True Blood Kiss, Hug, Slap Game ♥

YyzV posted on Aug 09, 2011 at 10:47AM
i got this idea from emmalouisee and thought it would be fun to have one like it on the True Blood spot:)

how to play
1) someone posts three names, like Eric, Bill and Sookie
2) then the next person comments
or however you would image it:)
3) then you post another three names like Tara, Jason, Sam and so on:)

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een jaar geleden YyzV said…
so i guess i'll start

Crystal, Jessica, Pam
een jaar geleden tinkymel said…
Crystal - slap
Jessica - hug
Pam - kiss

Hmmmmmm Jesus, Tara, Holly
een jaar geleden diamondclutches said…
So how do u play
een jaar geleden diamondclutches said…
Tiana rockel ceclia
een jaar geleden powlol said…
Jesus - hug
Tara - kiss
Holly - slap (just to see her scream lol)

Hmm..... Hoyt, Tommy and Terry :D
een jaar geleden YyzV said…
Kiss: uh Tommy
Hug: Terry :d
Slap: Hoyt, I really dont like him D:

Jason, Sookie, Andy haha xD
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een jaar geleden dangerdays said…
Kiss Jason, slap andy out of one of his many v cravings and hug sookie before she goes on a vamp mission lol

Heres one Marnie, Marcus(wolfpack leader)and Debbie
een jaar geleden YyzV said…
Kiss: Debbie
Hug: Marcus (i'm sure theres something good in him?)
Slap: Marnie

Arlene, Rene, Tara
een jaar geleden YyzV said…