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RECAP: I turned my head to my left with suspicion in my eyes, but it turned to shock in an instant, and I turned all the way around when I saw who it was; “Duncan…”
My eyes locked with Duncan’s as he stood there on my balcony, looking at me through the glass door that separated us; I almost felt as if nothing else existed as we stared at each other. A few moments passed before I remembered I wasn’t wearing a shirt; I blushed deeply when I realized this, and quickly put on the top, boven to the pajamas I was going to put on. Once I had the...
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posted by sillybandfan321
Claire:Hey guys i know its been forever! i have just been so busy! but anyway last time we saw the campers it was all out war and paintballs! congratulations to Sammy and Kylee for winning the challenge and poor Kylie and Shawn had to leave. This week we are going to see where the losers are on this special episode of TOTAL DRAMA SECRETS!!!!

Claire:Welcome to the Lozer Plaza where all the campers that were voted off came here! Here the campers ate enjoying spa days, relaxing door the pool and eating te best of foods. We are going to be talking to them about who they want to win on the toon and...
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posted by soxfan89
Camp Wanakanawa-The Rec Room
(Guys are Sitting There Talking)
(Girls Eating)
Alejandro:Alright Guys, Who's Your favoriete Disney Princess?
Duncan:I Like Belle, One Dance With Her And You're Good To Go!
Noah:Ariel Is Pretty!
Geoff:Cinderella Is Totally Hot!
Owen:Jasmine, If I Were Her Guy It Would Be A Whole New World For Me!
Alejandro:Good Point!
Trent:Tiana Is Just Beautiful!
Alejandro:You Like Black Girls? Leave The Table!
Trent:Oh, Alright!
Harold:Snow White Is So Helpful And Nice!
Cody:You Got That Right!
DJ:I Just Adore Aurora, I Really Don't Mind Kisses!
Tyler:Mulan Definetly, She Knows No Mercy!
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mike:courtney is hot and i think we should be team blizzard

camielle:*sighs dreamily* i,m SURROUNDED door hotties! favoriete is courtney so hot yes i,m bi deal with it

ilana:oh my gosh this is my first show! i,m so excited this going to be so much fun and i think i know what are team names should be team blazing fawns! so what do u think? is some guy going to hit on me any time soon, door the way? i want him to, but are they going to?

ruby:wow... this is really great i,ve never been on tv before *blushes* i,ve never been around so many cute guys at once, either ...hmmm... i...
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trent: Goin' down to south park gonna have myself a time!
ellen and gwen: Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation!
trent: goin' down to south park gonna leave my woes behind!
duncan: ample parking dag of night, people spouting howdy neighbour!
trent: goin' down to south park gonna see if i cant unwind,
harlod: (muffled) i like girls with fat tittes, i like girls with big vaginas!
trent:come on down to south park, and meet some vrienden of mine.

posted by KataraLover
Trent became a singer his manager was Chris but he drove him too far he almost lost Gwen so he quit and became a lawyer like his dad. Trent and Gwen got married and had a handsome son named Jake who's best vrienden with Bridgette and Geoff's daughter Ariel. Jake and Ariel have a love for muziek Bridgette, Geoff, and Gwen don't mind but Trent doesn't want his son to have anything to do with music. Years later Jake and Ariel are 12 years old and are going to be going a a great adventure.

Trent-Hi Gwen I'm back from work
Gwen-Hello dear
Trent-How's Jake? In fact*looks around* where's Jake
Gwen-I think...
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 Melody McKnight
Melody McKnight
RECAP: "I like him...I like him a lot...but I can't let myself get hurt door another Juvie...not again." I whispered to myself as I kept running down the hall.

I sat at my usual tafel, tabel in the cafeteria…the one in the back of the room, closest to the darkest corner I could find so nobody noticed me. I heard a few other students talking about Duncan and Aaron’s fight and how the original tough guy of the school was a mess in the end of it all; a couple of girls squealed over it, saying how hot they thought he was (even though...
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the World! Itly! home pagina of Italian foods! Here are contestents had to make ether a pizza of some kind of Pasta! Owen ate all of Team Mexico's food. and just as Zoey was threting to Vote off Owen i told her it was a reord challange. Over all the winners were Team London, all thanks to Blaine who made a rockin Pizza! Who will win? will Zoey kiss Owen? find out on this episode of Total Drama Around the World!

