TV Couples Which TYPE of ship do u like best? (With random examples.) Feel free to add with icoon and examples, but not 'all of the above' of equally annoying

Pick one:
populair girl/Unpopular guy... Seth/Summer, Dan/Serena, Xander/Cordelia
Doomed but forever love... Angel/Buffy, Rose/Doctor, Ned/Chuck
Bad boy/Good girl... Jess/Rory, Logan/Veronica, Blair/Chuck
Sort of geeky love... Angela/Hodgins, Willow/Oz, Seth/Anna
First love... Rachel/Ross, Rufus/Lily, Dean/Rory,
Evil love... Drusilla/Spike, Angelus/Darla, Eve/Lindsey
Married couples... Kirsten/Sandy, Monica/Chandler, Wash/Zoe
'Perfect' couple... Blair/Nate, Luke/Marissa, Tony/Michelle
Friendly banter UST ships... Booth/Bones, Lorelai/Luke, Jim/Pam(?)
forbidden love (spike and buffy, cole and pheobe)
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Insiders/Outsiders... Lucas/Peyton, Marissa/Ryan, Nate/Vanessa
Frowned-Upon Love[I-don't-care-I-love-him/her-anyway] Mer/Der, Burke/Cris...
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Didn't Notice... Taylor and Ryan, Brooke and Lucas
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I like different types, depending on the fandom
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