TV Couples What's your favoriete interracial couple (actual of just hopeful) from a TV show?

Pick one:
David and Keith (Six Feet Under)
The Doctor and Martha (Doctor Who)
Tosh and Owen (Torchwood)
Cristina and Burke (Grey's Anatomy)
Catherine and Warrick (CSI)
Darnell and Joy (My Name is Earl)
Bernard and Rose (Lost)
Uhura and Kirk (Star Trek)
Tom and Helen (The Jeffersons)
Angela and Hodgins (Bones)
Turk and Carla (Scrubs)
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D.L and Niki (Heroes)
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Angela and Shawn (Boy Meets World)
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Turk and JD (Scrubs)
Sam/Annie (Life On Mars)
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Skills and Bevin (one boom hill)
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Tony and Ziva (NCIS)
never watched those shows
never watched those shows
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JT & amp; Liberty
JT & Liberty
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Gunn and Fred
calleigh and eric (csi miami)
calleigh and eric (csi miami)
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Wash & Zoe (Firefly)
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Matthew/Mary (Downton Abbey)
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Arthur and Guinevere (Merlin)
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Fitz and Olivia (Scandal)
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Bonnie and Kol (TVD)
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morgan & Garcia (Criminal Minds)
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Toby & Happy (Scorpion)
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