*Theme song*

*non-First class*

Owen: *stumic rumbles* Man am i hungy. i could have gotten that Italian food. i need it.
Zoey: u don't need any!

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RECAP: I may have a crush on Duncan and he may like me back some, but I'll do all I have to just to keep him from getting too close to me... No way I'm letting another Juvie boy close enough to me to break my heart.


Duncan and I had the same class schedule; every class we had, we had together. It was going to be really hard for me to stay away from him at this rate since he's pretty much following me all over the place. Still, I have my ways of avoiding people; I've had every excuse in the book in my mind so I could keep...
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posted by sillybandfan321
Courtney:She got back together with Duncan and got married to him. She is now a very successful and rich corporate lawyer who helps with Duncan's cases. She has two children one girl, Cheyann, and one boy, Nathan. Her and Gwen are GREAT vrienden again!

Bridgette: She married Geoff is a rich award winning world wide surfer. She is about to have her first baby. She also works with Geoff with his new TV channel Party TV.

Gwen:Gwen got married to Trent and they have two children one girl, Olivia, and one boy, Michael. She is a very successful painter and has made a lot of money. She travels with Trent...
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chris:okay were here in france were i host season 4 of total drama called total drama la' reloaded
chris:oh yeah lr is the name of the place anyway let`s get the cast in couples come in togheter 10 of them plus meer any way first up duncan & gwen
duncan:this place
gwen:oh well at least there`s money
chris:next up trent
trent:cool right gwen
chris:moving on eva
eva:my 2nd about time
chris:okay dj
dj:no animals here right
chris:i don`t know ah owen & izzy
izzy:i like omar
chris:she`s back courtney
courtney:hey chris & trent & dun...
chris:akward ezekiel
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posted by obssesedTDIgirl
 DramaLyric(left),Anacapri(middle), Christy(right)
DramaLyric(left),Anacapri(middle), Christy(right)
It was the 1st dag of school and I was confident… and almost late. So, I took my skateboard and I dashed to school I was completely board 1st hour. Then, our time between each uur was about 5 minutes. At lunch is where I met Christy. Christy was a girl that was a punk rocker. She had oranje hair with black lowlights and was very nice. I walked around lunch trying to find somewhere to sit. Then I saw Christy walking up to me escorting me to her table. A few girls were Anacapri and Dramalyric. Christy and I quickly became best vrienden and I invited her to my house. We kept talking and talking and I let her listen to some of the songs I wrote and recorded with my vrienden back in New York. We had a wonderful time and after she left, I went to my basement, which I forgot to say that I have lots of sports equipment. I trained for kick boxing that night and forgot to write in my diary.
posted by obssesedTDIgirl
 Chantelle's new look
Chantelle's new look
Dear Diary,
    Today, I’ve finally moved from New York, NY, to Canada. It’s… pleasant. We’ve got movers moving well, our stuff of course, into our house right now. We have beautiful three story house w/ a majestic basement. The some movers are re-doing my right now and to my liking. It’s a dark purple with skulls painted everywhere. My bed is just a hammock hanging from the ceiling and the carpet is white. There’s a trophy shelf with all my accomplishments like track, kick boxing, boxing, football, and such. I do have a few from gymnastics and beauty pageants’...
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the World! France. the Birth place of Tennis. Here our conpetiters Played a game of Chach, a game of tennis, and a good old smell of Owen's Butt! At the end it was good old Trent who left. Leaving Natalie cry to deth. who will leave on this tasty episode of total drama around the world?

*Theam song*

*non-First class*

*Katie is crying*
*You can hear Natalie crying from the confessional*
Harold: agggggggg.......... first Katie and now Natalie???? How bad can this get?
Gabriella: how much water can Katie hold?
Wally: I don't know but If she crys much longer she...
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Before u ask,yes,Jared zei I could write this aftermath...

Blainley: Welcome to the Total Drama AFTERMATH! I'm you're host,Blaninley Stacey Andrews O'Halloran!

Josh: and I'm Josh!

Blainley and Josh: Right here live,at the Total Drama Studios!

Josh: Well,lets meet out pinda gallery!

Blainley: of also refereed as,the 'losers'.

Josh: Meet Duncan,Vanti,Jake and Penny,Alejandro,Owen,Harold and Jude!

