TV Couples favoriete couple, that didn't worked out?

Pick one:
Peter and Simone - Heroes
lincoln and Veronica - Prison Break
Serena and Nate - Gossip Girl
Veronica and Duncan - Veronica Mars
Meredith and Finn - Grey's Anatomy
Phoebe and Cole - Charmed
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Rory and Jess - Gilmore Girls
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Izzy and George- Greys Anatomy
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Kate and Jack- LOST
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JD and Molly [scrubs]
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Jackie and Hyde - That '70s toon
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JD and Elliot [Scrubs]
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Veronica and Logan [Veronica Mars]
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Jen and Dawson (dawsons creek)
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Buffy & Angel
Rory and Logan
Rory and Logan
Jack & Juliet
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Felicity/Noel [Felicity]
Buffy and Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
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Brucas (OTH)
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liam & naomi (90210)
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Ryan & Marissa | The O.C
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Barney and Robin/ How I met your mother
Barney and Robin/How I met your mother
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