True Blood boeken v. TV Series

aurora30 posted on Aug 30, 2009 at 11:00AM
There are already a lot of inconsistancies from the books and the first two seasons.
((By that I mean MaryAnne and the FotS attack to even Bill and Sookie))

I cant wait till Season 3. Club Dead. and Season 4. Dead to the World. Which 04 is mah favorite book. But i wonder what they'll omit because it will be too difficult to produce on screen or wat they'll add to make it more interesting.

True Blood 2 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden H2o_James said…
well im on the thrid book i odnt get much time to read it but i love the books i like them both equally. i look at as the the tv series kinda a fanfiction but not? i know tht makes no sense, i guess like its not the books but its altered a little here and there and wat not but im excited because my mom told me about sookie and her powers so im excited about the 6th book
een jaar geleden aurora30 said…
Thats so cool ya mom shares an interest with you in the same books