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posted by Fangirl99
i wrote this like,2 months ago,so,heres the last part.

brooke:this will determind who will be mine

courtney:duncan!what are u doing!
brooke:oh,well.theres backup.


note:ok,i ussally write a sotry,and finish irt moths remember,go to my artikel page and try to find it,and yuoll remember!


gotta write meer still more

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posted by wetts2
chrissy:ok lets vote some one of the island
ben:i vote for cory because he got the plain on fier
cory:i vote for ben because he zei he is going to vote me off
tyra:ben told cory he is going to vote him off i have to do it
dain:hector called me a b****
hector:dain flirted with me i dont like bad girls
luke:ben zei im with luke i dont relly know what that means but i think it means hes gay
elly:i vote of ben cuz he is a nerdy boy nerds are smart and might win so im not tacking eny riscks
grace:um ben i gousse nerds stop the party and im not feeling the party whrite know
luis:cory he mesed up the plain...
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posted by wetts2
chrissy:hi u saw tdi wait till u see tds im chrissy chris mclean's youngest cuzen im 26 here is a crappy old studio some where in masoka where the losers will be leaving in lame O walk O the winnner will receve 999 grand and lets face it thay will probily spend in a maand lets meet our 15 contestens firs one is BEN whats up?
ben:ITS SUPER COOL TO MEET YOU!!! WOW u mutch shorter in real life
chrissy:uh? thanks
chrissy:hay gwet
gwet:you mean where liveing here?
chrissy:no your living her my home pagina is over there with A.C that way
gwet:i did not sighned up for thise
chrissy:well u did
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gCourtney's POV: The volgende day, after school I clicked through the lijst of contacts on my cell phone, calling my best vrienden to see if they want to have a sleepover tonight.

So far I've invited Bridgette, Gwen, Tiannah, Katie, LeShawna, Robyn from the school auditions, and my cousin Kara.

I had everything ready- bowls of chips, pretzels, cheese doodles, candy, and popcorn. Sodas of lots of kinds were placed perfectly on the tafel, tabel with the food, cans and 2-liter bottles standing in harmony. Pillows and blankets were strewn all over my room, makeup chests rested on the foot of my bed. My room was...
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Duncan's POV: The volgende morning, we had no school because it was a staff meeting day, so I started to fall asleep-

-when my sister screamed downstairs for me to wake up.

I groaned and ran a hand through my thick black hair.

I sat up and fished through my cell phone, seeing if there was anything I could do all day.

I got a news bulletin fron the school council, saying 30 people got picked for the talent toon and to meet at 10 AM at the school to discuss practice.

"Anyone who recieves this letter had been chosen to be in the show..." I read and grunted afterwards. Yea that's just what I need, people...
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posted by taytrain97
Heh, just part one of several billion NoahXMe drabbles xD

Me and Noah had gotten voted off weeks ago, and the setting is at the Playa de Losers at night.
HA! Take THAT NoCo fans! ^^


I was in my hotel bed, checking my e-mail and nearly falling asleep, when I heard a scream from outside. Suddenly, something flew through my window at lightning speed and slammed into my dresser. My scrapbooks fell on top, boven of the UFO and I heard a grumble of pain.

I slowly got out of bed and inched toward the mound. Nearly feet away from it, the boeken slipped to the floor and I saw Noah, rubbing his head with a bruising...
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Courtney's POV: The volgende morning, I ran to school, since I missed the bus. My dumbass sister Mitzi forgot to wake me up, so I woke up after my bus came and ran to school.

I arrived at school, much to my irritation, since I got there the same time my bus emptied. I found Bridgette and Gwen and walked with them toward the school.

"Hey, are u in the school talent show?" Bridgette played with her blonde pigtails.

"Dunno, nobody zei who is going to practice of not." I shook my head of thick brown hair.

