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*the setting takes place in a toon called blood on the dance floor*fictional*

Announcer:Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the toon blood on the dance floor,we have component duncan versus ex girlfriend courtney!!

*duncan walks on stage*

Duncan:i'm gunna tear u apart,courtney!this is a death to your heart!

Courtney:*increasingly staring at duncan*

*chris comes outta no where*

Chris:it's singing time !!

*duncan and courtney sigh in frustration*

Duncan:this is death to your little precious heart,this is a scene where u depart,no one will hear your final a life killer,i'm a hart-, hart breaker......
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posted by DxCisCute
Me:Hey everybody what your watching is Totel Drama All Stars!!! Here is Sierra! Sierra:Hi! Me:Hello Sierra are u excited to be on Totel Drama All Stars? Sierra:Uh huh I'm so excited I drew pics of what it would be like. Me:Okay? Now Sierra go sit down in a chair while I call the other stars. Sierra:Okay. *Sierra sits in one of the chairs I put their* Me:Now here is Courtney!!!
Courtney:Hello. Me:Hi Courtney what did u do when Totel Drama World Tour? Courtney:I became vrienden with Gwen and I'm with Duncan!!! Me:Really cool! Now go sit with Sierra! Courtney:Okay! Me:Now here is Heather! Heather:Ughh this is awful! Okay this is the end of this one but not the end of Totel Drama All STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by agtimm
Jared: No wonder that guy was chasing me!

Chris: Well DUH! this new season is gonna be hard and there are not going to be any elemination ceromonys, the episode ends when somebody gets killed.


Chris: Well if u dont want to be killed u have to survive these 4 killers Chucky,Freddy,Jason and michael meyers.

*Penny,Samie and Rochelle faint*

Jake: u mean the real killer JASON!


Jared: No its not Annie!


Everybody: WHAT!

Buddy: Jared,Annie and fay come here!

*Jared,Annie and Fay walk over to Buddy*

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Chris: ok your challange is a musicle challange!
Duncan: No no no! I am not singing!
Chris: sorry duncan! Today is the musicle movie chllange! each team will come up with a song to sing. so make a song now!

---------- Team lights----------
Gwen: so who's going to make the song.
Megan: I'll say the captain writes it.
Jax: wo wo wo! no! I don't know how to write songs
Duncan: well, i'm not writeing it!
Jax: I say zoey writes it!
Leeroy: are u a good song wrter?
Zoey: yeah!
Rayven: Ok Zpey writes the song.
Avan: Yep!

---------- Team Action ---------
Jordan: I say i write it!
Karlie: why you???
Jordan: because...
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Sadie: HI and welcome to the aftermath! Chris wanted new hosts for it so me and
Eva: EVA! will be the host whoooo
Sadie: Lets meet our first person voted off AYDAN!!!
Aydan: Hi everyone!
Sadie: So how did it feel being the first voted off?
Aydan: It stinked but im happy i just got to be on the show
Sadie: Find any crushes on ur short journey?
Aydan:I did have a crush on Geoff
Bridgette: WHAT!!?!?!
Sadie Eva?
Eva: *takles Bridgette* BE QUIET!!
Sadie:Okay now lets hear it for NATALIE!!1
Natalie: *Walks out* HII EVERY-AHHHH *trips*
Sadie:So how did it feel getting booted off?
Nat: *gets up* It Sucked. i guess...
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Geoff: it's time for..........
Bridgette: the aftermath show!!!!!!!
Geoff: staring........
bridgette: me........
Geoff: me..........
Bridgette: Izzy!!!!!!!
Geoff: cody!!!!!!!!
Bridgette: heather!!!!!
Geoff: and Annie!!!!!!
Bridgette: in a speshle adishen of........
Geoff: Total drama crazy aftermath show!!!!!!!
Bridgette: Hi it's me bridgette!
Geoff: and me geoff!
Bridgette: agin we are the host of total drama crazy aftermath show!!!!!!!!!
Geoff: today we are going to have spelshle gusset!!!
Bridgette: let's starts with the first persin off total drama crazy........ heather!!!!!!
Geoff: But irst lets see some...
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posted by Trent-lover123
volgende day

Roxy:Hey hikaoru and koaru lets set up karens and kyoyas weding tee hee. Koaru:I will get the weding cake. Hikoaru:I will get the flowers and peddles. Tamiki:WHAT THERE GETING MARRIED!!! Roxy&twins:fooled u hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!Andrea:Hey wair are they anyway??? Karen:Kyoya I gess we have a relation ship right? Kyoya:I gess so, so girlfriend what do u want to do. Karen:hmmmm u now we shou.... Roxy&twins:YOU GUYS ARE HUCKING UP THAT IS SO CUTE WHAT ARE u GOING TO DO FIRST HUH HUH HUH!!!!! karen&kyoya:YOU GUYS ARE SO ANOYING SO GET OUT AF ARE BESNESS AND HOW...
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posted by Duncan-superfan
Yes, Today I will not be making an episode! Why u ask? Well its to thank u for the AWSOME ratings! u guys are the best! And to thank u I am making this tribute!

