TV Couples 2nd Annual TV Couples Awards (Round 4 Up!)

housefrk posted on Jun 01, 2011 at 12:11AM
Okay, here's how this is going to work. There will be three weeks on nominations. Twice a week, ten categories will be up for nomination. Nominations for all categories stay open until voting begins, so just because the next round of categories is up doesn't mean you can't nominate couples for categories in previous rounds. All nominations can be PMed to me. I'm doing it this way instead of on the forums to try to eliminate any type of bias (like when teachers used to make you close your eyes before they took a vote). You can nominate up to two couples per category, and you do not have to submit a nomination for every category.

Also, I took a look at last year and I think eliminating couples from shows that are off the air from some categories will absolve the problem. By 'off the air,' I mean that the series finale of the show has aired as of today (June 13). If the series finale airs sometime during nominations, those couples are still fair game. An asterisk next to a category indicates that couples from cancelled/off the air shows are fair game. If there is no asterisk, nominations for such couples will not be counted. However, there is no bar on couples that are now implausible because one or both characters were written off the show. As long as the show is still on, go for it. Also, unless otherwise stated, the couple doesn't actually need to be together to be nominated.

If I feel like a category may need further explanation apart from just the name, I will provide a short description of exactly what that category is looking for, but if you have any further questions, feel free to post them here.

Last, I know everyone says this when we try to do these kinds of things, but please don't just nominate your favorite couples for every category.

Categories from Previous Rounds:
Favorite Overall Couple
Favorite Couple in a Drama Series
Favorite Couple in a Comedy Series
Favorite 'Golden' Couple
Favorite Supporting Couple
Favorite Love-At-First-Sight Couple
Favorite Love/Hate Couple
Favorite Couple That Started Out As Friends
Favorite Crime-Fighting Couple
Favorite Same-Sex Couple
Favorite Sci-Fi Couple
Favorite Couple that Wasn't Endgame*
Favorite Couple That Isn't Together Yet
Favorite Couple That Is Together
Favorite Couple on a Show That Ended*
Favorite Couple Where One or Both Characters Were Written Off the Show
Favorite "From Different Worlds" Couple
Most Ruined Couple
Most Unconventional Couple
Couple With the Most Drawn-Out Get-Together*
Cutest Couple
Hottest Couple
Couple With the Most Beautiful Love Story*
Most Surprising Couple
Most Epic Couple*
Most Dramatic Couple
Best Culmination of a Will They Won't They Couple*
Couple With the Best Eye Sex
Couple With the Most Angst
Favorite Pregnancy/Adoption Storyline

Hey guys, sorry for the delay. I've been on vacation. Actually, I've been in New York, and, as much as I love you all, I'd choose seeing Wicked on Broadway over fanpopping any day, so I'm really not sorry, only sorry that I didn't let you guys know ahead of time. So, without further ado, round four:

Favorite Love Polygon
This is like a love triangle, but with possibly more than three participants.

Favorite Affair/One-Night Stand

Most Heartbreaking Breakup

Worst Cheating Scene

Most Emotional Non-Breakup Scene

Favorite First Kiss

Favorite Sex Scene

Favorite Hug

Favorite Dance

Favorite Last Scene*
Since it's the last scene, these shows obviously have to be over. Also, this is the last scene of the TV series in question. Any movies that may have come afterwards are excluded.

Note: for categories that ask for specific scenes, such as favorite hug, most emotional non-breakup scene, etc., please provide the name and number of the episode in which the scene occurred.

As a side note, if a couple gets nominated for a category that they clearly don't fit into (categories that aren't open for interpretation), like if a couple from a comedy is nominated for Favorite Couple in a Drama Series, or if a supporting couple is nominated for Favorite Golden Couple, I'll PM you, provide you with an explanation as to why your nomination doesn't work, and let you know what category it would fit into. Because there are situations in which a nomination arguably could go either way (for instance, is Jibbs a golden or supporting couple, or does Psych count as a drama or a comedy), you are welcome to refute my decision and, if you have a compelling enough argument, I will definitely reconsider. Of course, I'm never going to send a nomination back just because I don't like the couple.
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een jaar geleden HouseAddict87 said…
Sounds good do we HAVE to submit a couple for every category?
een jaar geleden angiii7 said…
great idea!
How do we nominate?

I think you shouldn't add the couple that won last year to the nomination.
For example if Jack&Kate were last year's best couple in a drama series, they shouldn't be in that category this year, because they could win again and it would be boring.
last edited een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden housefrk said…
You don't have to nominate a couple of every category.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to go back and look at the winners from last year and see which idea sounds more plausible.
een jaar geleden angiii7 said…
ok :)
een jaar geleden othpop6668 said…
love this idea, i was just wondering when do nomintaions start? :)
een jaar geleden housefrk said…
I'm about to start them like, today. I meant to do it last wednesday, but I got really caught up with finals, and then moving everything back home. Lol, thanks for getting me back on track though.

Edit: Nominations are now up!
last edited een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden othpop6668 said…
no problem :)
sorry for being a pain but i have a couple of questions; firstly im probably being stupid but what does pmed mean? Also just so im sure what you mean, are couples from shows like smallville, brothers & sisters, gilmore girls, etc not allowed to be nominated because they're no longer on?? Finally is it just one couple per catergory?
last edited een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden housefrk said…
Oh, no problem.
PM is private message. Just send it to me in a message. And as for your second question, that's right. It's just to eliminate something that happened last year. Not only did the same three or so couples dominate every category, but they were all from shows that aren't even on anymore. There will be categories where those couples are allowed, but in general, only couples from shows that are still airing new episodes. As for your last question, I totally forgot to address this, I'm going to say you can nominate two couples per category if you want. We should get a little bit more variety that way.
een jaar geleden othpop6668 said…
Ok, thanks :)
een jaar geleden housefrk said…
Nominations for round two are up. Happy nominating!
een jaar geleden housefrk said…
Round three is up. Guys, I need a little bit more participation if this is going to work. Some of the categories only have four nominations right now. I urge you to nominate not only for round 3, but for previous rounds if you haven't already. Thanks!
een jaar geleden emmalouisee said…
how do vote/nominate? :)
een jaar geleden housefrk said…
Sorry for the delay in answering. I've been on vacation. Anyway, you can just send me your nominations in a message.
een jaar geleden housefrk said…
Okay, I'm getting more participation now, but still not as much as I'd like to see. Basically, I'm getting enough to validate keeping the nominations going, but that's about it, so I continue to beg anyone still following this thread who hasn't submitted nominations to please do so. Anyway, round four is up.