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lola323 posted on Nov 03, 2008 at 11:43PM
Bill and Sookie have become a great couple in the True Blood series. Recently I just saw a promo video of Sookie telling Bill to get out and I was like "ooh crap, will Sookie dump Bill??" I just don't want their relationship be in a crisis before the season ends...which would suck.
What do you guys think??
Plus, I know in the novels Sookie gets in other u think Alan Ball will follow everything in the novels and make Sookie hate Bill? (hopefully NOT cuz I have grown fond of them)

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een jaar geleden ebathory said…
I haven't read the books which means I don't know as much about their characters as some of the other people in this spot, but I thought I'd give you my opinion anyway ;)

I am definitely enjoying the series, but I don't see the Bill/Sookie thing as much as many of the other people here. I can see why Sookie likes Bill (because she cannot read his thoughts) but if I were her I would have ditched him a while ago. And I find it hard to see him loving her, to me it seems like he's using her in an attempt to try and fit in with the humans. Which I also don't understand.

I'm thinking things are going to unfold more as the series progresses, but at this point I don't really care if they end up together or not.
een jaar geleden anicad said…
well, i was able to read up to book 8 and i had finished watching season 1 of True blood... I don't think what i am going to say is an spoiler since the producers of True Blood made some major editions when they transformed the book into series.. I can't really remember, I think its in the end of book 2 or in book 3 that Bill and Sookie will broke up. Bill did something that hurt Sookie alot... She and Eric will have their moments too, you know... Plus, on the book, Sookie will have several handsome supernatural suitors and a weretiger boyfriend which she eventually broke up with too..

though, im still excited who she would choose at the end, book 9 will be released on May. I like the idea of Sookie and Eric and Bill is still her first ever boyfriend and love.. I can't help it... did you know that in one of the books, Eric promised Sookie he will give everything up for her? find it so romantic...