TV Couples Theme: Hooking Ups | Pick your Favourite Scene!

Pick one:
Valerie & David "I always will."
Donna & David "You waited 7 years for me."
Brenda & Dylan "I just can´t control myself."
Kelly & Brandon "I Adore You."
Barney & Robin "I slept with Barney!"
Kate & Sawyer "What was that for?"
Jack & Kate "I'm so glad that u are here"
Jake & Peyton "Blink once if it was good and twice if it was better than that"
Nathan & Haley "Slutty Wedding Sex"
Brian & Justin "I just saw the face of God."
J.D & Elliot "Dreaming of You"
Seth & Summer "So that was Sex."
Spike&Buffy (in the episode Smashed)
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