"Were u any good?" Gwen looked at me with dark brown eyes, her short thick blue and black hair...
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Dear Haters, Lovers, and everyone else,
I, just a few hours ago, geplaatst a letter telling people why Lolly4me2 and I quit fanpop. It was personal opinon and I zei that people could post all the hate they wanted because they were onlt making me famous. Due to the immaturity of others they decided to meld my opinon article. And in that artikel I zei that I hate fights over peoples opinon. So I want to thanks everyone who geplaatst hate to me because with every single commentaar u made me meer famous. 8D I could honestly careless if u tried to hurt my feelings. To all of u who are thinking of posting hate to me. u cant crush me. ((^.^)) Because I know that I know that with my not caring it makes u meer angry which then makes me laugh. Thank u for your time!
posted by KARIxTRENT
trent was dating the super hot,super cool,smart,pretty,and independant snowboarder chick kari.
and their first datum was at a movie theater seeing: twilight.
kari sat on his lap and kissed through the whole movie.geoff and bridgette were right volgende to them doing the same.when the movie was over they took her hummer to her house but took a detour,then they got lost,the car ran out of gas and they heard heavy breathing.
trent:kari, WHY are u breathing down my neck?
kari:I'm not..
he turned around and saw a killer.
kari leaned against trent's shoulder scared
for the first time in her life. trent wasn't.
he glared at the killer.and hit it.
kari's jaw dropped 'I cant believe he beat up that killer.'
trent dusted off his hands 'just protecting you..'
he gently removed a strand of hair from her face.
they inched cloer and kissed.
trent ' are we supposed to get home pagina now..?
kari shrugged and zei 'walk.'
trent smiled and replied 'cool.'
posted by jadore_renard
Chris: I like Chris. He's a jerk, but he keeps the toon interesting. He's a great host :D He's pretty conceded, but I think that's what makes him funny.

Chef: I think Chef deserves a lot of love. He's wore a bikkini for the toon for crying out loud! He may not be niceto the campers, but u can tell he's actually a good guy. When Chef zei he was leaving I was really upset. I'm so glad he decided to stick around ^^

Ezekiel: I used to despise him, but now I kind of just feel sorry for him. I mean he was home pagina schooled all his life, and hadn't really socialized with anyone other than his parents...
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kari was polishing her motorcycle when trent ran in her garage screaming:HELP!FANGIRLS!
(he hid behind kari)
kari was his girlfriend.
kari looked pissed 'SUE ME!'
sam was her very cousin.
kari let out her pitbulls 'butch and pudgy'.
the fangirls ran.
but trent's biggest fan was still there and recited the poem 'your hair is black my hart-, hart is blue, I will stuff u with rags and sew u in two!'
kari blocked trent from her
dont make me hurt you!
she cracked her knuckles.
and the girl peed her pants.
trent was parayzled kari...
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posted by KARIxTRENT
trent sighed and was hoping for a REAL girlfriend not a fangirl,stalker,or freak.
he made a wish at a wishing well for one.
he found kari:hot,pretty,cool,smart,and indpendant.
she was leaning against a wall.
trent leaned his hand against a uithangbord and flirted with her.after a while he said..
'so are u single?'
kari zei 'yeah'.
trent's hart-, hart skipped a beat he zei 'wanna go out sometime?'
kari shrugged and zei 'sure.'
trent smiled 'cool see u saturday.'
kari smirked and zei 'see ya.'
trent zei out loud 'YES!'
oopps heheh sorry..'
he bit his lip,he was embarrassed.
trent put on a tux for their first date...
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Courtney's POV: I awoke the volgende morning, and I was having the WORST hangover ever. But it was rather odd; I didn't drink last night.

I sat up and pet my hair. My cell phone rang on its night stand, and I flipped it open and answered it. "Hello?"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" came Bridgette and Gwen's high-pitched shrieks.

"AHH WHAT THE HELL?" I laughed.

"OMG we know about last night!" Gwen gushed.

"Yea, I went to a party, had soda, and danced and sang. Get over it."

"No, we're talking about Duncan." Bridgette put emphasis on his name. "Ya know, between u and him...."

"What?" I giggled. "All we did was...
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Coutrney's POV: I sat on my bed the volgende morning, brushing my thick brown hair. I had a bad headache from screaming at Duncan and crying like a maniac, but I don't know if I can trust him. I mean, I've hated him since we met, but there was a small sliver of trust, and now there's none.

