TV Couples A couple which u will remember when u will have 80 years old is: [add your]

Pick one:
Kate & Jack
Brooke & Lucas
Added by CSI_Rachael
Buffy & Angel
Added by Isabellaaa
Mulder & Scully
Added by cicino1
Damon & Elena
Freddie and Effy
Added by Mena09
Brooke♥Lucas + Sawyer♥Kate
Nathan & Haley
Added by Seddie4Ever
Lucas & Peyton<3
Chloe & Oliver
Added by shannonfin
Spike & Buffy
Added by pitseleh94
McGee & amp; Abby
McGee & Abby
Added by friendsfan101
Ryan & Marissa
Added by tvobsessed91
Lois & Clark
Added by xxxxsammyxxxx
Ross and Rachel!!
Added by ktgirl266
John & Aeryn ♡
Added by huddy_
Tony & Ziva
Added by Lie_to_Me_123
Carrie & Big ♥
Added by rose2
Damon♥Elena ; Jack♥Kate
Added by katie15
Aria & Ezra ♥
Added by xshams
Pacey and Joey
Added by TeFi
Sawyer and Kate
Added by Piria
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