxxxx,

P.S: Sorry If Any Of u Think Think This Is Spam I Just Thought I Should Put This On A Club I Loooooooove!

P.P.S: If Your Wondering I Love Izzy, NoCo, And GxD
posted by nanacrystal
Sierra kept on kicking the back of my seat.

"Could u stop that please?" i asked in fear.
"NO!" She screamed.
she was only mad at me because i asked Gwen to go to the Winter dance and not her. And Gwen agreed. i am pretty sure she only agreed because she had nobody else to go with. besise, Courtney practically FORCED duncan to go so she could get gwen mad.
i also think it is so crazy that Chris is our teacher. i think Chris mightve paid our parents to send us to this school so he could have better ratings for this season. i have to admit though, being in a High school, is where all the Drama is....
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Gothel: Nice party Duncan! *winks*
Duncan: u know I'm still dating Gwen, right?
Gothel: Ya....
DJ: hallo Courtney, what are u cooking?
Courtney: Hi DJ! Im cooking lasagna and I have cake in the oven. Oh crap, is Owen here?
DJ: No, he moved to Italy for the pizza and now is a chef.
Courtney: Oh, ok
Gwen: Listen, Duncan, I have to tell you...
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Izzy starts to make a growling sound and starts chasing the bear.The beer along with Izzy runs away somewhere in the forest.
Mona:I guess now we lost the nuthead.
Ezekiel:Hey,Ronny!There's something on the back of the list,eh.
Ronny:If u went to the bosbes, blueberry struik, bush u got it all wrong...
Ella:Oops...I guess we sent team love to the wrong place
Ronny:This volgende spot is also connected with katie and Sadie's friendship,but they hugged eachother through that long moment.
Megan:Isn't that...
Everybody looks at her
Megan:The Sasquatchnakwa cave?
Ronny:Yes,you're right!Let's go!
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posted by CommanderCody
"Hey" zei Bridgette "Lindsay there's gonna be a school dance." "Cool" Lindsay said. "Who yah askin' out?" zei Leshawna. "I don't know,someone?" Lindsay zei "Well better get goin' you're runnin' out of guys" zei Heather. "Who'd u ask out?" zei Leshawna. "Noah." zei Heather. "I asked out Harold." zei Leshawna. "You go out with nerds?" zei Lindsay. Then Tyler came. "Hey" he zei "ummm wanna go to the dance?" Lindsay's hart-, hart beated fast she didn't know what to say. "uhh uh." Then the new kid came his name is Alejandro. "Tyler" he zei "how's my good friend?" "Good" zei Tyler. Then he...
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Ronny:Team Pancakes,ready?
Team Pancakes:Ready!
Jessica:Team Love,ready?
Team Love:Ready!
Gwen:*to Andy*Team Loner,ready?
Andy:No!*laughs along with Gwen*
Chocolate:What's our team name?
Leshawna:What should it be?
Chocolate:It should be Team I'mLeshawna'sbiggestfanofalltimes!
Leshawna:Um...Um...I dunno...Harold?
Leshawna:What team name should we have?
Jade:How about Team Unstopable?
DJ:Hey,that's a good name!
Chocolate:What ever u say Shawnie and u too DJ!
Leshawna:Team Unstopable!I like it!
Alejandro:*looks at everyone for a while and then looks...
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Okay, so Duncan and Gwen Kissed, it is a fact. Duncan and Courtney were once a couple, thats a fact as well. Why can't both sides just get over it and leave eachother alone? There will always be Duncan and Courtney fans, becasue they were once a couple. There will now always be Duncan and Gwen fans becasue they ARE a couple now, of for now.And becasue of this the "war" is stupid. In fact war is stupid to begin with.

Has anyone ever tried to talk to someone from the other side of the war without them knowing your a fan? My plan didn't work well, because the fan I picked in the fanpop chat was...
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Blaine: lindsay is awesome but Tyler needs to go home pagina now!

lulu: ok i have 3 points to make in this video soo ill start now ... point #1 Owen's a nice guy and owen didnt get to finish his song so after this ima going singing with him ... point #2 EEEEEEEEEEPPPPP rochelle and dylan are together arddienne is out and now ... I HAVE CODY ... and i do not like dylan that way like my slip of the touge suggested heck a barley know the guy and point #3 ... *stamps passport* u go home pagina and have a good life same to all of u out there
you guys are good vrienden especaliy u cody *blows...
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Chris: last time on Total Drama around the world: Rome! The birth place of tag. Here we played a friendly game of tag! Owen started it cause i likeing picking on the nice guy! the tag person went on and on to diffent people! Jordan found out that annie had a secret Boy friend! Jordan got mad and they broke up! when Jordan got it he taged annie at the last secound. so team Mexico lost cause of Jordan! But it wasn't Jordan who left, scean we are iver in episodes, i had a dubble elmnation and it was Noah and Adrianne who got sent home! Leaving only Rochelle and Lulu for the Cody war! and team...
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*Team Vega, Talia, and Tori in the auditorium, on the stage, 7:30 PM*

Talia: Welcome to the Elimination Ceremony. Team Vega, u currently have eleven members, but only ten of u will remain here. If I call your name, u will receive a Golden Mic. *mutters* Yes, the Golden Mic is made of chocolate. *clears her throat* Anyways, if u do not receive a Golden Mic, u must meld to the Lame-o-sine my Uncle Chris loaned me, and u will never be allowed to return. EVER! The first three Golden Mics go to... LeShawna, Rene, and Lindsay!
Tori: *tosses them their Golden Mics*
The volgende three go to......
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posted by Mp4girl
"Hold on."
"Let go."
"Hold on!"
"Let go, u idiot!"

And it was, oh, who else. Duncan and Courtney, obviously, going on and on about - wait for it - arm wrestling. Really?

More Duncan/Courtney love, it looked like to me.. all of their love-ships always started out with a fight. And we were staring at them, they were staring at each other. And what I hated was that nobody was staring at me.

Duncan cocked his head to the side.
"Courtney baby, are u planning to let go anytime soon?"
A cough, and to be honest, it sounded kind of forced. "Nah. I'll be holding on, Duncan."
"Aha." It was simple, and yet...
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