True Blood Best Word to Describe _______ Contest!

babybell posted on May 29, 2009 at 10:10PM
Since a new season is coming, i thought i'd introduce myself and get this spot more active by introducing a new contest!

Credit for this idea go to wazngirl, Numbers (x5mp1xp1nx22x) and heeresjoyce!


- One entry per round.
- You can only use ONE OR TWO words! If you use more (that includes small words like "and", "the", "to", etc.), your entry will not count.
- Try not to copy other people. If your entry is very similar to another that was posted before you, your's will not count.
- Do not vote for yourself.
- For some rounds, there will be extra rules on what your entry should be. Please always remember to check to see if there are any.

The basic idea of the contest is that you chose a couple of words to describe the character of that moment, and we will chose which one of the words we think describes the character the best/is our favorite. I will wait four days for entries to be posted, and after that i will post a pick with all the users names and entry words for us to choose. These picks will close after four days, and i will post the pick and the name of the winner here and give them props :D

I'm going to start with people, and once we run through all the characters we know well enough for this, i will start doing ships. Because this will run into next season i think it may be a very long time until that happens.

Also, i will be running this from the characters in the Tv Show because not everyone has read the books (including me) so i don't know if characters from that may spoil it or what?



The Best Word to Describe:

Sookie Stackhouse

True Blood 4 antwoorden

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Fang Banger
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