TV Couples Leo and Piper

Gilmoregirl780 posted on Mar 26, 2008 at 05:17AM
I bet the people reading this are Piper and Leo fans but here are some facks you not have know:

1 Thay were lovers in a past life.
2 Thay meat on the street befor he was thare so caled handyman.
3 thay got together after a near deth experince
4 Thay were literaly a mach made in heaven.

If you did not no some of thes facks befor tell me on my profile or just tell me wate you thought.

TV Couples 3 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden Laurra said…
knew all of them! haha its kinda obv they were meant to be!
een jaar geleden jessica101 said…
Yeah I knew all of that too! I love Piper and Leo.
een jaar geleden IBelieveInJesus said…
They are so ment to be. My favourite charmed couple!!!