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total drama
revenge of the island
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It was after Dakota came back (after being unfairly catapulted with nothing but a floaty) Sam was pushing his thumbs into a Mario game when the pretty Dakota Milton walked in.
What are u doing here Sam said.
Cleaning the cob webs lucky for me its the last thing i have to do. She responded.
Well Sam strutted.You look amazing tonight.
Wow thanks.Dakota said.Wanna go out to the dock and have some fun im done on the dusting.
Its raining.Said Sam.Plus i want to finish level 5-8.
Comon! zei Dakota.Drop your game and lets have real fun.
Sam dropped the game and raced Dakota to the dock.
When they got there...
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I had just been catpulted for the 3rd time this time as Dakotazoid
everyone feared me exept for Sam i was holding him in my over sized arms kissing him.Then we drownded.Luckly he was nice enough to bring me to the resort.
Dakota is that u Dawn said.
Everyone started looking at me funny even B!
Look Who i scored Sam zei the hottest and now awesomest babe on the island.
Brick came up to us.
Sir u really love her shes a monster private.
Sam looked at him weird.I looked at Sam i saw confusian on his face.Does he love me i thought.
That night i was swimming in the pool.(though it only goes up to my knees) when i saw Sam.He was putting his feet in the water.Sam i said.
He looked at me.
Do u really love me??I say in my monster voice.
Sam looked shyly at me he looked speachless he looked up from his handheld.Yeah he said.
That was good enough.
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