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OceanCoast posted on Aug 16, 2009 at 04:57AM
Upon a rewatch of the last episode this got me thinking; the council choose her because she was young, sheltered and basically had no 'living' I guess they thought they were doing her a favor, but did they actually think that through?

They took a young girl who most likely (coming from that type of household) would be a virgin. Why would they do that knowing she would never fully mature and therefor live a unfulfilling vampire life?
This completely contradicts the whole reason for Bill's punishment of "creating a life for taking one" in my opinion, because it seems like they were punishing Jessica more then they were actually punishing Bill, which is really quite cruel. Why not pick some slutty fangbanger (i.e Ginger lol) at least that would give him/her the best possible undead life.

I was just curious if anyone else had a problem with this? and I also wasn't sure where to put this because there is no real easy answer. I'm curious to hear everyone else's views on the subject!
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een jaar geleden brashcandy said…
Well, I've never really inquired to deeply into the reasoning behind the Council's actions. I think they chose Jessica simply because she was available for the taking, not with any real logic behind it. I mean, these are not the most rational, kind people in the world, and I doubt Jessica's upbringing and her experience, or lack thereof, would have made any real difference to them. As for Jessica's prospects now as a vampire: in some ways I think it can be argued that she is in a better place. Remember in Season One we saw that Jessica's father was abusive and that her mother was basically powerless and perhaps too weak to effect any change. Jessica's transformation into a vampire, although it was painful and has now separated her from the life she knew, seems to have given her the ability to fully explore life, without being timid and afraid. Afterall, it was her rebellion which led her into the vampire's hands in the first place: she mentioned that she had snuck out from home with a friend.
I think she will find a solution to her virginity crisis and so far she she seems to be living a good vampire life. Arguably then, Bill has created a life, because he afforded her the chance to live a much more fulfilling one.