I tossed the brush across the room and grunted. Stupid Saturdays. Wait, at least I don't have to school with that vampire. Yea, being a vampire and doing a meld on them is very smart. Smooth move, Duncan. At least I picked a historical book author.

I laid on my bed and played through the lijst of contacts on my...
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This is my entry for Sumer's contest!
It's about Sumer and Duncan at a romance movie called "Love in a Treehouse" Some guest stars will appear in the story, like the Witch Doctor, and some of the OHSHC cast!Enjoy!

Song to go with this: Interlude - Attack Attack!(the only song door them that's ACTUALLY good...)
Genre: Comedy,Stupitity,Random


Duncan: *looking at movies* hmm... what should we see?
Sumer: What're our choices?
Duncan: Peaking Nearby, SPACE ZOMBIE MASSACRE, Love on a Treehouse...
Duncan: But Sumer! Space Zombie Massacre...
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posted by Mp4girl
 Sonicluver101 drew DuncanxYurie! Thanks! Image credit goes to her ^^
Sonicluver101 drew DuncanxYurie! Thanks! Image credit goes to her ^^

I pushed open my apartment door, still sobbing breathlessly. Tears still drop from my eyes as I pressed "6" in the elevator and slowly elevated up to my apartment.
My life was over. My boyfriend, Ryan, had rejected me, he had dumped me. How could he?
I needed Gwen to come over. I reached for the phone, my slim black cell phone, and punched in Gwen's number.
At least, I thought it was Gwen's. I didn't care. Someone answered. I was still crying so I said, "Gwen, come over, please. I need you."
I hung up, because I couldn't stop crying.
Five minuten later, I heard the elevator come up....
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*its about 3 pm at macks house*

*somebody knocks on the door*

Mack: doors open

*harold and owen walk in*

Owen: hallo whatcha doing
Mack: playing wrestling on PS3
Harold: sweet whos fighting
Mack: its Matt morgan vs. Mick foley vs. Suicide
Harold: Sweet can I play
Mack: yeah ok
Owen: I call matt morgan
Harold: Im freakin awesome as foley
Mack: fime I guess I get suicide
Mack: oh and its anything goes
Owen: just great u always win
Mack: yeah
Harold: I remeber u pinned me in like 2 minutes
Mack: yeah

*the video games starts to play*

Announcer: the folloring contest is a no holds barred triple threat mach scheduled...
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posted by rose35
Today as hours passed me door i looked out the window on a windy rainy day.
*knocking on the window*
I opened the window to see Owen, Izzy, Katie, Sadie, Eva, DJ, Geoff, and someone I wasn't sure I met before. he looked kind of creepy; he had a green mowhawk, a skull on his shirt, and he had a lot of peircings. It seemed as if he was kind of drear.
Owen: so kate are u up for the movies?
Kaitlan: but it's raining. i really don't feel like smeeling Owen fart all day. today. And door the exacly why are u at my window?
DJ: We wanted to ask u if u wanteed to play football.
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Courtney's POV: An uur later, Duncan left, and as soon as his motorcycle drove away, I bolted out of the house and ran down the street. Somewhere. Anywhere. Any place where I could be scared alone.

I ran down the sidewalk, the sound of my wedges click-clacking on the pavement as I turned sharply toward my old house. There had been a brand when I was six and my parents died, so I lived alone with Tiannah because she never had parents; they died long geleden in a car accident.

The old house wad charred and covered in soot; the wood panels were flaking off and half of the house lay on the ground. I...
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posted by Fangirl99
chef:okay,fist,itll be a fighting match. now,hers wholl be palying. brooke vs Zoe.

cc zoe:alright!me and brookek always usd to fight when we were kids. this oughta be graet!


brooke:you cant beat me,you little wimp,punk wanna be.
zoe:better watch it.
brooke:why?you cant hurt me,wimp.
zoe:GRRRRRR! *jumps on her*
brooke:yay!get her off@ *falls*

chef:one,two,three!killer ms win the first round.
cc courtney:i sohuld of been out ther .I wouldve won!

chef:now,this is the part that determians the winner.