Blainley: Well,there has been alot of drama on the show,and heartbreak!*looks at Alejandro*

Alejandro: *rolls his eyes*

Josh: But first,lets talk about--

Blainley: How Jared flirted with Lindsay,while he...
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Mollie-Sue: Umm why anit I A princesse?
Harold" Opps... We like to change our princesse!
Kuki: Too late! Okay the prince has to climb up the castle! Then kiss the princesse! the last person up their has to go to elimination!

*Everyone runs up their except Cedric*
Kuki: Now kiss the princesse!
Jared: Okay.. *Kisses Saphira*
Cody: *Kisses Annie*
Trent: *Kisses Bridgette*
Noah: Ewww *About to kiss DJ*
Mollie-Sue: NOOOOOOOOOOO! *Pushes himand kisses Noah*
Cedric: *Finally comes up* Yes I made it!
Kuki: Since Noah didnt kiss DJ Cedric still has a chance just kiss Heather!
Cedric: *Kisses Heather*

Kuki: I will see the Dynamite amazone, amazon in the eliminaation room! I think the name is cursed!

*Elimination room*
Kuki: The dynamite goes to Noah,DJ and

MOLLIE-SUE! Jude and Harold are both voted off!

J%H: What? She lost the challenge for us!
Noah: Shes hot!
DJ: And sweet!

Kuki: *Pushes Harold and Jude out the RV*
posted by Duncan_Courtney
Just a little AleHeather poem, It's suppose to be both of them describing how they feel about each other at the same time, cuz ya know they have that whole 'Sharing a Brain' thing in African-Lying Safari.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I hate you
I hate everything about you
I hate the way that smug smile creeps across your face when u win,
and I hate the way u laugh with such pride when I loose.
I hate the venom u spit out at me every time we speak.
I hate how u think that you're going to win everything, when it's so obvious that I own this whole game.
I hate those awful distrustful...
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Welcome back to Total Drama High School, Season 2!
Let's pick up where we left off.
Ilana: Hello everybody, today there will be no
challenge. We will jump straight to elimination in 10 minutes.
Kirby: W-what?!
Ilana: Rene was eliminated this morning, door the way.
*All girls gasp*: WHY?!
Ilana: I had another elimination last night while the others
weren't looking.
Sammy: I'm so worried...
Lexxi: I'm not really afraid.
*10 minuten Later*
Ilana: Alright, girls, it's time for elimination!
Let's watch the confessionals to see who will go home!
Kirby: Sammy. She's been gloating about almost winning
and was rude to others.
Lexxi: Sammy.
Lia: >.> Sammy...
Nikita: Sammy.
Corabella: Sammy :(
Andrea: Sammy.
Sammy: Nobody. :)
Rikki: Sammy.

Ilana: Well Sammy, it's time to go.
Sammy: UGH! I don't care! >:T
Ilana: Who will go home pagina volgende on TDHS 2? Find out volgende time!
Welcome back to Total Drama High School, Season 2!
Let's pick up where we left off, shall we?
--------------------------------------------------Ilana: Alright, girls. Today's challenge is a watergun challenge.
If u tag somebody with the watergun, they're out. The last one
standing wins invinicibility. Ready, GO!
*All girls start stealithy shooting water at each other*
Nikita: HA! Got you, Lia!
Lia: Grrrrr!!!!!
Corabella: Got you, Andrea!
Andrea: No, my clothes! :'(
Rene: Tagged you, Rikki!
Rikki: Urghh!!!
Lexxi: Gotcha, Kirby!
Kirby: >:T
Sammy: HAHA! Tagged you, Annie!
Annie: Fine. :(
Sammy: Got you,...
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Kuki: Welcome! All the teams are slit up!

Ray: The merge already!?

Kuki: Nope! Your going in 5 different teams! Team Exploding Victory is Jared,Katie,Saphira,Ryan and Riley!

Jared: Alright!
Saphira: Cool!

Kuki: Team Dynamite amazone, amazon is Harold,Cody,Noah,Jude and DJ!

Kuki: Exploxion Gophers are Lisa,Ray,LeShwana,Cedric and Heather!

Kuki: Dynamite bas, bass is Annie,Lindsay,Cody,Jessica and Venessa

Kuki: And team Exploding Grips are Izzy,Eva,Bridgette,Trent and Beth!

Rikki: Umm what team am I on?

Kuki: NONE! YOUR VOTED OFF! *Pushes Rikki out the RV* Your challenge is a fairy tale! The first part is a prince and...
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