TV Couples Favourite Couples Game

angiii7 posted on Jun 10, 2009 at 04:19PM
Each couple starts with 10 points, and you + 1 point to a your favorite couple, and you - 1 point to the one you didn't like. And if a couple hits zero, they are eliminated.

You get to vote ONCE AN HOUR. Please don't go against this. It will ruin the game. It's supposed to go for a very long time.

Every time you put your answer you must copy and paste the new list. When someone is eliminated delete there name.

10.House&Cuddy (House)
10.House&Cameron (House)
10.Chase&Cameron (House)
10.13&Foreman (House)
11.Lucas&Peyton (OTH)(+)
9.Lucas&Brooke (OTH)(-)
10.Brooke&Chase (OTH)
10.Chuck&Blair (GG)
10.Nathan&Haley (OTH)
10.JD&Elliot (Scrubs)
10.Buffy&Angel (Buffy)
10.Buffy&Spike (Buffy)
10.Chandler&Monica (Friends)
10.Ross&Rachel (Friends)
10.Booth&Brennan (Bones)
10.Angela&Hodgins (Bones)
10.Jack&Kate (Lost)
10.Sawyer&Kate (Lost)
10.Jake&Peyton (OTH)
10.Julian&Brooke (OTH)
10.Sawyer&Juliet (Lost)
10.Meredith&Derek (GA)
10.Alex&Izzie (GA)
10.Jenny&Nate (GG)
10.Nate&Serena (GG)
10.Serena&Dan (GG)
10.House&Stacy (House)
10.Wilson&Amber (House)
10.Wilson&Cuddy (House)
10.Charlie&Claire (Lost)
10.Derek&Addison (GA)
10.Lucas&Lindsey (OTH)
10.George & Izzie (GA)
10.Betty & Henry (UB)
10.Pete & Charlotte (PP)
10.Rory And Dean (Gil.G)
10.George and Callie (GA)
10.Clark and Lois (Smallville)
10.Clark&Lana (Smallville)
10.Clark and Clois (Smallville)
10.Ted and Stella (HIMYM)
10.Barney&Robin (HIMYM)
10.Michael&Sara (Prison Break)
10.Vannesa&Chuck (GG)
10.Mike&Susan (Desperate Housewives)
10.Mac&Peyton (CSI NY)
10.Mac&Stella (CSI NY)
10.Daniel&Betty (UB)
10.Carlos&Edie (Desperate Housewives)
10.Ryan&Taylor(The O.C)
10.Ryan&Marissa (The O.C)
10.Summer&Seth (The O.C)
10.Peyton&Nathan (OTH)
10.Cooper&Violet (PP)
10.Rachel&Joey (Friends)
10.Marissa&Alex (The O.C)
10.Nate&Vanessa (GG)
10.Brooke&Owem (OTH)
10.Bones&Sully (Bones)
10.Booth&Cam (Bones)
10.Mark&Lexie (GA)
10.Anna&Seth (The O.C)
10.Addison&Alex (GA)
10.Mark&Addison (GA)
10.Jack&Juliet (Lost)
10.Desmond&Penny (Lost)
10.Lilly&Rufus (GG)
10.Lilly&Bart (GG)
10.Jess&Rory (Gil.G)
10.Nate&Blair (GG)
10.Denny&Izzie (GA)
10.Lorelai&Chris (Gil.G)
10.Rory&Logan (Gil.G)
10.Brooke&Nathan (OTH)
10.Brooke&Felix (OTH)
10.Skills&Deb (OTH)
10.Chris&Haley (OTH)
10.Skills&Bevin (OTH)

Ok i think that's enough xD
Try to elimate the couples of the shows you DO watch and then the couples of the shows you DON'T watch :)

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