The voice talents of(yes your fanfic characters are voiced door you!):

Tamaki Suou:Vic Mignogna
Hikaru:Todd Haberkorn
Kaoru:Greg Ayres
Kyoya: Michael J. Tatum
Mitsukuni Haninozuka(Honey):Luci Christian
Takashi Morinozuka(Mori):Travis Willingham
Haruhi Fujioka:Caitlin Glass
Duncan:Drew Nelson
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posted by TDI_Angel
Genre: Angst/Romance
WARNING: one-sided femslash (girlXgirl)
Set during Basic Straining.
I won't tell u who's point of veiw this is, but I can tell u this- it's not Duncan.

I stood outside the cabine and watched her. She had just thrown up, but the thought hadn't even registered in my mind. In my mind, she was flawless. I could see her, but she was too far away. I wanted to walk over there and grab her and hold her forever. But before I could go and tell her I loved her and feel her chocolate-colored skin...

Duncan was talking to...
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posted by TDI_Angel
Genre: Friendship


I'm just like you,
You're just like me,
That's what they think,
It's what they see.

u would beg me to stay,
I'd be too nice to leave you,
No matter how much,
It would be good for u too.


I want to be myself,
To wear thick eyeliner and black,
To be different than you, Sadie,
I want my self back!

People say we're alike,
But I don't want to share a brain,
I'm too nice to tell you,
This lie is a horrible strain.


I think different than you,
I feel different than you,
I am different than you,
I just pretend I'm the same as you.

I'm too nice to leave you,
Too sweet to destroy your glee,
The poem is my confession,
And the truth is I want to be the,

posted by WrigleyRocks66
1: Announcement

    “Attention campers!” Chris McClain called out through his megaphone. “I have a fun announcement!”
    The campers on Camp Wawanakwa all stopped eating and looked at Chris.
    “We’re moving to a beach?” Bridgette asked, clutching her surfboard.
    “You’re bringing Katie back?” Sadie asked, shaking her fists with excitement.
    “Halfway right.”
    “Is it something stupid, like a reunion party?” Duncan...
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*Ezekiel- He was on good terms with Beth and Lindsay in the TDI Reunion Movie.
*Noah- He had a bad experience with Duncan.
*Justin- He wanted Beth to console him.
*Katie- Best BFF to win
*Tyler- Same as Lindsay
*Cody- Likes Beth for walking him to the Dock of Shame in his TDI Elimination episode.
*Sadie- Same as Katie
*Harold- Hates Duncan for making him vote for LeShawna.
*Trent- Hates Duncan because of the "Gwen" fiasco.
*Bridgette- Her gentleness with other people
*Lindsay- Best BFF's with Beth
*DJ- Same reason as in the actual TDA Finale.
*Geoff- Voted for Beth because, he didn't like Duncan for making him vote off Bridgette in TDI.
*LeShawna- Likes Beth as a friend.

*Eva- She likes his style
*Courtney- Duncan's girlfriend.
*Izzy- Likes his dance moves.
*Heather- Hates Beth over Duncan.
*Gwen- Crush on Duncan
*Owen- Same as the actual TDA Finale.
Danny: Previously on Total Drama House of Anubis:

(Lia's Locket starts glowing)
Elizabeth: aaaa... Lia?
Lia: Yeah?
(The light covers all of Lia and screams then she dispersers)
Elizabeth and Eli: LIA!!!!

Danny: AHHH!!! I don't want to vanish! Here take it! (hands it to Jordan)
Jordan: What? (vanishes)
Sophie, Mathew, Rochelle, Elizabeth, Arthur, and Autumn: JORDAN!?!?!?!!

Lia: Wh-Who are you?
???: The time will come when everyone shall know my name.

???: AHHHHHHH!!! u have left me waiting long enough!!! Either one of u tell me. of u get the mark.
Lia: First tell us who u are.
???: My name.......
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chris: last time team appel, apple won in the pool challange who will win in this one on total drama SIMULATION

beach house

lily: so may

may: yeah

lily: how do u like this place

may its awsome


May: Everyone here is so nice. I hope that me and Lily will be great friends.

Claudia: Im so glad I won the challenge. I'm off to a great start.

Zack:I'm happy it was a reward challenge,otherwise we would be voting someone off



jazon: aggh i hate this place me and lucy are on oppisite teams

serria: is that why u threw the challange

jazon: of coruse not


Jazon: i would of gone longer...
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"Words can hurt, but start Love"

         Chapter 2

-Science, Art, Lunch, Enemies, and new friends-

Ally and Mike finally made it to the Science room. It was filled with teens sitting at tables. Most were talking and texting while some were rough housing. Ally took a zitplaats, stoel volgende to Mike as the teacher began to start the class.
     "Good morning class! Now before we start today, I'd like to introduce a new student. Ally Johnson. Ally came here all the way from Seattle. Hello ally, I'm Mrs. Turmol . Would u like to come up?" the female teacher  asked. 
        Ally bashfully got out...
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(OK!! My freaking iPod messed this up twice!! D:< 1 b cuz idk and 2 because of these stupid teen wolf ads!! Didn't we just get rid of the macys one? Sorry I'm like seriously peeved. Enjoy the interview!)

"BUT HE CAN'T EVEN TALK!!! PLUS I HATE COCONUTS!!!" Courtney yelled as she was pushed into the interviewing room. She stomped over to her chair and sat down.

Infront of her sat a rather large boy and a coconut. Better known as Owen and Mr. Coconut. "Hi." Owen zei awkwardly.

"Let's just get this over with....." courtney sighed. "Your first vraag is from Colecutegirl....
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posted by gothemo1234
(after everyone jump off)
gaz:do know what it be wried if we had to sing
tom:hmm i guss we have
harrit:to sing
gaz:let me tell u something all gazs dont sing
gazdin:my name is gazdin and i sing
colin:i agree with the emo girl
harrit:sing of your voted off the ppl have sing are colin and greg
greg:WHAT WHY?!?
chirs:because your mom and dad almost kill me
harrit:does anyone have a gun,garbagebag,and a shovel?
(chirs runs off)
gergandcolin:If u feel so empty
So used up so let down
If u feel so angry
So ripped off so stepped on
You're not the only one
Refusing to back down
You're not the only one...
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posted by gothemo1234
star:this is awsome (holding gazdin and gerg)
gazdin:at lest u dont have sleep volgende to her
(gerg and gazdin look at gaz)
(in the boys room and cj scearms and jumps into gergs bed)
gerg:that was my bed
(everyone sees the rouch and gets scared and gaz comes with a ax)
rouch:help me
gaz:(kills the rouch)babys
gazdin:tom u ok?
tom:yeah ummm whos carrying me
colin:i am (drops tom)
harry:besides its our first dag and our firts change
gaz:duncan told me to beat the idiot whos meer like harlod
cj:besides its our first change how hard could it be
(at the cilff)
jr:umm that hard
harrit:you guys have to jump and...
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posted by gothemo1234
harrit:(on the phone)i know duncan the shows back on cant talk bye(hungs up)welcome back oh look its harolds kids
akira:this badass like place right sis
harry:badass mean a good pla
harrit:no one cares harry u two go stand over there hallo look here comes trent and courtneys kids
taylor:hey whats up
harrit:nothin man
cory:hi im cory its nice to see u all most of u
harrit:umm two can stand over there
(taylor walks over to gerg and greg acts like he dont like her when she looks away he smiles at her)
harrit:ok here comes geoff and bridgette's kids wow i did not know one of there kids were goth
gaz:hi im...
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posted by NoahxCourtney77
I Think This Song Really Fits Them!
*It Swears Twice, So..Yeah*

Baby, I love you
I never want to let u go
The meer I think about,
The meer I want to let u know:
That everything u do,
Is super fucking cute
And I can't stand it

I've been searching for
A girl that's just like you
Cause I know
That your hart-, hart is true

Baby, I love you
I never want to let u go
The meer I think about,
The meer I want to let u know:
That everything u do,
Is super duper cute
And I can't stand it

Let's sell all our shit,
And run away
To sail the ocean blue
Then you'll know,
That my hart-, hart is true

Baby, I love you
I never want to let...
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